Epic Games Store

  • I like it

  • @binarymelon
    No the world ends if they announce that somehow without anyone knowing it, Half Life 3 will be a EGS exclusive. That will drive people to utter insanity.

  • Looks like there's a pretty massive sale ongoing at EGS. A bunch of game discounts plus an additional $10 of from Epic for every game $15 and up.


  • @binarymelon Hot damn. Epic just blowing Steam the fuck out.

  • ... Had some difficulties loading some pages, might be some people who are intersted. There is even 10€ off on some prepurchases. But have to think relly hard if I want to buy anything. Looked at Quantic Dream Games Prepurchase and next to no info on release date. Sucks. ... And next free game will be Rime, Nice!

  • @binarymelon
    Wait there giving people money for shopping with them?

  • @dmcmaster and a weekly free game during the sale.

  • @iboshow
    Soooooo steam is dead?

  • @el-shmiablo yeah i thought that too, but the amount of games on epic's store is still pitiful.

  • While I appreciate Epic Games taking the stance that only GOOD games will be on their store, their library is scarce at the moment which makes the sale slightly less exciting for me personally.

    I wanna bite on Jackbox 5 but is anybody aware if I can download EGS on Mac and if it works as well as Steam does? I have my other Jackbox games on Steam which I play on my Macbook and hook up to the TV with my roommates. Jackbox 5 on my desktop is essentially useless if the game isn't portable for social settings.

  • @dmcmaster Pretty much

  • Epic Games Store is giving players a free game every week for the next three weeks that this 75% off sale runs and with my own primary data 49/50 Facebook comments were mad about this.

    FREE GAMES and 98% of the comments were negative or outraged at Epic. In what world are these people living in? Like... what...? I don’t get it.

  • @dipset Brand loyalty is a powerful, scary thing.

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  • They really need to get things figured out before they have these sales.

  • @dipset Epic thinks they can scoot all their negatives under the rug by enticing people with free games, and while that works for a large number of sheeple people, of course others will inevitably call out the practice when they're doing that instead of fixing problems like Sazime mentioned.

  • @mbun

    That's if you focus on the negatives like the pic Sazime posted. I can count the positives too. Free games and 75% discount are two of them.

    I still don't see how they've wronged anybody so badly that you wouldn't take a game for free. EA Origin has a 75% off sale and I get excited too and that store is a piece of shit.

    This to me just seems like the sort of console wars bs that people are saying they're trying to avoid but are adding fuel to the flame themselves.

  • @dipset They won't fix their problems if everyone ignores them and is satisfied by some free games thrown at them.

  • @mbun

    Other than the exclusive deals, what is the big thing they need to fix? Shopping Cart?

    For me, I press the play button and the game plays so other than there being few games to choose from - I don't even have any problems.

    I hear about 90% of it is the exclusive deals which I say half of the cases here, the angry letter should be written to 2K, Deep Silver, etc, who can probably fund their own games without a bonus payment from Epic. The other 10% I hear about is "security issues" and spying on Steam which sounds more and more like "Hilary's private email server" the more I hear people talk about it. I hear about "their terms are obtuse and hard to discover"... like every TOS agreement?

    What info is Epic stealing from you that Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Ask Jeeves, Habbo Hotel, already isn't? Can it even be proven or is this another conspiracy? I'm not out here complacent with the political power BIG TECH companies have in this world, but I feel like Epic Games Store is probably the smallest piece of that pie.

    Even within this own thread I have a hard time following the puck. What is soooooo offensive about the store?

    The onus isn't on you @Mbun to explain it to me - my point is that I think a lot of people (not you) are acting aggressive and outraged for the sake of it. I rarely see anybody with a point, just aggression. Article about nothing to do with Steam/Epic/Exclusives - outrage towards Epic and comments about how they are RUINING GAMING are littered EVERYWHERE. Think about how hyperbolic it is to say Epic Games is RUINING GAMING. In the end I'm not even convinced these people aren't using the store for that matter since they can't stop talking about it.

  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/wccftech.com/epic-games-store-features-roadmap/amp/

    They also just rolled out regionalized pricing this last week, so... Looks like they are improving the service to me.

    Everyone mad cause of a sale. Lol