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  • @dipset The thing about Colin Farrell is that he was great, then went through a period of sucking real bad, but then came back around into brilliance. Like a modern day Christian Slater.

  • He's had his share of bad movies, but they are usually interspersed with interesting gems. He's kinda one of those actors that doesn't turn a lot of stuff down. So he's had a couple of periods of a couple years where he's been in a sequence of stinkers - Daredevil, SWAT, Alexander in like 2004/05 comes to mind - but then he's had runs like The New World, Miami Vice, In Bruges from 2005/08. I guess he's just streaky :)

  • I think my familiarity with him came to be in the mid-2000s with the big blockbuster films like SWAT and Daredevil and those movies were just so bad. Then I guess I re-discovered him with In Brugues, True Detective, and especially The Lobster and I saw a totally different person.

    I kinda have a bad habit of judging actors based on shit movies. Sometimes actors who take a lot of bad roles end up putting on really great performances time to time.

  • @sentinel-beach

    I'm more excited about this one after this footage.

  • Villeneuve's coming in hot and spicy!

    Dune Official Trailer
    Youtube Video

  • That's a prettttty good trailer.

  • I... don't love it? It looks kind of soulless to me. Visually it's astounding, but the leads (talented as they might be) aren't acting like they have a ton of charisma here.

  • I've never been disappointed by a Denis Vinneneuve movie, and he's quickly become one of my favorite directors! I haven't seen the original Dune or read the book yet, but I'm down with seeing whatever his vision of this story will be, as I've heard some people say it's impossible to adapt to the screen.

  • It looks more action oriented than other movies of the director which is nice for me.

  • @scotty I wouldn't go in expecting that. Dune isn't exactly an action movie.