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  • @mbun yeah I thought that was maybe the case but sarcasm is tough to pull from text.

  • @mbun agree it's rude but I'm not sure how people are screwed by it. I don't PC so have no idea but can't people just get Epic Game Store if they want to play the exclusives?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Epic Games Store:

    can't people just get Epic Game Store if they want to play the exclusives?

    I can confirm that this is possible.

  • @mbun



    Ridiculous comments:


    • Epic CLEARLY has not bought out PC Gamer


    • Not a monopoly


    • How is buying a studio you've closely worked with for more than a decade, trying to kill PC gaming?

    So yes, I do stand by my entitled crybaby statement.

  • I do love this outrage culture where a business doing a simple acquisition is enough to make some people claim the world is ending.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    I'm not sure how people are screwed by it

    Recent example I brought up in the topic that led to this topic. If you bought Rocket League previously on Steam, you are now locked out of being able to purchase any future DLC for the game unless you buy a second copy over at Epic's storefront and rebuy all your previous DLC. This is a game where DLC is frequent and a big part of the game.

    @DIPSET People can cherrypick dumb comments for any topic. That doesn't mean everyone effected by it is as dumb, but generalizing everyone effected by it as entitled crybabies does.

    @Phbz If that's all this was, sure. This is the latest of a long string of buying up exclusives.

  • @mbun

    I'd agree that complaining about the complainers isn't very productive but I'm not cherry picking anything. These are all outraged people who comment factually inaccurate things on every single article regarding Epic Games. At the very least, the outrage is rising to the top.

  • Is Rocket League still going to be on PS4

  • I'm going to second Dipset's entitled crybaby sentiment.
    This is really the only form of media where these things are taken so seriously.

    If a show leaves Netflix for Hulu and I really want to watch it, am I going to create a video on youtube full of fake outrage over Hulu buying up exclusivity to a the show?
    No, I'm going to get a Hulu/Crave subscription like a normal person.
    The Mouse buys the entire world so now I need to watch my Marvel/Star Wars/Literally everything on Disney+? SOMEBODY CALL HYPEBREAK, THE SJWs AT DISNEY HAVE NOT ONLY RUINED MY CHILDHOOD BUT ALSO MY VIEWING EXPERIENCE

    Like somebody else said in another thread, that people can feel so strongly about such a non issue shows how good the first world is getting on.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    If a show leaves Netflix for Hulu and I really want to watch it, am I going to create a video on youtube full of fake outrage over Hulu buying up exclusivity to a the show?
    No, I'm going to get a Hulu/Crave subscription like a normal person.

    Are you kidding? People complain about this all the time and having to buy new services to watch everything. Also, not everyone just throws more money to a new service. Some people just don't watch the thing.


    You've got to stop projecting your hangups and creating straw man arguments. That's not what this is at all.

    @iboshow Updates are good, but they're still being rather vague about stuff. Specifically:

    We are continuing to sell Rocket League on Steam, and have not announced plans to stop selling the game there.

    They announced that they haven't yet announced when or whether or not they'll stop selling it on Steam.

    long-term plans will be announced in the future

    Which means there likely will be changes in the future when it arrives on the Epic Games Store. All we can hope for is the DLC will still be sold on Steam, but I don't see it happening.

    will still be able to play Rocket League on Steam with all of the content they've previously purchased

    That does not cover future content. Everyone knew their copy of Rocket League wouldn't stop working, especially when the dev is so pro crossplay, but the worry is future DLC not being released available for one of the top platforms people currently own the game and all the current DLC.

  • @mbun Noone knew anything, people kept coming up with stories and love coming up with a shit storm because Tencent is the big dog in this race.

  • @mbun Correction. Entitled crybabies whine about that shit.
    My fiancé and I aren't exactly flush with cash, but when we found out the new season of Veronica Mars was exclusive to Hulu (Crave in Leafistan) we made it works. Why? Because why the fuck would we complain, and what use would it do?
    If a company wants to put up the money to make a product exclusive to their platform, they are in their right to do so, regardless of how many nerds it may upset by adding another program to their toolbar.
    Thats capitalism for ya.

