The PS5 News and Info Thread

  • @el-shmiablo Dead Space 1 is the only good Dead Space

  • @el-shmiablo at the very least EA needs to get out of this Frostbite phase before it would have a chance of not being a mess.

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    @iboshow We can take this to the streets if that's what you really want.

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    Gonna wait a long time before I buy this. Sony just doesn't make enough very good games anymore. My favorite PS4 games were Gravity Rush Remastered (a PSP game), Shadow of the Colossus (a PS2 game) and Until Dawn. Uncharted 4 was overrated, Infamous was overrated, The Last of Us was overrated and Horizon was overrated. God of War plain sucked. I preferred the original trilogy. Bloodborne was good, but it's the only Souls game I've played only once. It's been a year and I just don't feel like going back. The world is so samey and, even though I beat it in 22 hours, I found the difficulty more irritating. I also was a bit tired of the formula by this fifth game. Still haven't touched the Old Hunters DLC. Anyway, I think it's a shame Sony switched their focus so much to western developers in the PS3 generation. They're just not as talented as the Japanese console devs. I'm more impressed by the few games I've played on my Switch. Their California headquarters is also considerably more cowardly.

    Sony Imposes Limitations to Sexual Content in PlayStation Games Following #MeToo Concerns:

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    Come now, that'd be a one sided fight if I ever saw one

  • Does anybody have some dream features or games they'd like to see launch with PS5? My ultimate dream is for Sony to resurrect SOCOM but that won't happen...

    My realistic dream would be for PS5 to either launch with or release Gran Turismo 7 or Gran Turismo Sport 2 within 12 months of the PS5 launching. A true 4K racing sim, with lots of circuits as well as fictional/stylized tracks, a more refined Sport Mode with 3 weekly races and at least one daily race.

    Best of all, I'd love for this to fully support PS VR2. Not just a one off mode, but true VR support for cockpit and first person camera. I'd bite the bullet on not only a PS5 but also a PSVR if they made a bundle this compelling. I'd spend a few months before launch saving up. GT Sport has become one of my all time favourite video games and I don't see why Sony wouldn't use this best selling franchise to push PS5 and VR.

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    @dipset Better games. Less film envy and pretentious emotional crap. More Japanese titles.

    An alternate controller that can be used for every game, one made for aiming. I don't want to aim with my thumbs in games that are half about aiming. Since most console players are on a sofa, maybe a laser motion controller. Buttons on the back of the normal controller. I want more options when I'm playing my games. Even though I want more options, I would remove the touchpad. Almost all the PS4 games I played used it as a simple button press instead of a swiping mechanism. Infamous had some clumsy swiping to spray walls and in Gravity Rush 2 I brush it by accident all the time, which causes my character to switch powers. So annoying. It's just not a good feature. The Options button has been moved to a place more awkward because of it. The PlayStation button should double for both the home screen and recording. Maybe after holding the PlayStation button for two seconds, one of the options that comes up is saving the last XX minutes of gameplay. I want my second Options/Select button back. I've uploaded like two videos in all the time I've had my PS4. I don't need a special button for that feature.

  • @dipset New Gravity Rush and Wipeout game would be great. Dualshock 4 is my favorite controller ever so I hope they don't mess up the new one. I would love to see the touchpad again AND Sony actually pushing for it's usage, but I don't think it's likely. I want to see the remote play technology expanded and improved too. Improving the snappiness of the screenshot feature (and adding new features to it) is a big bonus for me.

  • I don't think they will or should get rid of the dedicated share button. The default quick press should be screenshot and the default long press should be record though. Which unless they fixed it used to be backwards.

    The button is too useful not to be a dedicated button, and screenshots, streaming, and video sharing became a huge part of the PS4.

  • @tokyoslim You can already change the quick press to screenshot though.

  • @bam541 I know, but the default is hold, which makes no sense. That's what I'm saying, quick press should BE the default. A lot of people had to be told you could change that default in options, cause they couldn't figure out how to use the share button as it makes sense.

    Hold the share button for 1+ seconds to screenshot was a dumb default.

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    DS4 is great but if they are going to redesign it I would say let one of thier controller partners like Nacon or Astro help out. Steel sticks and back buttons make such a huge difference.

    Give me another Wipeout, Gravity Rush, SOCOM, and maybe go totally out of left field and give is a new Legend of Dragoon or remake.

    I want video chats back. I used that feature soooo much on PS3 and genuinely miss it.

    Out of the gate Move support. Playing Killzone and Resistance with the Move controllers last gen was great.

    Also, go full steam ahead with the "pretentious" film games. Personally I quite like it when developers respect the emotional intelligence of their players. Just give me all of that. Turn Tearaway 2 into a walking simulator. Give Wipeout evocative and emotional campaign mode. Make me really feel Sir Dan's emotional pain.

