The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • Despite Sony letting the PS Store turn to shit over the past 8 years, I'm not entirely convinced they'll remove industry standard online marketplace features that everyone including Amazon, Nintendo, and Xbox have. I'm almost positive they'll have something like deal tracking and email updates in the future.

  • I hope it's only temporary, although I don't see what prevented them from having it "at launch". Wait and see!

  • @axel well a similar thing happened with GoG Galaxy at release actually, they didn't remove it, but it was incredibly hard to find the wishlist at first.

  • Shadow of War and Hollow Knight are PS Plus games for November. Bugsnax is an additional game but PS5 only.

    Also, Crash Trilogy and Black Ops 3 added to PS Plus Instant Collection.

  • Bugsnax being "free" is crazy! Well there's no excuse for me now. I really like this approach of getting brand new games for the Plus, with Fall Guys previously and Destruction All Stars coming in the future.

    Also, Hollow Knight being in the selection is great news. More people need to play that wonderful game.

  • So for the new online store, is it just me or is there no way to view videos or look at screenshots? I like to go through every week to look at new releases, and now the tiling they have doesn't even really show the title of the games, just the panel, and when you're in on the game there's really just a banner. Even games that had those previously don't have them when I look; old games like The Witcher 3 are all just a banner with the standalone purchase or bundle option underneath and a description.

    The tiles aren't a problem for every game, like Diablo or something that has a huge title font, but something like Mortal Shell is relatively tiny and harder to see at a glance.

    I really hope this isn't how it will be when browsing on PS5. I like my trailers and screenshots. Even if they rarely work on the PS4 store OS.

  • Cool little "Easter egg" about the PS5 controller.


    Huh. Can't upload images for some reason.
    Anyway, the PS5 controller's "grain" is actually incredible small PS triangle, square, circle and crosses.

  • Also, it looks like the version of Final Fantasy XV included in the PS Plus Instant Collection has been upgraded to the Royal Edition now, that's cool, I might finally give it a shot.

    Bugsnax being free had been rumored because it was still not available to pre-order unlike other launch games, but I'm still very pleasantly surprised. I probably would have bought it, so it's a sweet gift!

  • Welp, finally dipped into my PSN wallet after putting $25 bucks into it every other week since like March, so my launch lineup is
    DMC5SE -Digital
    Demon's Souls-Digital
    Dirt 5 (PS4 version get's upgrade)- Digital
    NFS: Hot Pursuit (PS4 game, but I fucking loved this game)- Digital
    Cyberpunk (had it preordered before hand, just tossing it in)-Digital
    Hitman 3 (PS4 version gets upgrade)- Digital
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS4 version get's upgrade)- Digital
    Yakuza 7 (PS4 Version get's upgrade)- Physical copy
    Watch Dogs Legion (popped up for $25 on Amazon a few months back, so why not)- Physical

  • New Demon's Souls gameplay!

    Youtube Video

    There's also a bunch more info in an interview article on GameSpot and Polygon... I took a peek and it's getting me even more hyped.

  • GameInformer interview about Demon’s Souls is out. Essentially, it’s faithful. Which I’m happy about.

    Youtube Video

    If I’m picking nits, I love how Bluepoint is expanding on the idea of what From Software was conveying in 2009 in regards to the art and atmosphere in these worlds. However, some of these darker areas seem less moody? I could be wrong but Tower of Latria looks a bit bright compared to my memory.

  • @dmcmaster you have a ROTH PSN?

  • @dmcmaster

    That is genius fiscal responsibility and I commend you for it.

    Let me know how hot you are on Hot Pursuit in 2020.

  • @dipset
    Not sure if mocking or not.

  • @dmcmaster like a Roth IRA. The best jokes tend to the ones you have to explain after.

  • @dmcmaster

    I’m being serious. Your method is like a piggy park for games. It’s smart. Rather than splurging a few hundo at once, you prep for the splurge.

    I might follow suit tbh

  • @dipset
    It's just something I've been doing for awhile, that and it's sorta my own safeguard for whenever there's a sale with multiple games I want on sale, or when there's stuff finally available for preorder. That said I do sometimes double dip on some games (or triple in the case of Yakuza)

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate won't work on PS5 for some reason, according to Ubisoft

  • @dmcmaster they retracted their statement