Vote for our GOTY 2013!

  • My 2013 Shout Outs:

    Hearthstone Beta - Back when the game was actually free and simple. Before the overpowered Meta decks and pay to win took over.

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Great addition to an already great game. I played this on Xbox 360 when it released in 2012 and again for the DLC. One of these days I need to go back to this game on PC.

    Diablo 3 - It was kind of a disappointment at launch but they made smart changes over time. It was made better in 2014 with the Reaper of Souls DLC.

    NCAA Football 14 - The final installment in the series. I always preferred this series to Madden. Although I don't play much sports games at all these days. What I enjoyed the most was Road to Glory mode. Were you play as a college football star leveling up your stats along the way.

    Minecraft - 2012/2013 was when I played Minecraft. Me and my friends played way too much of this game. I know why I played it, because I'll try almost any game once. But it was crazy how so many people we knew were playing Minecraft. I guess that's why it was the Fortnite of it's time.

  • This is a hard list.
    Couple Shout outs from I.
    The Wolf Among Us
    Gran Turismo 6
    Castle of Illusion
    Ni No Kuni
    Assassin's Creed Black Flag

  • I've played 25 games from 2013, so this is very tricky!

  • I'm just now realising how terrible 2013 was for me.

  • I have a good list of 8 games but I'm gonna try to play some more 2013 games before sending my votes. For sure I need to play The Wonderful 101.

    @axel Can you add Bravely Default to the list? I think it counts. It was released in Europe in December 2013 but 2014 in the US.

  • Finally, a retro GOTY that I actually experienced extensively. 2013's an amazing year for games. Pretty easy picks for me.

    SHAWDAW to Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!

    Gunslinger is a really fun game, it's quite absurd and gets crazier as the game goes on. It's also a return to form after the abomination that is The Cartel.

    Most Sly Cooper fans I know was kinda disappointed in Thieves in Time but as someone who never played the other ones, I think it's fantastic.

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is one of the very few games that has successfully made me openly weep. One of the reasons is a very ingenious control method that contextualizes the story in a way that I didn't expect near the end. What a game.

    Also, is it ethical (lol) if I consider my vote for Tearaway based on my experience with Tearaway Unfolded? I never played the Vita version.

  • Sad I can't give an HM to Diablo 3.
    That game was a fucking dumpster fire at launch but after extensive patches and updates it became my most played game of this and last generation.

  • Fuck, this was a great year for games. Shout out to:

    The Wolf Among Us
    Runner 2
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    The Stanley Parable
    Arkham Origins
    AC IV (The Pirate One)

    And of course the last good season of The Walking Dead, Season 2.

    There were some obvious ones I left out because, you know, they were obvious.

  • Shaodaooo to games that I played in 2013 that didn't make my list

    The Wolf Among Us
    Arkham Orgins
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (F the Oscars!)
    Ni No Kuni
    Bioshock: Infinite
    Tom Braider
    Papers Please

  • Boo, too many shout-outs to TWAU already here. Makes me think twice if I should vote for it either and "waste" a potential candidate like that.

  • While compiling my list, I discovered I played 11 games from that year, and I don't think I had such a lengthy list. For the first time, I actually had to leave off some Honorable Mentions. I will NOT say what they are (along with the entire list) until the GOTY is revealed (and let's be real, it can only be between one of two things right?), but I am STOKED for this list.

    Let's DO THIS!

  • I feel like this is gonna be another year where my GOTY gets absolutely zero votes from anybody else, my 2-4 will place but not spectacularly well, and a couple of games I have no love for (or outright hate in a few instances) are going to dominate the top 5.

  • Aliens Colonial Marines is gonna get the shine it deserves. GOTY 2013!!

  • I too played a titloaf of the games on the eligible list and am having to leave off some games I genuinely enjoyed the ass off of.

    Pretty satisfied with my list though.

  • @sentinel-beach mine was not an "official" shaodao
    So if you're interested in points, you should probably put it on your list

  • This post is deleted!

  • i use all of my points towards Pikmin 3

  • Holy shit I actually played games that came out this year! I can participate!

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    Oh Sweet! I deffo will add my votes to this! quite a few good ones to pick from :D

  • I forgot to give Tearaway a shoutout, shit 2013 was a good year