Favorite Pokemon Generation

  • I'm not asking about the best, because in my opinion there isn't one. What generation did you enjoy the most? What made it your favorite?

    My favorite is Gen 5. I liked the story, I loved the Pokemon designs and locations. I especially enjoyed the expansive post game. Some of my favorite Pokemon memories are playing against the teams of the top 4 at the World Championships that you could download. Nothing was quite as satisfying as finally beating them after training.

  • Gen 5 was a great gen. So many good designs, a good main quest and amazing sprites before we went 3D. It's probably my favourite but Gen 2 and 3 are close.

  • Excellent question, Gen 1 for me, maybe it's just because of the excitement when it all began, so many beautiful memories..

  • Definitely gen 5. The two games present such a great story with interesting characters, and while it did not push the series forward in terms of mechanics, the gen feels so fresh and exciting. It's set a new standard for story in Pokemon games, that I hope they try to emulate for future games.

    And of course, I really love the gen 5 Pokemon a lot. The set includes many of my favorites, and were I to make a top 10, 5 of them would probably be there.

    I have 5th gen to thank for affirming my love of the Pokemon series. So many things about it really clicked with me. I could go on for a long time about why I love it.

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  • Generation 5 is my favorite generation, mostly for everything they did in BW2, but Johto is my favorite region.

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    For me Gen 2 are my favourite! It took the Gen 1, made it bigger, better, colour and I loved the atmosphere in the whole game! so much joy! Also I am no fan of the new designs, but thats just my personal oppinion!

  • I played gen 3 the most, but I think I liked the 4th one more. I grew kinda tired of pokemon later, but it seems that gen 5 is really praised in this community. I'm sort of tempted to catch up now.

  • Generation 2 hype! It added a lot of things that made life easier and basically doubled the size of the first. Plus, it added my favorite little weirdo.


  • Only ever cared for the first two generations personally. Three was alright from what little I remember about it. Everything after that is nonsense to me. Not that I think people are crazy for enjoying anything after the third generation. They just came around after I'd already lost interest in Pokemon. To be fair... it's hard not to think they're running out of ideas when you see some of the new "designs" these days. I think this question will generally come down to the first generation each individual was exposed to growing up.

  • Gen 2 hands down. For all of the generations after that, the new Pokemon are just so hit and miss. Gen 3/5 are the worst for this. Both have horrific starters and evolutions.

  • Split between first and second generations, simply because of nostalgia. The first generation of Pokemon brings out nostalgia in me more than any other games, but I agree, the second generation just improves on every little thing the first did. I almost felt like the third generation was a bit of a step back for the series (No day/night cycle? Boooooo).

  • The first generation is my favorite, but there are a lot in the second generation that I like too, so it's a close second.

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    To be fair... it's hard not to think they're running out of ideas when you see some of the new "designs" these days.

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    I have no idea what you are talking about. /s

  • gen 2, it added so much, had 2 regions, a direct continuation of the first with a great final battle. hunting down the legendary dogs and unraveling the unknown mystery was some of the best times i ever had with pokemon

  • I have played Yellow, X, and Alpha Sapphire in the past 5 months. I think the most fun I have had was Alpha Sapphire. Gen 1 is not fun nowadays as it is pretty clunky and the newer games can be so much more streamlined.

  • Original 151 from the Indigo League season. Their art style was much nicer than when the Pokemon started getting all shiny. The tone of the TV show was mostly comedy with hints of seriousness but not too much, and the music from Blue. I watched the show up to the end of the Jhoto League then it got pretty awful to me. Nothing tops the charm of being a little child, going to my department store with my grandmother and buying the new Pokemon VHS tapes. I killed my three episodes where Ash gets Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

    It stopped being funny and they focused in on battles a lot more as opposed to adventure storylines. There weren't anymore classic episodes like Squirtle Squad or the Ditto one. Even the first movie wasn't as good as the short film Pikachu's Adventure that came before it. The movie was SUPER serious and Mew Two even tries to kill Ash. The TV show always had a super light hearted and comedic tone. There was absolutely no comedic relief in that first movie.

    Personally, I feel like the show lost touch with its fun roots after season 3 but the first gen is what I think of when I think of Pokemon.

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  • gen 2 Chrystal is my favorite game in the series

  • Gen 3, for probably a weird reason. I loved contests, I never bothered to really train a competitive fighting team because I usually go just for the "catch 'em all" style, but contests really hooked me. I also could pretend to be playing Harvest Moon while planting berries :laughing:

  • Gen 4 definitely, most specifically Platinum.

    With the amount of legendaries in it, I'm surprised how many of them are intermingled within the main game. The Creation Trio and Lake Guardians play some role within Team Galactic's ploy to recreate the universe or some nonsense. It has what I consider the second best story in the main series (Plasma), as it shows how deep rooted Galactic really is within Sinnoh with their main locations being two major cities, using the guise of capturing these legendary Pokemon as sources of alternative power. Cyrus' grand plan is actually explained with his nihilistic viewpoint in the world (not to mention his sentimental side in never targeting his home town) which is a lot better than other villain teams.

    The introduction to some of my favourite Pokemon and the Special/Physical split, giving some old Pokemon better viability in the metagame made for some fun times during high school. The AI having a massive improvement over the previous with some form of intelligent design which gets improved even more in the next generation.

    Finally, it has the best champion in Cynthia and a post game that is extremely rich in content.