Looking for help finding an old GT reivew

  • Hello, I'm a newbie here. I used to visit gametrailers.com wayy back, and the other day, while playing battlefield 5 I remembered a video review that got me into the franchise. It was a video review of battlefield 2 by GT. The review left a big impression to my young-self, and even though I couldn't play it because gaming pc was not something I could afford back then, it was one of the reasons why i got into pc gaming at much later time. I've been searching every corner of the internet looking for the video but I couldn't find it :( I was wondering if anyone here has an access to it by any chance since it looks like a lot of people here used to be fan of gametrailers.com. Thank you for your time!

  • @beehype I have only found Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 reviews.

  • It looks like most reviews before ps3/xbox360 era haven't been archived online, which makes me sad ;-;

  • That's the sad reality of the internet. So many of the important moments are only understood by so many. Culturally significant moments are downplayed as "pre-YouTube" and archival in general is based on fans who happen to have something on a hard drive somewhere.

    I'm a huge fan of battle rap from the DVD era to the internet era and today, and unfortunately so much of it is lost on random hard drives or tapes people happen to have somewhere in Philly or NYC or something. I've learned that if I love something on the internet, try to save it.

    As per the Battlefield 2 review, I don't know how to find it, but I do recall GT covering the game in 2005-2006 including User Videos and it also inspired me to buy it for PC. It barely ran on my computer. I think it only worked in greyscale but it was basically my intro to true PC-gaming and I think that's a cool part of how effective websites like GT were back in the day.

  • yeah, it's definitely easy to pretend everything on the internet will be around forever. My home town that I grew up as a child has been redeveloped so going back there is always a disappointment. I was hoping that at least the things that i enjoyed as child on computer screens would be always around but i guess that too can be very disappointing :(

  • Gametrailers has a channel on YouTube that they setup after they were shut down. Any review or video can be found there.

  • @spikewolf_26

    I know the channel exists but not all of GT's content can be found there. A lot was lost in the website versions, then a lot was never brought over onto YouTube. The archive is definitively missing a lot but hopefully it all gets there one day. It has mostly everything from like 2012-2016 though.