State of Play

  • Knack 4: The search for Knack 3

  • I know you gotta keep the momentum up but it just feels wrong hyping up new games when people have to basically quit their job to focus full time on securing a PS5.

    It almost feels a bit like a slap in the face to anybody who wants one but can’t get one. Again, I know pipeline problems are not entirely exclusive to PS5’s right now but I think Sony is partially responsible for allowing the retail mess.

  • @dipset
    Everyone is, to my knowledge no one has done anything to really stop bots from buying them all up.

    The only saving grace is the UK trying to pass that anti scalping law and the few places that have anti price gouging laws. Like Florida, if a state of emergency is called price gouging anything is a fine-able offense, also if you call it in you get a reward for reporting scalpers (which Facebook makes too damn easy)

  • @dipset I feel you, but I feel like they already got all of this planned for some time now. I think they made deals that must be kept. It's gonna be a while anyway for things to get back at full speed, I don't think they want to, or can, wait.

  • Well, I really don't expect anything other than HFW gameplay and I'm not very optimistic about it either.

    Kena: BoS release date would be nice.

  • I feel like we're not gonna get any major reveals this soon into the year and pretty far outside the usual E3 window. I'd agree that now would be a good time to see some Kena, maybe how THPS 1+2 benefits from PS5 in the new version, maybe Yakuza: Like A Dragon running on PS5 considering that is out next week.


    The dream: Sony announces SOCOM II gets ported to PSN with playable multiplayer. Completely untouched. This builds hype for the SOCOM reboot helmed by GG.

  • My dream would be new Uncharted's teaser.

  • Announce the Naughty Dog space game and I'll buy the PS5 even before the slim model.

  • @phbz

    It's just Nathan Drake in something that resembles but is legally distinct from Star Wars

  • Kena free ps+

  • bring back Speed Freaks damn it!!!

  • @phbz

    Feels like that is not going to be revealed for a long time.

  • Very happy I waited for PS5 to play FF7. looking forward to it now :)

    Also, that was the best Oddworld has shown. Was about to go mad if they showed basically the same trailer for it again. Really looking forward to playing it now!

  • Kena was supposed to be March. 😭 Only game in the stream that I was really hyped about. Still didn't play FFVII remake and it's good that they are giving the update for free but I didn't understand about anything related to the DLC. Why am I supposed to be happy?

    Also at least say something about HFW.

  • That was a pretty good show, really excited to see more of Sifu! Also happy that we finally got a release date for Kena, and Oddworld being free for PS plus later is pretty sick. I think I'm gonna double dip to FF7R later.

  • @bam541

    Yeah! Sifu looks good. I wouldn't pay for Oddworld but would like to try with PS+.

  • The Nintendo direct now seems good after all. Kinda weird feeling the need to make a show to basically show nothing new.

    Returnal looks great, but I'm exactly where I was before the show. Same for most games shown, and the new ones look underwhelming. The new game from the Hyper Light Drifter people looks disappointing.

    I guess companies will draw every little drop of good will from these events.

  • Solar Ash looking fun as fuck. Not hyped about the price of FF7R getting jacked up, but hopefully by the time I'm buying them it'l be discounted back down or all in one collection anyways. I feel like this also delays Part 2 all the further out though, and that's lame when the games already take forever to release, understandably.

  • Literally the only things i cared about in that state of play was the Crash Bandicoot 4 update and Kena. everything else was meh.

  • @yoshi I already had bad vibes from Kena, then we saw the combat and learned that's a $40 game, so it'll probably be extremely short, and that's why it is so pretty.