The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Bunch of tech info dropped today. Here to discuss.

    Quick bulletpoints. I might have missed something, but I think that's about it.

    • Cerny designing

    • PS4 Backwards Compatibility

    • Physical Media

    • 8 core Ryzen 7nm Zen2 Processor

    • Custom AMD Radeon Navi GPU with Ray Tracing

    • Custom 3d Audio Chip on GPU that potentially utilizes Ray Tracing for sound

    • SSD with higher bandwidth than current PC spec

    • Current PSVR supported (unknown whether there will be a new VR unit made)

    • 8k output

    • Not coming in 2019

  • Nicely done. I was just thinking a few hours ago that we haven't had sort of general topics for each console here yet.

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    Pretty neat stuff, and not far off from what has been rumored/speculated.

    Cerny designing again?

  • @el-shmiablo and maybe Knack 4!

  • @tokyoslim 8k is out in most places. Samsung released them couple months ago.

  • only 8k? what a rip off. i wanted 16k.

  • @iboshow yeah, and 4k has been out for 16 years, and yet 2/3 of American households don't have a 4k tv yet.

    That's why I said commonplace/affordable, not available. :)

    There's also currently no 8k broadcasts in the US that I'm aware of.

  • I honestly don't know what to think. The PS5 will be less of an 8k console than the Pro is 4k.

    Let's get things straight, even if the PS5 was to be released matching an high end PC it wouldn't be able to run games 8k at an acceptable level. 8k output probably means that, at best, will upscale to 8k because Sony needs to sell TVs. Next gen consoles will struggle to hit 4k/60fps, adding RTX even that is optimistic. Call me skeptical but this is just the typical pre launch console BS.

    Even the "no loading", I can't wait to know what kind of witchcraft are they using that makes it possible to transfer the enormous amount of data from supposedly 8k games in less than a second.

  • I don't think the games are going to render in 8k. Just output in 8k.

    It's likely going to use the exact same checkerboard method the pro uses, because why wouldn't it? Seems to work.

    They explained the no loading by addressing the SSD bandwidth. If they are paying for a custom SSD lane, who knows what kind of ungodly read speed you can wring out of a chip. Might not be swappable like the current HDD tho.

  • @tokyoslim said in The PS5/PlayStation Next/NeoStation/PS Neu/Whatever:

    @iboshow yeah, and 4k has been out for 16 years, and yet 2/3 of American households don't have a 4k tv yet.

    That's why I said commonplace/affordable, not available. :)

    There's also currently no 8k broadcasts in the US that I'm aware of.

    Yeah and to just add onto this, my millionaire uncle was the only person I knew with a flat screen TV let alone an HDTV back in like 2000. I remember watching NFL and F1 on it and being blown away. I didn't even think the technology existed, I just assumed it was some rich people millionaire shit. HDTV existed but NOBODY had them until 2005-2007 range.

    Especially considering at the time my games room TV had a wood frame and speakers built into the sides.

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    Yeah I really don't expect to be gaming in 8k on these new machines, but not adding at least the capability of displaying 8K contrnt is basically begging for Microsoft to show them up in that department.

    To be honest I'll probably still be playing the next generation of games in 1080p for at least a little bit.

    @Yoshi I'm glad all the big 3 are releasing new hardware soon. Maybe Nintendo can finally display something at 1080p now.

  • @el-shmiablo PS5 will have 8k, but can you take and play it literally anywhere on the go with you?

    i doubt it.

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    @yoshi He doesn't know...


  • @el-shmiablo cool how much extra did you have to pay for that tablet? or are they giving those away free in the Box with PS4's now?

  • If games can render in 8K then they will Supersample from 8K to 4k/1080p etc

  • @el-shmiablo 8k output future proofs the console for video media and upscale games. And that's great. But seeing it being announced as a main future makes me see it as a way to create headlines aimed at less informed players. I guess it's PS5's version of "PS4 is a supercharged computer".

    I do love the pre-launch silly season. But if there's one thing that I've learned is that the secret-sauce it's always just plain regular sauce.

  • @yoshi Don't you get sick of this Nintendo purist crap?

  • @capnbobamous so the extra tablet was alot of money is basically what you're saying right?

  • I wonder if the Switch is going to get any of the games that are available on PS5/the next Xbox, or if developers will just skip that market because it's a generation behind/was already needing downgrades in the current gen. Y'know, since this is most certainly a thread about how awesome Nintendo is and not about Sony.