Acts of Utter Fanboyance

  • Things you did out of sheer love for a game, series, developer etc that cannot be described as anything but the act of a true fanboy.

    1. Pre-ordered ff13 from Japan when I didn't speak a lick of Japanese (prob still can't read / understand enough to play today)

    2. Continue to go against my never pay full price mantra and buy each GTA on launch day. Bought IV a week before going backpacking for 10 weeks and V while I was in my teaching practicum. Also double-dipped on V. Edit: just remembered I also called in sick on Vice City release day and was late on San Andreas release day

    3. Bought Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, have never owned an Xbox 360

    There must be millions more, they will come back to me.

    I also realize this is probably baby talk compared to what some of you have done so I'm looking forward to pictures of some irrational purchases/creations.

  • After getting an ad for Redbubble, I ended up purchasing this Yakuza wall-art:


    I have absolutely no room on my walls for this, so it's kind of just sitting against a wall. I probably should have thought before I bought, but it just looks so cool!

  • At one point I owned five copies of Nights Into Dreams (2 US, one EU, one JP, and the PS2 port) and three copies of Christmas Nights (again, US EU JP) while I've pared that down to just the JP and PS2 versions that still doesn't factor in that I also bought it on PS3, 360 (owned one for only a few months but just enough time to get it there anyway) and Steam. Or the fact that I've probably gifted at least thirty copies of it on Steam over the years as well.

    alt text

    About the only thing keeping me from owning any proper merch of it is that, well, not a whole lot exists. Already have the storybook that came with the PS2 version, used to have the CD but I dropped that when I was selling off the extra copies of the game itself. I even used to have some phone cards from Japan just because it was the closest I was gonna come to being able to get anything without having to spend triple digits on super old UFO catcher plushes. I guess that First4Figures statue came out since then but that's even more expensive.

    Also, for whatever it's worth, I have my Saturn hooked up at all times solely so I'm ready in case I get the urge to play a stage or two out of nowhere.

  • I got my parents to buy PS Move and a bunch of games for it at one point, just because it's more Sony stuff. I enjoyed playing them, but man I'm ashamed that i ever did such a thing.

    I think buying a PS Vita only to try out Uncharted Golden Abyss (and also complete my Uncharted trophy collection) also counts. Of course I'm playing other games on it, but I wouldn't have even done it if not for GA.

    I also bought Skyrim twice for the PS3 (the absolute worst version of the game), one's at launch and the other one's the Legendary Edition. Did not hesitate to buy it again when it came out for the PS4.

  • I partially planned my current vacations around atrending Persona Super Live in Tokyo next week, so yeah crossing an ocean seems like a pretty big act of fanboyism to me.

  • I've been importing the Yakuza games since 5

  • Banned

    I compiled huge lists of exclusive games for the Wii and blogged about them to convince myself that console wasn't a huge garbage fire.

  • I bought replicas of Squall's and Rinoa's necklaces and rings. I also swore to push to have my Daughter named Rinoa should I ever have children (still in effect)

    I also brought a glass case cabinet to house only Final Fantasy games. I seek out any common or rare versions of Final Fantasy titles.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Acts of Utter Fanboyance:

    I compiled huge lists of exclusive games for the Wii and blogged about them to convince myself that console wasn't a huge garbage fire.

    The Wii has a fantastic selection of exclusives though.

  • @bard91 thats pretty hype.
    Make sure to stop by Don Quijote for me

  • @tokyoslim
    And beware of windmills

  • @dmcmaster they sell those there too now?

  • I’ve beaten MGS4 waaaay too many times. Despite being a child playing the MGS demo and a bootleg version where I never made it far, MGS4 was my into to the franchise.

    Between 2008 and today, MGS is my favourite series and my obsession with the marketing material leading up to MGS4 had me shaking in anticipation.

    I know MGS4 isn’t a perfect game (it’s flawed) but I LOVE it and will defend it because it felt so special to me at the time. I beat it like 2 times in 2008 and replayed the Middle East section more times than I can count. It’s almost a denial I have that this game is flawed but I just won’t have MGS4 any other way.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Acts of Utter Fanboyance:

    Bought Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, have never owned an Xbox 360

    That's beautiful.

  • @dipset MGS4 is awesome! It's my first MGS game and I played it when I was 11, needless to say the game was unlike anything I ever played up until then. The story made my head hurt but also made me feel cool, it was like high concept next level adult storytelling to my young brain, lol. Replayed the game for like 4 times, it's the first game I willingly replayed. The octocamo and the little droid running around with you are so cool, I giggled so much everytime I electrocute someone with the droid. Great memories. I wish they port that game to newer systems.

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    I have never actually imported games from Japan, however I did import some special editions from the US. Like Infamous 2 and so on. Other than that I did buy Life is Strange both digitally and on disk because I absolutely loved that game and wanted to support the developers. I was considdering it with Titanfall 2 as well as I wanted to give that particallar game more sales, that said, in the big whole one extra copy wont really make a difference. But its still a great game and Respawn really earned all my love with it.