The PS5 News and Info Thread

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    Worst I remember was Blockbuster, had a Wii, Twilight Princess (on Wii and GCN) ordered and paid off. Was told multiple times my system was secure.....and it was gone, in fact if I recall correctly took 5 months after before I could get my Wii and Zelda and another 4 for my Gamecube copy.

    Granted once that store manager was fired I finally got my stuff.

  • Mmmmmm that artificial scarcity....

  • @yoshi Sony taking a note from Nintendo there.

  • @el-shmiablo said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    Sony taking a note from Nintendo there.

    What else is new?

  • Eurogamer: Sony reveals the install size of some of its PS5 games

    Insomniac's Spider-Man: Miles Morales requires a minimum of 50GB, according to the PlayStation website.
    The Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition, which includes a remaster of Spider-Man PS4, is more than double that, weighing in at 105GB minimum.

    And the eye-catching Demon's Souls requires a minimum of 66GB.

    Uhhhh didn't they say SSD from the ground up is going to significantly reduce file sizes? I guess if SMMM is the same scale of game as SM 2018 then we have reduced the game by 50% but then idk how that explains the size of SM on PS5.

    I got my hopes up for smaller files based on the Cerney hardware discussion from GDC earlier. Plus the reduced SSD storage limit shifted my scale to expect smaller games, but at this point maybe I should just wait for a better PS5 model altogether. This will fill up in 2 seconds.

    Or if they aren't going to release a new PS5 within 12-18 months, maybe they can start getting Sony certified after market PS5 SSDs going into production.

  • @dipset

    According to Push Square, "-Of course, it’s worth remembering that next-gen titles are likely to utilise higher quality assets overall, which could mean that they retain a very large hard drive footprint despite the aforementioned optimisations. As a result, file sizes could very well remain high – there’s just a strong chance they’ll be more efficient with it."

    I always figured file sizes would continue to grow regardless as textures and assets increase in size, but I don't really know the details of how file size is determined in the first place in all honesty. In the same article they say that Spider Man's file size on PS4 was large because of how it used a lot of repeated and duplicated assets, but from what I also read somewhere, that's exactly the opposite as to why Red Dead 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake were like 100 gigs (because they had so many unique assets used only once), so potato potahto.

  • @happygaming

    Over the years I've generally heard file sizes get large by duplicated assets, unnecessary assets, and since the advent of HD, high quality WAV files for crispy audio. Even in 2006 when BD was brand new, 40GB was still limiting but nowadays the file size has no limit and I don't know if anybody is showing restraint. I guess its a better trade off than a compromised game (i.e. slower loads, compressed textures and compressed audio).

    I guess I was naive in thinking the sizes would reduce. Makes the < 1TB space a hard pill to swallow.

  • @yoshi They're not selling 100K consoles day 1, it's multi-million monthly production.

  • PS5 comes with an 825GB SSD at launch
    Spiderman: Miles Morale Ultimate edition alone is 105gb. Miles Morale by itself is 50GB.

    did developers ever hear about a little thing called "compression"?

  • @yoshi Doesn't the PS5 have some super duper decompression? Pretty sure those are compressed values.

    It's a compromised 😁 crossgen title, maybe we'll start to see better compression further ahead.

  • @phbz i'd rather 1080p graphics with speedy SSD drive and heaps of storage space than have 4k blown out graphics and hardly any storage space on the SSD.

  • @yoshi I rather have the best possible graphics the hardware can run. On my XSX I'll use the external 1tb I have on my XOX right now, it will work fine as an archive, on the main drive whatever I'm playing which will never be 10 100gb games (even 5 200gb). I don't know about other people's gaming habits but all my systems have around 80% of games I never touch after beating and very rarely I play more than games 2 games simultaneously. And once I get my PS5 It will be mostly for 1 or 2 exclusives a year so it's fine too.

    For people who live in countries with data caps and own all digital consoles I get it can be an issue.

    It isn't ideal but I'm not willing to sacrifice quality over how other people (don't) manage their data. But maybe they could give the option for players to install 1080p versions. For instance XSS games will be around 30% smaller than XSX, but I don't see many people who just bought a brand new €500 4k console to choose to play 1080p games Just to save space.

  • Gonna be a a bit of a shock going from having 200+ games ready to go on my Pro with a 4tb external to having only CoD Warzone and one other game.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Pretty sure they said External HDDs would still work, so long as they meet some requirements in read/write speed I think.

  • @dmcmaster Sony has already said certain aftermarket SSDs will work on PS5 but you won't actually get the next-gen benefits unless it uses that sweet sweet PS5 SSD tech that nobody except Sony has right now. So you'd be taking the primary benefit of the PS5 away if you settle for a regular SSD expansion before Sony starts either making their own or selling Sony partner SSDs or something.

    @El-Shmiablo I uninstalled Modern Warfare a few weeks ago and it removed 250GB+ from my PC. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

  • @phbz said in The PS5 News and Info Thread:

    on the main drive whatever I'm playing which will never be 10 100gb games (even 5 200gb). I don't know about other people's gaming habits but all my systems have around 80% of games I never touch after beating and very rarely I play more than games 2 games simultaneously. And once I get my PS5 It will be mostly for 1 or 2 exclusives a year so it's fine too.

    That's why I don't have a big problem about the dissapointing storage capacity of PS5 too. I simply won't have too many games probably and will play exclusives mostly, sometimes some multiplatform games maybe.

  • @el-shmiablo Ok so I don't really get this. Is it entirely possible the S won't be able to play some high end games? Talk to me like a baby, please.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm sure they'll make sure the S can play everything. Some things might just run like garbage on it. Remember Control on PS4? Think like that.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern It should be fine as games scale much better on GPU then CPU and the S has a pretty decent CPU. Also, it's aiming 1080p/1440p with something similar to dlss, meaning that it can reconstruct to higher resolutions. It's still unknown how AMD will handle it but Nvidia's dlss right now can reconstruct a sub 4k image to a superior quality than a pure 4k image (witchcraft, I know). This gives it headroom for nex gen games.

    True answer is that nobody really knows, but on paper it should be fine. Theoretically speaking if you are aiming for a game to run 4k/60 on a 12tf machine it should be able to run at 1/4 resolution on 4tf (4x4=16 advanced math right here!), maybe even at the same 60fps, with adjusted settings, due to similar CPU and by not having 4k assets it will need less memory too.

    But again, rDNA 2 GPUs are an unknown at the moment.

    There's an interesting Digital Foundry video where a developer talks about next gen and gives some insight on the S.

    Youtube Video

    Obviously, expect less powerful hardware to struggle more as time passes. I mean, in 10 years the Series X will struggle to keep up with 2030 GPUs, moreso the Series S. But just looking at specs and targeted performance it should be fine. Just don't expect full ray-tracing 1440p/60fps to be the norm. Concessions have to be made.

    For reference, Flight Simulator as it stands, can't run maxed at 4k/60 on computers that already outperform the XSX/PS5. So expect concessions on the top tier consoles also. And expect those concessions to get more noticeable as time goes by.

    Just to finalize. Imo the most defining factor if a game can run on a system, or not, is not power. Developer and publisher support is what matters. If the S has good sales the games will be there no matter what. If it sells Wii U numbers not so much.