Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

  • July 26 marks the release of Quentin Tarantino's 9th feature film project, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie.

    Is everyone excited? Are expectations high?

    Although I feel that "The Hateful Eight" was not received as well as "Inglourious Basterds" or "Django Unchained", I personally think that it was stronger than both of those films and perhaps even maybe my favorite Tarantino film to date. I thought that Tarantino's grasp on the visual elements were strong and he did a good job composing the frame for the ultra-wide ratio. I also appreciated the aspect of putting all of the characters on an equal level; there were arguable no heroes in "The Hateful Eight", which made the film closer to Tarantino's 90's works (I believe Tarantino works best with this type of set-up). My expectations for this film are pretty high as I am very excited to see how he follows up "The Hateful Eight". My biggest concern is how Tarantino is going to handle this subject material, as he is dealing with a story based on real people and situations. Easily my least favorite Quentin Tarantino movie is "Inglourious Basterds" (I know I am in the minority here), and so far that has been his only film dealing with historical figures.

    But overall, I am definitely excited to see how this turns out and I will hopefully be in line on day one.

  • As much I liked The Hateful Eight, there were too many hints as to the "twist" and it kind of killed that surprise for me. Inglorious Basterds is also my favorite Tarantino film and due to my love of DiCaprio and Brad Pitt (usually, at least), I'm sure we're in for another great movie.

    The worst part about this 9th film? There's only one more to go, if QT sticks to his word.

  • I remember watching the Hateful Eight and wondering why it didn't get more love. I felt like it built suspense better than any movie I could remember. Then the shooting started and it devolved into the ridiculous gore fest that takes away from his movies for me. And I'd say it was the worst offender. Not to say I don't like his movies, I just don't get that part.

    Either way, I'm sure this will be another good one, with one part I don't appreciate.

  • I... didn't like the Hateful 8. I saw it immediately following The Revenant, and honestly - I think that may have had something to do with it. The Revenant just ate QT's lunch in so many ways.

  • Here's what makes me anxious: Tarantino is extremely good at directing suspense when he feels like trying. This is a movie that will likely contain some sort of depiction of

    Sharon Tate's murder.

    I don't know if I'm physically able to watch a depiction of a real life tragedy like that in the manner that I think Tarantino can/will show it. Definitely a personal thing, but the last year or two I've developed really weak skin when it comes to that sort of stuff. Not sure what triggered it.

  • @naltmank Tarantino is probably not going to do it like that. I think he mentioned that it's going to be not historically accurate... so like the end of Inglorious Basterds

    I think there's a pretty good chance that Sharon Tate Home-Alone's the Manson Family

  • @tokyoslim haha that'd be wild. Hope you're right. I'm seeing it regardless but am bracing for the worst.

  • @naltmank I get what you're saying. I'm pretty much on the same boat. I really enjoy Tarantino's films, but there are usually a scene or two in pretty much all of them that really freaks me out (at least the first time). That has basically caused me to skip his theatre runs and wait til I can watch the movie privately home and on my own rules.

    And yes, there's good potential for some really twisted depiction of real-life killings with this one which already gives me this bad feeling in my stomach when I think about it.

  • *Then there’s the question of how Tate’s surviving loved ones might react to all of this. When Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was first announced, Debra Tate, Sharon Tate’s sister, expressed outrage. She was particularly disgusted that Sony originally planned to release the movie on August 9, which would coincide with the 50th anniversary of Sharon Tate’s murder. The release date was later changed July 26, 2019, and Debra Tate agreed to sit down with Tarantino and read the script.

    After this meeting, Tate changed her opinion of the film. The news of the Tate/Tarantino meeting came via TMZ, with their article stating:

    Debra says she voiced her concerns and he heard her out, then explained the movie’s plot … which made her feel much better. She says she now believes Tarantino has honorable intentions … “This movie is not what people would expect it to be when you combine the Tarantino and Manson names.”*

    -Chris Evangelista on SlashFilm

  • Tarantino had given a talk about his research about cinema in the 70's, and I believe some of the points he made are probably the driving elements behind "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". I think a central theme of the film will be the fall of "Old Hollywood" and the emergence of "New Hollywood".

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  • I’ve been going to see his movies Day one in theatres since I was old enough to starting at Inglorious Basterds. I loved Hateful Eight but I’ve only watched it once which is low for me and a Tarantino movie. No real reason, life just changed and I can’t watch a movie 50 times anymore.

    I never get excited for movies anymore but I can’t wait for this. Reviews from Cannes are out now on Metacritic and it’s looking good too!

  • I only watched the teaser trailer and I'm already in, so it's media blackout time. I love Tarantino's style, even though I only fully watched Inglorious Bastards and Reservoir Dogs (which is one of my favorite films ever). Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight's on my to-watch list.

  • @TokyoSlim We had this thread here as well.

    It's cool to hear that you liked it a lot. How would you comment on the violence in the film? I mean regarding that brief conversation earlier in April.

  • @sentinel-beach I don't want to get too spoilery if I can help it, but I can say that this is not a historically accurate film in similar ways to Inglorious Basterds.

    Take that as you will.

    It's very violent. And there's a discussion to be had vis-a-vis Tarantino's predilection for brutal violence against women. But I don't think THIS film is especially disproportionately violent against women other than I will say that violence happens to both men and women and both are kind of lingered upon uncomfortably. I have already seen reports out there that some people think it is further evidence of misogyny, and maybe QT's history gives him no benefit of the doubt here, I mean, this is the man who's response to Spike Lee calling out his casual use of the N word was to make Django Unchained....but I didn't see it that way. Your mileage may vary.

    Movie is super male-gazey though. Especially in the foot fetish dept. As I pointed out in my "review" the ratio of women without shoes in this film to women with them is probably 4:1

  • I do think they did Bruce Lee dirty though.

  • Might be seeing this tomorrow.. really looking forward to it!

  • I enjoyed the film, it just seemed a bit all over the place. The mockumentary side of the film to help set it up was different enough to set itself apart from his other films. His style is still very much there, it was just so lack luster. I loved the leads' storylines. I just gotta watch it again before I fully make up my mind.