  • I feel like everyone calling dissenters "entitled crybabies" isn't the best way to facilitate good-faith discussion on the issue at hand.

  • @hanabi This is the first topic that's made me understand that other topic about people not wanting to use these forums.

  • I agree, no need to call people names. Let's try and have a civil argument.

  • The main problem with the epic game store is that its not better for consumers at all. they passed the savings (theoretically) onto the publishers/developers but the consumer is stuck having to use a inferior service because they are forcing you to use their launcher/community with no benefits for them.

  • I don't care too much about additional installers anymore, I've become numb to it. However, the fragmentation of tertiary benefits of using different services is kinda maddening.

    I like achievements. They're a fun, additional little thing that means nothing more than trophy points, cheevo numbers, etc, in most cases (although Ubi's system nets you some fun currency to spend on silly stuff, which I find fun). The fact that none of my achievements just "show up" all in one place is kind of a letdown, which is why I signed up for Raptr and XFire back in the day. Sadly, they both are defunct and that centralizing force is gone.

    I also like knowing that if I buy something in game, it's attached to something I can count on existing in the future. Fortunately, some companies have their own internal system for tracking your digital "stuff," but not all do. This is probably my biggest complaint about MCTs (is that the acronym we're using?) don't always follow you from system to system or service to service, unless less the dev and platform holder deign it so. Much worse, there are few judicial decisions or laws written to protect consumers from have to buy or license content multiple times.

    So, I can understand the anger, frustrations, etc, but some seem to be mad about the wrong thing, or mad about something that hasn't really happened. I'm fortunate enough to have not invested too much into certain games to the point of being effected by this, yet, but if I did lose the thousands of dollars in gaming investment I put into my Steam library because of strong-arming by another company, I'd be livid. Worse still, these companies can afford to take it all to court and potentially screw over consumers in a big way (I don't know, help me, someone, who is a lawyer).

    This is meandering, but let's try something: ignore the ridiculous reactions and knee-jerk commentary. Don't be unreasonable, and don't respond to the ridiculous crybabies (I know, they're there, but they're not thinking critically, but we are, right?) I want to know why YOU have a problem with this. Or, why you don't.

    Again, for me, I prefer a centralized place for the content I purchased so I know what I own, I don't want to purchase it more than once, and I want to be able to play with who I want to play with (I miss hosting private servers). Epic is isolating not only titles, but whole developers and that specific segmentation make me sad.

  • Didn't Valve announce they're making VR software that is going to be exclusive to their VR headset? Meaning if you have a Vive and Steam, you still get locked out due to exclusivity?

    As Ben says in the podcast, "You've gotta take the plunge and say, 'Nope, you can only get this here.' Everybody does this. If Sega were to come out with the Dreamcast 2 tomorrow, they'd be like, 'Hey, you can only get this here.' That's the rules we've been playing by from the beginning."

    Personally, I love Steam getting called out. If anyone has held a "monopoly" on the PC market, it's largely been them and they've become apathetic due to it. Any glance at the mountains and mountains of trash on their client will prove that. As a mostly console gamer, timed exclusives are something I got used to all the way back when Resident Evil 4 got announced on the Gamecube and not the PS2. In that scenario though, I would have had to shell out a few hundred extra dollars for new hardware. In Epic's case, I have to download a launcher I don't like as much or just wait a year to play the game. I would agree portions of the internet are blowing the issue out of proportion.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Valve needs some significant competition, that's for sure. I sometimes wonder why GoG or Humble haven't tried to keep their stores separated from Steam, rather than tied themselves directly to it in some way. But then I remember the value add of not having to maintain their own networks of user data as well as other housekeeping. Without competition, Valve can get away with being lazy. I hope this spurs them in a better direction for better curation.