Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Switch/PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Youtube Video

    Release date finally announced.

    June 25th on Switch, June 18th on everything else.

    It looks like it's finally shaping up, fingers crossed!

  • @axel This is my favorite kind of trailer. Not that hyped, because I personally prefer the Curse of the Moon style Castlevania games and already am really happy with that one and would love more of those, but I might eventually pick this up if the reception is good.

  • This trailer has me inspired to go back and play Curse of the Moon with my roommate.

    I think the art direction took a huge step up in this video. Not nearly as flat as it was in the "Old" version. With that said, I never actually had any complaints about the art or animations from the old footage. It does look better with a lot of FX added to the attack animations and stuff.

  • Love this trailer, like others I've only been kinda lukewarm on this game, even though I did enjoy Curse of the Moon, but I gotta give much respect to a dev that listens to the audience to imporve their game. Trailer alone might have convinced me to give this a shot.

  • I had a good laugh to that trailer. Well played Iga

  • This is up there as one of my favorite trailers. Good vibes all around, I can't wait for this.

  • I'm very interested to see how this turns out. I like the overall style and I am glad they are making many improvements. My biggest concerns though, which have been concerns since the beginning, are enemy death-animations and overlong text-dialogue segments.

  • I just got the stupid ID, and spent two hours looking for where to use it. I finally gave up and looked it up, and I'm not even upset; as far as I know, they gave absolutely zero indication on where to go to use the ID. This post has no purpose other than me venting about it; the game is pretty great otherwise.

    Super duper janky on Switch, though.

  • @inflorescence I saw a review mentioning NPCs might talk about stuff if you get stuck, but can't confirm cause I don't have the game sadly.

  • @mbun
    They do, typically going back to the shop will have some kind of "oh I'm having trouble getting past X" followed with "Well Snake just found/did this"

  • Yeah, and the current hint was like, "Look for the boss that can fit in tiny places," which is for something different. There was never any mention of the ID or its destination. They also never replay these scenes, so if you forget any of it or accidentally skip it, you're on your own.

    Side note, though: These scenes are hilarious. Miriam is a fantastic protagonist. She is so much more well-rounded than her weird gothic lolita design implies. I really wish they designed her as less of a caricature than they did.