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  • This is literally how capitalism and the free market work.
    Don't like it? Jordan Peterson would like a word with you, ya dang commies.

  • From experience in the TV/film world, I know how difficult it is to secure all the pieces of your pie (graph) that makes up the funding/budget of your show. Sometimes $200k can be the difference between a new season and a cancellation. So I definitely support game developers bringing revenue into their studio any way they can get it.

    Sure, Metro was already done and the Epic deal didn't directly fund the game development, but there is such a fine line between a studio that is thriving, then later showing up to work one day with the doors locked. People don't realize how possible that can be - even for a studio that works on HIGH PROFILE stuff. Sometimes your budget quite literally just pays for the product and you lose money just to get it finished.

    So if a studio can get an extra milly here and there, I think any studio owner would do that. Say what you will about Epic being anti-consumer but jobless developers doesn't help consumers either. I obviously know this isn't a dichotomy between store exclusives and losing your job. My point is to create an example.

    In all, I'd disagree that something like Sony making Bloodborne (and funding it) is different than a studio taking a, say, $1M bonus from Epic because until we see that pie chart, we don't know where the money for Bloodborne even came from and we don't know how it compares to a third party studios financing. All I know is that in a world of big budget high profile media, sometimes these businesses go tits up in a heartbeat and I would take the money if I ran the studio too.

  • According to this week's EZA Podcast, Valve's VR games will be available on Rift and Vive as well and not be exclusive to the Index, but also yea apparently there's a Vive Pro that costs more than the Index. So there's some pointless semantics arguing thrown out the window. Your move Epic.

  • @mbun It's so pointless you decided to bring it back up, eh? That is good news though, one less point against Valve.

    Now if they would take less of a cut from developers and remain competitive in the market, everyone could be happy. Your move Valve.

  • @sabotagethetruth I'm just correcting misconceptions in the topic, including my own.

  • Epic just added regional pricing for a lot of countries.

  • Well would you look at that


    Looks like the entire PC gaming conference is an EGS exclusive.

  • @el-shmiablo This is how the world ends isn't it? Everyone grab the ones you love and bunker down, the Internet is going to burn on June 10th.

  • Not that I agree with the fire and brimstone I see in the PC Gamer comments on every single article they make, their show being sponsored by Epic may actually make their audience go insane.

  • I like it

  • @binarymelon
    No the world ends if they announce that somehow without anyone knowing it, Half Life 3 will be a EGS exclusive. That will drive people to utter insanity.

  • Looks like there's a pretty massive sale ongoing at EGS. A bunch of game discounts plus an additional $10 of from Epic for every game $15 and up.


  • @binarymelon Hot damn. Epic just blowing Steam the fuck out.

  • ... Had some difficulties loading some pages, might be some people who are intersted. There is even 10€ off on some prepurchases. But have to think relly hard if I want to buy anything. Looked at Quantic Dream Games Prepurchase and next to no info on release date. Sucks. ... And next free game will be Rime, Nice!

  • @binarymelon
    Wait there giving people money for shopping with them?

  • @dmcmaster and a weekly free game during the sale.

  • @iboshow
    Soooooo steam is dead?

  • @el-shmiablo yeah i thought that too, but the amount of games on epic's store is still pitiful.

  • While I appreciate Epic Games taking the stance that only GOOD games will be on their store, their library is scarce at the moment which makes the sale slightly less exciting for me personally.

    I wanna bite on Jackbox 5 but is anybody aware if I can download EGS on Mac and if it works as well as Steam does? I have my other Jackbox games on Steam which I play on my Macbook and hook up to the TV with my roommates. Jackbox 5 on my desktop is essentially useless if the game isn't portable for social settings.