The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @dipset
    Hell you can still access the 2.0/app layout on some PS3 games (Persona 4 Arena is the only one I know off my head, but I think LBP2 could too) and it's amazing how quick and snappy it was.

  • @axel
    Wonder if we can do that with media apps too? Would be nice to toss on a podcast or something while playing some games without having to link my phone to my soundbar

  • I really like the home screen, but doubt I'll use the cards or info portion of the UI hardly ever, sort of like how I just breeze by the "recently" section on the PS4. I do really like being able to do a picture in picture though. Maybe we'll be able to pin Netflix or something up there for when we're in casual gaming sessions, or vice versa, pinning a game on the Netflix screen when my girlfriend wants to watch something while I play.

    Also, that trophy help is super nifty. I'm not the most avid trophy hunter and usually just have the notifications for them turned off, but not having to look them up online as often will be a cool help when I am.

  • I'm curious to see how the PlayStation store will function on PS5, and how can we filter our library between PS5 and PS4 games (and maybe PS1-3 down the road.....hopefully)

  • PS5 accessories (and possibly consoles and games) are shipping early

    I say possibly because I got an email from the Sony store for all 3 items I ordered (Spider-man, Pulse headset, and PS5 Console)

  • I don't know if this constitutes as "PS5 news," but anyone got an email from PlayStation saying you'll no longer be able to buy PS3, PS Vita, PSP, avatars, and themes from the desktop and mobile PS store? You would have to buy them through a system now. Kinda weird they'd mention PSP since you can't even access the store on the PSP anymore.

  • @demonpirate
    I mean you can still purchase PSP content via a PS3, then connect the two to transfer items over. Although If I remember correctly you can still access your download list/game library on a PSP, just might take a bit to find stuff considering it will probably show everything

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    @dipset yeah same here! It always drives me nuts trying to use! its really slow and clunky and impossible to find anything you actually are looking for. desperately need a UX update.

  • did they bother to let us share our Screenshots and videos to our Social medias again?

  • @yoshi Looks like it’s only Twitter still for now. Not sure if they’ll ever bring Facebook back or add Instagram.

  • @hazz3r said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    @yoshi Looks like it’s only Twitter still for now

    then that feature is useless AF.

  • @yoshi

    You can go directly to YouTube which is a pretty big deal. I wouldn't ever spam my FB with screenshots anyways.

    Per the PS Store features being stripped, since when could you even do wishlists in the first place? I would've liked that feature to track sales. I had absolutely no clue that even existed on PS4 so I guess its no big deal that they've gotten rid of it, but like... why?

  • @dipset I think it was only a feature on the web version of the store. Pretty sure it was never added to the consoles for the PS3/4/Vita or PSP.

    On the web store you can login and click a little heart next to a game's icon. You can only view it on the web, and it doesn't sync, which has always sucked.

  • @dmcmaster Yeah, what I mean is, you would need to use another device anyways to purchase PSP games.

    Although If I remember correctly you can still access your download list/game library on a PSP

    Yup, no need to transfer stuff.

  • Need EZA to do that news flash for the U. I video

  • @dipset i sometimes like to share screenshots of both my Switch and PS4 gameplay with my Facebook like when Spyro got added to CTR nitro fueled.

    i don't use twitter. twitter can F*** off

  • @iboshow For what purpose? Most of the "exciting" features of it either won't be supported by pretty much every developer that isn't first party or has potential to accidentally spoil things constantly. Legitimately would've preferred they just show off the actual menus and settings options instead of focusing on gimmicks nobody asked for.

  • I'm probably alone on this, but the "press the PS button" screen music reminds me so much of Resident Evil for some reason. It's nothing worth thinking too much about, but I can't really shake this feeling.

    Youtube Video – [05:02..]

  • Love the Menu Options that let you get right into what you want. Just having an option that takes me straight into the Zombies menu for Black Ops Cold War would be great.

    Also really like the hint system. It's exactly as they say. It's nice to be able to get hints without having to go searching for it online and risk getting spoiled, etc.

  • @hazz3r said:

    without having to go searching for it online and risk getting spoiled

    Instead you're at risk of being spoiled constantly by the line of things coming up on your resume game menu.