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  • I think Spidey in Avengers is going to be a big part of the SoP.

  • Show me DC games

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    Spider-man is a Sony exclusive character in the next Batman game

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    Oh yeah. I forgot about the DC Dome. Can't wait to see New Batman game, hope they show it with long gameplay instead of just a CGI teaser. We've been waiting for so long. I would be excited about Rocksteady's game too but I hate game as service model.

  • Aside from the super flat Godfall showcase that ended the whole thing (and that Auto Chess game), I think this was a pretty neat show. I pretty much enjoyed almost everything else that was shown, and there's some really good stuff there. I'm so hyped for Crash 4, The Pathless, and Spelunky 2! There's a pretty good variety too, I'm surprised that stuff like Anno Mutationem and Genshin Impact got there. I really like that they didn't bother to do long transitions for most of them, which helped made the pacing better. Also, that Hitman VR thing is so hype!! I never wanted PSVR more than now, that is an amazing feature.

  • This was pretty nice, a little bit of everything. Crash 4 started to pique my interest, I thought it looked cool. Playable Dingodile and that black-and-white world with paint mechanics were my favourites.

    Aeon Must Die looked really interesting, that aesthetic together with the music spoke to me. But was it a beat 'em up or a turn-based combat game? The genre stayed kind of hidden still.

    Godfall just doesn't do it for me. And neither for the Allies, that was clear. The game's soul is missing. And the notes about the lack of impact were on spot. And the comparisons to God of War which does that so well, the combat.

  • Personally this State of Play was a bit of a bust. Some of the indie games looked alright but nothing really got me excited. Glad Spelunky 2 got a date, as I know a ton of people love that first game and have been waiting for this second one. Guess the thing I liked the most was more BugSnax, wasn't expecting first person but I'm okay with that. I think I feel about Godfall the way a lot of people feel about the new Avenger game, it seems totally fine, just doesn't do anything for me.

  • Aeon Must Die is a hotbed of Controversy.

  • No big announcements but a really solid show. Aeon, The Pathless and Anno got my attention.

    Control dlc, good reminder that it will be months until it comes out for the Xbox. I hate it but I'll wait.

    Godfall, totally not my thing. The only negative of the show, way too much time.

    I wish all these recent events from Sony and Xbox were like this. Take things slower, show that actual games.

  • Braid Anniversary Edition! Not really sure I dig the updated visuals, but you can switch them back and forth as you please - mostly excited for the commentary.

    Also I was shocked Ian didn't pick up on what that was almost immediately, I'd recognize that first puzzle picture anywhere, though I wasn't sure what it was leading up to.

  • @miserableperson Yeah, I'm not much of a Braid fan but I recognized the music pretty quickly. The commentary stuff seems really cool, if your gonna re-release a game you should really have commentary tracks, such a cool way to learn more about a game.

  • Was staring to wonder about the AEW DLC for control

  • @dmcmaster All Elite Wrestling is part of the Control universe? Nice must have missed that ahahha

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    No that's a error on my phones part.... that said I wouldn't say no to Special Field Agent Omega.

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    Your two days late