How do you feel about the security issues Europe is facing

  • Well there was a shooting in Munich Germany today in a shopping area, with details still unknown of who and why. And there was also an ISIS inspired stabbing on a German train this week that seriously injured some of the victims.

    I know we have a number of Germans from GT days. So I hope everyone and their loved ones are ok. And the same goes for our French brethren who just recently watched online a truck plow through crowds in Nice France. So how are you guys feeling about the political challenges Europe faces. And the outcome whether positive or negative that may come out of any potential policy and law changes across Europe.

  • I think something needs to be done about this Islamic State/ISIS mess. Ignoring it and going "Let's not jump to conclusions" has, well to say it has been insufficient would be a major understatement.

    Fuck political correctness and fear of being labeled as 'Islamaphobic'. Round up confirmed/suspected IS members (if you have good reason, don't go overboard and pull a Joseph McCarthy on the entire Islamic populace; we're better than that or at the very least should be), try and (if guilty) convict them (without forgetting the fact that suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, we CAN'T throw that away), and give ISIS leaders in the Middle East an enema of explosive proportions.

    Disclaimer: My anger and rage is NOT towards the Islamic population as a whole. I'm sure the vast majority are nice people. I'm specifically talking about ISIS and the like, the people who think Sharia Law (redundant) should be enforced globally and will take it upon themselves to see to that. No one else.

  • I used to be anti gun, that changed in the last 2 years, now I wish I had one for protection. I have an iron pipe (used to be the stand of a fan) near my bed just in case someone breaks in. As you can see, gun control didn't prevent anything, americans don't let the regressive left take your guns away (I only find it ridiculous when the average citizen owns machine guns and alike).
    My country needs to change, Merkel must resign ASAP, also what Chaos said.

  • The latest events are worrying, but things that may turn things to worse are happening all over the world, not just here in Europe.
    The reasons for all of these are probably connected somehow (insert your conspiracy theory here), the timings are just too close. The solutions though should not be searched for in Europe, but in Turkey, Israel and the middle east.
    What effects will all this have? If you are worried that EU may completely break, let me calm you, that there is barely any chance for this to happen. Most europeans are wise enough (yes, even politicians) to understand that the best way for EU to go forward is in unity. The benefits are worth it for, I would dare say every EU country, and even Britain will take its sweet time to leaving it. As these events transpired, we will probably see political shift towards right wing parties in some countries, since the people are probably now more afraid of an outside threat.
    But there are problems elsewhere too. China needs to stop thinking that it can do anything it wants and the USA will soon either elect Cersei or Joffrey Lannister (according to Reddit), so who knows what the hell will turn out of that. The problem is that the superpowers hold too much influence for anyone to oppose them.
    But things will work out. Diplomacy is a machine. Not a perfect machine, and not well maintained an some kogs spin uselessly, but it works and was able to keep certain peace for a long time. Things are happening. There are elections coming soon, not just in USA, but in many european countries and probably all around the world and in the general assembly in the UN. Summits are happening as we speak and the olympics are happening soon. The event that promotes peace all over the world and many important people will gather there. Just please don't let an attack happen there, because then thing could get really fcked up. I can go on, if you want. I study these things at collage/university.

    I just want to play video games. World war 3 can wait, until I finish No man's sky, Deus Ex, Battlefield etc.
    Too many good games to play to be fighting another conflict

  • This is a tough problem as its almost impossible to predict a lot of these attacks.. I know I don't have any idea how to start to make things better.

    It seems like even if ISIS the military organization were completely destroyed these attacks may not stop fully if the ideology lives on.. a lot of these attackers were inspired by ISIS but don't have any real ties to them

  • I feel like a gaming forum is the last place I want to hear any more about it.

  • @Sazime said in How do you feel about the security issues Europe is facing:

    I feel like a gaming forum is the last place I want to hear any more about it.

    Asides from this being the General discussion area. For many of us, forums are the best place to have serious discussion.

    Forget about the toxic dump that is social media. Here on forums, you have a sense of community. Comment sections don't get filled quickly where your well thought out opinion gets lost as easily. In the midst of spammers, movie links, and the same tiring memes like 98 bulls references for the sake of likes. And not just that. Its important that we have a variety of discussion topics available to build this community. And for the people affected by the recent tragedies, to know that there's people across the world that are concerned about their well being.

  • @-Jak- wiser words have never been spoken

  • Thought this was gonna be one big argument.

    Buy my opinion on this, is that this was doomed from the start with the massive influx of refugees (not saying all are bad!!!) but when ISIS has 100,000 - 200,000 members with Twitter accounts preaching to a confused young generation of migrants, are people really surprised when members are able to slip though the immigration systems of Europe and in turn attacks happen?

  • Just so you know, the recent tragedy in Munich was (supposedly) not connected with ISIS, but rather he was a follower of the man who caused the massive killing in Norway in 2011. While it's good to see that not everything is caused by ISIS, it'still sad that so many tragedies are happening so regularly.

  • It makes me think being able to carry some sort of self-defense weapon might actually be necessary these days. The police won't show up in time, it'd be nice if you could do something if the worst happens, aside from trying to punch the person.

