Avengers: Endgame Discussion [Spoilers]


    Man, I teared up at the end. They did it. Bloody bastards. They made my dream come true. Ever since my little kid self watched The First Avenger I have been dreaming of it, when Cap gets back the life he deserved. Time travel crossed my mind many times, but it never would end that happily right? I figure it was too happy, but I guess my lack in comic book knowledge is showing. Man, I'm bouncing right now.

  • @dmcmaster see my edit. the Bond box is about the same size. I was just looking at the image you posted the wrong way.

  • Friend said it was fake because there was no digital download in the box.
    Also no Spider-Man: Far From Home which Kevin Feige said ends Phase 3.

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    So I'm a little confused about how some of the stuff in the movie worked, and I'm being pretty verbose about my intro so I don't spoil in the recent text.

    So, did Cap teleport back using his bracelet after i guess Peggy died of old age and he was done with that time, or did just age through time the long way and walked his old butt to that park where they were standing? I think the movie implied the latter, but I thought that was a separate reality... so...

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    Once all the time stones were returned to their original places, the time stream is no longer split. So it's not a separate reality.

    The reason you can't go back in time to change the past to alter the future is because your actions would change your motivation. Killing baby thanos in the past would negate the reason for going back to the past - therefore it's impossible. It's a paradox.

    To explain how Thanos goes missing from 2014, Past thanos from a divergent timeline (the one in which Peter Quill doesn't find the power stone) traveled to the future of THIS timeline only to get dusted, but when Cap went back and replaced the stones, it undid the timeline that Thanos is missing from, though it did not undo what that damage Alternate Thanos did while he was here. because without past thanos hunting for the stones - they wouldn't have had to go back to get the stones. Undoing the past in another timeline doesn't undo the future in yours.

    Time travel is dumb. But fun to think about.

    Cap and Peg probably had a real nice life together, him hiding out in some suburban house somewhere, didn't change shit, and then he waltzed over to the bench when he was ready.

    The one thing that makes me chuckle though is that for all the "Is everything you learned about time travel from movies" They settled on the If we return the stones to the same spots that we took them from - taking them will be a non-issue - which is essentially a Bill and Ted time travel rule. Future promises made using time travel that you then have to keep in order for your plan to work.

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    I have a rant that will make it sound like I didn't like this movie when in fact I had a fantastic time with it.

    My main issue with the movie doesn't stem from their time travel rules - I've seen enough movies to know that time travel will always be problematic - but rather from the fact that the time travel sequence itself had almost no stakes. There's all this build up about how dangerous and impossible time travel is, and then when they go through with it it's 80% quips and comic relief, 5% quality character work from Hawkeye and Black Widow, and 15% plot contrivances to move the story forward with Nebula (Thanos gets back to the future because Nebula... shares a neural network with her past self and thus shares her future memories? That's some yadda yadda movie bullshit that I just forced myself to move on from). Thor returns to the worst movie in the franchise for a couple jokes about his inadequacy and to get his hammer back (that last part is 100% worth it). The emotional crux of this sequence is based around his reconciliation with his mother, a character we barely knew. Plus Natalie Portman is there for a couple seconds. Tony loses the tesseract so that we could get a joke out of the Hulk from taking the stairs, and then they take a mission built on trust back to the 1970s where they can grab the tesseract and get enough Pym particles to come back home. What happens on this trip that's worthwhile other than reminding us that Tony has daddy issues and that Steve loves Peggy (which I argue they do in better, more impactful ways throughout the movie and franchise)? They literally show up, grab what they need, and move on without facing any consequences. The entire middle sequence was just frustrating to me, and even though there were some great jokes and moments scattered throughout (hail hydra), it ultimately felt inconsequential to the rest of the movie.

    Rant over, which is good because holy christ, the last hour+ of this movie were god tier. It exemplified just how insane and unique this franchise is - no other series can pack this many payoffs into such a short period of time, because no other movie has 21 movies of hype built up over 11 years. Cap wielding mjolnir is one of my favorite moments in movie history. The shot of Cap standing alone against Thanos's army gives me chills just thinking about it. The portals opening up is the most beautifully manufactured applause moment I've ever seen. There's just so much that's incredible in that final act that even with my issues, I still loved this movie.

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    That out of the way.
    I'm personally excited to see what's next post "Far From Home" especially if what my movie buddy has been saying about Marvel/Disney are extending thier deal , seeing as Far From Home is supposed to be Tom Holland's last MCU film plus a single non MCU film (as of now anyway).

    In short with a grain of salt.
    Tom Holland's contract is being extended by 5 or 6 films
    Far From Home allegedly setting or building up to Peter Parker acting as a mentor to the "Young Avengers "in a post credits scene introducing Miles, and a mention of Khmala Khan.
    Part of the Marvel/Sony extension is that Kraven will be the villain for Black Panther 2 (something Ryan wanted initially for the first film)
    The first 3 or 4 films of phase 4 will have less world ending stakes, but more personal stakes.

    In exchange for Sony's cooperation they will
    A) continue current deal where basically Marvel does all the heavy lifting (Marvel handles writing and production, while Sony does marketing and release)
    B)Sony will apparently cut Ties with Avi Ard and Venom will join the MCU (not sure if they mean retcon the current film into the MCU or a new Venom)
    C) Marvel will offer some kind of assistance into getting the "Silver&Black" project off the ground.
    D)Sony will be granted permission to make a animated film featuring other Marvel characters

  • @dmcmaster Are you spoiling future movies that aren't out yet, this is Avengers Endgame spoilers not future MCU movies.

  • SHIT SHIT FORGOT ABOUT THE THING REGARDING THE THING @ultimatebrent This just came out regarding time travel in the movie

  • I had a blast watching this movie, did not feel like a three hour movie 10/10


    I always have a problem with time travel in any medium. Branched realities and world lines are by far the best way of avoiding paradoxes, whilst a single line with a serious case of cause and effect almost never feel fleshed out enough, and don't get me started on time loops such as in Harry Potter..

    Regarding Cap sitting on the bench is either negating a whole lot of influence from a single world line perspective or he just traveled from another line not appearing in the machine, which I don't really have a problem with.

  • To borrow a Huber phrase, Endgame felt like the ultimate culmination. There were real stakes, and stuff happened that can't be undone. Although this is comic book stuff, so technically anything is possible. Still, it smashed my expectations.

    I still don't know how time travel works.