The PS5/PlayStation Next/NeoStation/PS Neu/Whatever

  • @mbun

    I mean they say in the Wired article that they could have released this tech with the PS4 Pro but they didn't, meaning its been worked on long before the Switch was even announced. That isn't exactly copying. Also, controllers have been homogenized (for better) so I'm okay with every platform having virtually the same core controller.

    Its like how MMA uses the octagon cage across all leagues - it unifies the sport. In 2019 we have certain expectations for our gamepads.

  • @dipset They could have, but they didn't ...until now.

  • Sony copying what Nintendo does... and doing it better.

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    Sony always wins, baybee.

  • @tokyoslim
    Called it, although a bit disappointing, then again I'm probably the only person excited about multi disc games again.

    Either way I forsee remasters of TLOU2,RDR2 and FF7Remake on the way just for this alone, also to get devs used to the system and maybe some new stuff that couldn't be done on PS4 hardware.

  • @el-shmiablo Better? It is the exact same thing, although I imagine by the time PS5 comes out, they'll probably have an updated mechanism for it.

  • Skyrim: Special-er Enhanced Edition?

  • They are gonna put Skyrim on everything, forever.

  • That's not real, is it? Can't find it on their feed anywhere.

  • @tokyoslim
    It's not on wonder when they'll port it to PS1,N64 and Dreamcast.

  • @dmcmaster But when are they gonna release Resident Evil 4 for the PS5?

  • @neocweeny
    Yes, alongside the RE4 Remake on RE Engine.

  • I've build new PC this August to play Control, so it's hard for me to get excited about next-gen hardware since I already have one. Also this series of tiny announcements is weird. But I enjoy deep dive in game development like having to copy assets multiple times to speed up loading from disks.

  • @ffff0
    I remember reading that's what Criterion did with Burnout Paradise on PS3 since the game by itself was only like 4-5gb they just copied the game to the bluray as many times as they could to help cut down on loading.

    Do wonder when the next bit of news for PS5 will come.

  • @axel I'm so excited to try out that adaptive trigger thingy, I swear I've been dreaming that sort of thing since I was a kid. I figure detail freaks like the guys from Polyphony Digital will eat that thing up, programming different brake and accelerator pedal feel for each cars or something like that. I'm hoping that if these technologies work, they actually get developers to use them.

  • Return of the boomerang plz.
    0_1570628994557_ps3 boomerang.jpg

  • @yoshi

    I was always down with the boomerang

  • Haptic feedback and resistance triggers sound really cool. If it at all works as advertised then it's a technology I wish had existed (or been more common) before now. At the moment though I'm also kind of down, because it sounds like one of those controller features that is going to be orphaned on the PS5 and not carried forward as a standard.

  • @yoshi I mean, ergonomically that is a fantastic controller design.

  • All this news is like whatever to me.

    Same controller again means I'm still gonna play the majority of multiplatform games with a mouse and keyboard.

    I'm not looking forward to developers wasting even more space not bothering to compress anything on the 100 GB discs. It will mean longer install times and more bandwidth for virtually identical looking and sounding assets. Red Dead 2 doesn't even have the texture quality to justify the 150 GB on PC. What's GTA VI gonna take up on PC with the added storage on consoles? 200 GB? 250? These developers are so irresponsible. On the other hand, I'm glad the UHD disc market will grow a little bit, which means a few more catalog movies every year. I say "a little" because most people stream now, and if they didn't want to get a UHD player before, I doubt many of them will start buying UHD movies now that their console can play them.

    Will probably stick with PC and Nintendo going forward. Sony bored me this gen, with a few exceptions like Gravity Rush Remastered, Until Dawn and the Shadow of the Colossus remake (the type of game they would never greenlight today). Bloodborne, despite being my least favorite Souls game, was good too. But I wouldn't buy a console for cinematic emotional walk and talk action games like Naughty Dog's stuff (not bad, but discount titles), and fuck the new God of War direction. I never even played more than a few hours of Spider-Man, and even less of Infamous: Second Son. Horizon was okay, Ratchet and Clank was okay (never finished it), Gravity Rush 2 was disappointing (never finished it)... I haven't played that many exclusives and already feel done with the existing PS4 titles. I just find myself having way more fun with Nintendo's more traditional games.