Favorite Pokemon Generation

  • @michemagius It is somewhat of a toss up for me. I love gen 1 for all the obvious nostalgic reasons. But, gen 2 is really good too (except for Unknown primarily). Gold and Silver are some of the best sequels of all time in my opinion. A full game on their own plus the first game was end game content! Love it. Also, the day/night cycle had me addicted as a kid.

  • @Jimmy-Good Even though I've got a soft spot for Gen 5, Gen 2 is so radical. I loved being able to go back to Kanto, and I wish that other games had allowed you to visit previous regions as well.

  • I loved Black and White. They introduced all new pokemon rather than evolve some previous ones. The game also had the best story in a Pokemon game as well both time and seasons that affect the gameplay and the pokemon you can catch.

  • @liftedpixel Don't you mean gen 6? Black & White didn't have character creation.

    This made me think, it's funny how the male and female player characters work. The girls have character and design put into them, because more often than not they appear on the show. The guys, however, are just a bunch of generic fuccbois who never amount to anything.

  • @Haru17 I don't really agree with that. Until Gen 4 the male characters were noticeably different from one another, and the only reason they've started to blend together now is because let's face it, male hairstyles don't tend to be as varied as female hairstyles in life or video games, least not in ways you can represent on a tiny sprite, often under a hat. Pokemon easily makes up for it with male rivals, professors, gym leaders, elite four members, etc. that stand out more with varied body types and ridiculous outfits that you couldn't put on a playable character that exists for the player to self-insert as.

    What I will agree with is that they must have meant Gen 6, and the customizable clothing for Pokemon X and Y was painfully gender slanted towards girls. The boy's clothing was really fugly and not very well thought out compared to all the cool outfits girls had available. Pretty sure the attitude of the developers was that it would be a feature girls would care much more about.

  • @Mbun Which is funny, because as a guy I'm the biggest fashion hunter out there. That is, I love visual customization in games.

  • Though I love every generation my bias favourite has to be Gen 2 just because it was my first and a I have the fondest memories of it. Besides that Gen 1 and 3. With 5 and the rest following.

  • second gen most definitely. it was awesome to see things evolve in Kanto after having a blast in Johto.

  • Gen VI, specifically X/Y because it brought me back to the franchise after skipping Gen V.

    X and Y were designed for people in my position. I loved Pokemon but had no idea what was going on with it anymore so Gen VI's focus on doing new things with older Pokemon was an instant hook.

    It also helps that Kalos is a really good region that stands apart from the others for me.

  • It has to be Gen 1 for me. I have so many memories of trading pokemon with my best friend growing up in Gen 1 on our Gameboys. It was a great experience that ended up making us better friends. It was the ultimate road trip game as well. Pokemon Red, Yellow, and Blue stand as the reason that I got into video games in the first place.