    Basically it's the wars in the middle east spilling over into Europe. It's a tragedy whenever one of these attacks happens, and there will be more of them for sure, I think that's a given. But it's not actually a threat to any European country or our way of life. Even if they managed to kill thousands with every attack, there are 750 million of us. We survived two world wars, so a bunch of kids with AKs isn't a threat.

    It will have an effect on the openness of Europe though. Obviously being very open and expecting everyone to behave like civilized people backfired. Hopefully European security agencies will take this opportunity to step up and become better at sharing information, so that everyone's on the same page, and they all know who to keep an eye on.

  • @Paper-Lion I don't think that the ability to carry a weapon around will improve much. It didn't improve the life in USA, I sincerely doubt that it would here. I agree that Europe won't change much itself, we've been trough hardships before. But yeah, there will probably be some new approach to the openess of the countries and the EU.

  • I have to agree, this is not the right place for this conversation.

    The forums are blessed with a lovely bunch of people, but that's not enough to safeguard or even justify back and forth on a topic as complex and draining as this.

    I understand and respect the intention, but request that we drop this. It's a road to nowhere.

  • @flower_arrangement and the conversations about if the Witcher 3 is as good as it is or if Overwatch deserves to be GOTY are not back and forth and draining?

    One of the reasons that Easy allies chose this name for itself is so that it could expand on other areas. I admit that politics is a bit far from video games or entertainment in general, but we it's still part of us,even if you don't want anything of it.

    Also you need knowledge to form a good constructive argument about videogames as well as topics as this. You can choose to not get into it, which is perfectly fine, but please don't look down on us just because we care for it and want to have a civilized conversation about it.
    A lot of other conversations on this forum are a road to nowhere, but are still there for people who want to express their opinion.

  • @Nillend

    You can't seriously compare conversation about the Witcher to European security issues which involve real actual loss of life.

    That said I agree that the content of the forums is up to us, the users, and in that spirit my response was just that, my thoughts on the matter.

    It wasn't my intention to look down on anyone, if it came across that way then I apologise. However, knowledge is one thing - and we can get into how much anyone outside of Europe, or even within it, fully grasps the how and why of it - my complaint is more emotionally driven. We're talking about death, political reality and lived experience, my appeal is emotional, don't get into it out of respect for those directly involved and out of respect for not risking real hurt even if the intention is good natured.

    I am against censorship of any form, so this may seem deeply hypocritical, but there are, in my opinion, more suitable venues for this kind of engagement. It's not a purely academic, informed topic, it's fraught, dire and all too real. That said if you want to discuss it I won't stand in your way, as above, simply adding my voice to a community I care about.

  • @flower_arrangement Then our ideas differ here. You don't want to talk about it out of the respect for those involved and the severity of the events, but I think it is because of that same respect that this should be discused. Sure, it's a demanding topic, but simply avoiding it won't make it dissapear or make it any better. I think it is fair to those directly involved that this issue is taken into consideration, exactly because of how dire it is. Even if we debate about it here, it probably won't bring any solutions, but we can learn and make ourselves better.
    If you don't want to talk about it because of emotional reasons, I understand. These things are hard, but they won't end by just looking away. I want to face these happenings, because of how important they are. It is really hard topic, sure, and is very emotionally impactful and very real, but I don't want to fear it just because of it's scale and depth. I encourage you to discuss it, it won't bite and you are amongst most frendly people here, who won't judge you, but I won't force you either. This is a topic that you must want to take part in.
    And if anyone reading these posts was directly affected by these events, or is close to someone who was and would like that this discussion stops, please say so and I will stop and I apologise if I caused any more harm that you've already suffered and I'm sorry if appeared to be emotionless jerk. It was not my intention and I don't and probably won't know what hardships you must go through.

  • @Nillend

    Hey hey, perhaps not for me to say but you're far from an emotionless jerk!

    I'm a bit hamstrung on this. On the one hand I don't want to neuter discussion, on the other I really don't think this is the best space for it.

    I'm by no means advocating looking away, I just don't think this is the right territory for it. You know what? I'll be right or wrong based on the conversation held here. So let me step back (I might even come back in and talk openly about how I see things) and let's see how it goes. Despite my misgivings I do have a certain amount of faith in the community that's building here.

    Does that sound fair enough?

  • @flower_arrangement go for it.

  • @Nillend TBH More lax gun control is only a part of the violence problem in america, along with the war on drugs and a generally more aggressive culture also being a big part. Isn't there some country in europe that lets all citizens carry assault rifles and a super low gun violence rate since they're not too much culturally like america. Idk, I live in Canada, and the government used a dumb work-around where you could have hunting rifles but people weren't allowed to buy bullets or something, it was really dumb and didn't really change anything, so they stopped.

  • @ChoppedLiver02 You might speak of Switzerland, but I don't think they can carry firearms around there. Even if they can I don't think they do, even though the possesion percentage is high. But the law differs depending on a country and there are si many of them. Generally it is allowed to posess a gun, but the licences are hard to gain and then there are complications about caliber and ammo etc. Again it really depends on the individual country.
    But I agree that it also depends on other things, like demographics, culture etc.