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  • @mbun

    Other than the exclusive deals, what is the big thing they need to fix? Shopping Cart?

    For me, I press the play button and the game plays so other than there being few games to choose from - I don't even have any problems.

    I hear about 90% of it is the exclusive deals which I say half of the cases here, the angry letter should be written to 2K, Deep Silver, etc, who can probably fund their own games without a bonus payment from Epic. The other 10% I hear about is "security issues" and spying on Steam which sounds more and more like "Hilary's private email server" the more I hear people talk about it. I hear about "their terms are obtuse and hard to discover"... like every TOS agreement?

    What info is Epic stealing from you that Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Ask Jeeves, Habbo Hotel, already isn't? Can it even be proven or is this another conspiracy? I'm not out here complacent with the political power BIG TECH companies have in this world, but I feel like Epic Games Store is probably the smallest piece of that pie.

    Even within this own thread I have a hard time following the puck. What is soooooo offensive about the store?

    The onus isn't on you @Mbun to explain it to me - my point is that I think a lot of people (not you) are acting aggressive and outraged for the sake of it. I rarely see anybody with a point, just aggression. Article about nothing to do with Steam/Epic/Exclusives - outrage towards Epic and comments about how they are RUINING GAMING are littered EVERYWHERE. Think about how hyperbolic it is to say Epic Games is RUINING GAMING. In the end I'm not even convinced these people aren't using the store for that matter since they can't stop talking about it.

  • https://www.google.com/amp/s/wccftech.com/epic-games-store-features-roadmap/amp/

    They also just rolled out regionalized pricing this last week, so... Looks like they are improving the service to me.

    Everyone mad cause of a sale. Lol

  • @dipset Scroll up in this topic if you want the reasoning I've already gone into of why I dislike it, but yea I can agree that like everything else on the internet, sometimes people just bandwagon around a cause they don't even understand. That said, I roll my eyes at "shut up and be happy with the free games". That's exactly what they want.

    @TokyoSlim That's a good step yeah. On the EZA Podcast they were saying people were writing in about how Epic Store still isn't available in lots of countries, so those people just straight up can't buy the games Epic snatches up as exclusives. Hopefully they're working on that now that they have regionalized pricing.

  • @mbun Why do you hate EPIC game stores mediocre store yet you stick with Nintendo?

  • @iboshow I'm fine with the eShop except for the lack of first party sales, but now Nintendo is doing weirdo stuff like the game vouchers, so that's something at least. Just happy the store is fast and not bloated and loaded down with advertising like it is on other consoles. They even added a fast button for searching demos, so I don't have to type demo in the search bar anymore. There's a wishlist too, although sadly no gifting system yet. Some music like during the Wii U and 3DS era would be nice, but that'd of course make the store load slower. I guess I'd have to hear your specific problems with it. Of course it doesn't have stuff like forums, but remember Miiverse? Nintendo tried. It just wasn't functioning as it should have from a community standpoint.

  • @mbun How about the fact that cloud saving came years later.

  • @iboshow That has absolutely nothing to do with their store, and absolutely everything to do with their online, which I'm constantly complaining about so...

  • @mbun said in Epic Games Store:

    people were writing in about how Epic Store still isn't available in lots of countries

    Sadly, that's something that happens with all internet based International distribution models. That will improve over time or it won't. Many websites period are not available in China, for example. You'd have to use a VPN service to bypass the govt firewall to watch YouTube. Just sounds like people want to complain to me.

    Or people don't know how to use the internet.

  • @tokyoslim I think the store actually just launched in China either this week or last.

  • @binarymelon good for them :)

  • @tokyoslim I'm sure the argument now will be that Epic supports communism.

  • Probably bribed China with a SALE!

  • @tokyoslim said:

    Just sounds like people want to complain to me.

    Or you know, the world is big and people actually live in countries where those games aren't available, and you're very entitled to be able to reduce their struggle to stupid internet politics. Acting like that's nothing is the same as acting like regionalized pricing before was nothing. No, that shit effects people, and it is probably shitty reading people making light of it.

  • @mbun if it's on the internet, the game is available. That's the entire point. It may not be available as CONVENIENTLY as if it had a localized storefront, but again, same thing with thousands of other storefronts or services. Epic store is not unique in that regard, only in that people are looking to complain about it.

  • Also, sometimes localized stores are worse. Gamers in China didn't want a Steam China store, because it allowed the govt to block the quasi-illegal global store they'd been using until then. And now the localized Chinese version of Steam has only approved and or censored games. That's why companies recently started censoring their games for the Chinese market... Because a localized Steam storefront opened up.

    Now in order to sell in China, they have to make a game that will explicitly pass censors in China, which a couple years ago, they didn't have to do.

    That being said, I'm sure many previous Steam users just VPN outside of China to buy off global Steam.

  • @iboshow at least that has games i want, even this sale i gloss through it and i cant find shit. i guess if i wanna preorder games its good but ill pass

  • @tokyoslim said:

    if it's on the internet, the game is available. That's the entire point.

    I don't agree with the sentiment that people in those countries should just have to pirate those games.

  • @mbun Buying a game that's not region locked from a storefront in a different region is not piracy. In general, PC games are never region locked. The game itself may be illegal in your location due to censorship, consumer, or licensing laws - but if that's the case, then they'd be just as illegal if you purchased them from any other vendor.

    I am not promoting circumventing censorship, consumer, or licensing laws in whatever country you happen to be in - just pointing out that buying a game from somewhere you don't live is a common thing that people do. People on this very forum have probably logged into a Japanese PSN account and bought Japanese copies of say... Judgement, which doesn't release in North America for another month.

  • @tokyoslim I thought you were suggesting something else, but that still sucks.

  • @mbun said in Epic Games Store:

    that still sucks.

    That's the internet for ya. Not something to get real mad over tho.