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    @el-shmiablo said in The PS5/PlayStation Next/NeoStation/PS Neu/Whatever:

    Also, go full steam ahead with the "pretentious" film games. Personally I quite like it when developers respect the emotional intelligence of their players.

    They don't. It's more like manipulation. Movies do it ten times better. Movies/TV shows are my favorite hobby. Most games suck at it.

    On a related subject, I like the 1996 Wachoswki movie Bound, about a lesbian who tries to help her lover rip off her mob boyfriend. It's stylish and fun. Somehow, playing as Naughty Dog's lesbian isn't appealing to me. Maybe because they're trying to be so righteous about it. I find it lame that a lesbian kiss is how they chose to introduce the first gameplay trailer, like I'm supposed to care so much. Remind me of the last time a cinematic trailer started with a kiss, gay or straight. Druckmann's characters just aren't that likable.

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    @ezekiel The TLOU2 trailer started the way it did as a way of contrasting the tenderness of the kiss with the absolute brutality Ellie displays throughout the rest of the trailer.
    Believing it was just because "lol lesbians" is silly, especially considering that Ellie had already been established as batting for the other team in the last game.
    Like, the way the scene is edited, with the kiss fading into Ellie slitting somebody's throat and then fading back in with Ellie's girlfriend commenting how people should be terrified of her literally spells that out to you.

    I just really wish people would stop using the word "pretentious" to describe any form of media that tries to have more than none emotional substance.

    For instance, games Kamiya makes are pretentious because he has openly admits he thinks he and his games are better than a lot of other people.
    Games where characters kiss or a scene is given time to breath for emotional effect =//= pretentious.

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    I disagree. Pretentious is a great word to describe SCEA's film envy. It's especially funny when they try and fail to turn something like God of War into high art. Imagine Fox trying to do that with Die Hard. They often forget to make it fun in all their pretention.

    That Last of Us, Part II trailer started that way because Druckmann is a social justice warrior (a term I almost never use but which fits him). Any other reason is secondary.

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    @ezekiel And I would disagree right back.
    God of War needed a tonal shift. While I still absolutely adore the original games, Kratos was very one note, and bringing him into this generation as the same old rage filled killing machine he was at the end of the series would have been ridiculous and tone deaf, especially considering there was nobody left for him to be angry with since he killed them all.
    God of War 2018 featured much more varied and in-depth gameplay elements than any previous GoW before it, and features a similar gameplay to cutscenes ratio to 3, perhaps even more considering the non-linear nature of the game and open ended hub style design of the world.

    Speaking of Die Hard, that is a series that SERIOUSLY needs a change up. The last few entries in that series have been absolute garbage exactly because they are still trying to be "badass" action films and nothing else.
    If anything, John Maclain has de-evolved with every new entry. The first movie was incredibly progressive for it's time, with John having a full character arc revolving around how his machismo and stubbornness had been one of the main contributors to his failed marriage. Now he is just a big dumb shootyman who is angry because he is supposed to be on vacation can't you tell by how many times I repeat that in the movie?

  • @ezekiel said in The PS5/PlayStation Next/NeoStation/PS Neu/Whatever:

    I disagree. Pretentious is a great word to describe SCEA's film envy.

    You totally have a right to your opinion about SCEA titles being cinematic, but I can assure you that there isn't some conspiracy that SCEA is pushing this type of thing or that there is some mandate to make cinematic games.

    You can watch plenty of GDC talks on their YouTube channel. There are some that talk directly about the pitching process, even from first party studios. It isn't some top down Sony mandate to make these games, the studios make them because they want to.

    I also know people who work in this industry and studios make what they want to make usually. Publishers aren't as involved in the creative as people seem to think.

    With all that said, I do wish there were slightly fewer "cinematic" titles in the PS library. I do miss games like Wipeout, SOCOM, Warhawk, Motorstorm, etc, etc, that Sony does not generally develop these days.

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    @dipset While I think Sony doubts how much clout the SOCOM name still has (seriously if they just made a new one that was actually good people would go bananas), the rest of those games died because people didn't want them.
    Don't get me wrong, I would suck unprecedented amounts of dick to get a new Motorstorm and I'm probably one of the only people who thought Apocalypse was fucking incredible, but people clearly want more from their games than noisy action, and Sony's absolute sales dominance this generation is a terrific indicator of that.

    Also, we still get plenty of silly fun games from Sony. Ratchet & Clank, Tearaway, Dreams, Helldivers, Everybody's Golf, basically anything Housemarque makes, etc etc etc. We just pay more attention to the serious stuff because it makes a bigger cultural splash.

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    Alright sounds like to get some new games made we just need to send you to various places and you give a blow job so great that it has to be recorded in history.
    Sure you son Banjo might be embarrassed, but he'll know his dad was out sucking dick so well a new Motorstorm had to be made.

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    El Shim walking into SCE like...