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  • And here comes GoG, for everyone's milkshake. This is what I've wanted for a while now, since services like XFire up and died.

  • @sazime Hopefully it will be more than just trophy/achievement import for consoles.

  • Oh shit! I love the GOG UI! I'd happily use it for everything. Only complaint was the hours tracking was super glitchy at first. If I can never use the awful MS Xbox app to play my very few MS games, then I'm happy. Origin has been pretty glitchy with BF1 launching for me. Maybe GOG can straighten that out too so I can avoid using Origin.

  • @sazime This seems promising. Reminds me of Trillian back in the day with instant messengers when that was a cluttered market of AIMs, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, etc. I'm 100% down if it is good.

  • @mbun Haha holy shit thank you for reminding me Trillian was a thing.

  • Glad to see that there seems to be a big push for GoG, I really like where it is at, and at least for me its main limitation is its more limited library, so seeing this makes me hopeful it will help make it more attractive in the future.

  • @mbun Loved me some Trillian, with my AOL, Yahoo, 2 ICQ and 2 Hotmail accounts (I only ever used 3 of those 6 accounts).

    Right now, on any given day, I realized I have Steam, Origin, Battle.net, Epic, GoG and Bethesda's launchers open on my machine. That's 6, just hanging out until I open one to actually use it. There could be a 7th there and I wouldn't know about it unless I was sitting at my machine.

    EDIT: I forgot about Uplay... 7, freaking, launchers.

  • I fully did not come into this thread thinking I was going to take a trip back in time to 2000

  • Blood has informed me that Manifold Garden is finally coming in 2 days... for Apple Arcade and Epic Games Store only. This game I've been anticipating since 2016 that's been the top of my Steam Wishlist I now have to wait an entire extra year to play for no good reason.
    Youtube Video

    [clears throat] FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE!

  • @mbun Looks neat. Reminds me of Antichamber. Can't wait to buy it full price on the Epic Game Store.