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  • This is just a general topic for State of Play and we have one coming up shortly. Only 10 minutes this next one, let's speculate. Zhuge the mod from resetera is teasing a rereveal of a third party game.
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    I'm hoping that Sony took the criticism of the last SoP to heart and kicks it up a notch for this one.

    My hopes and expectations:
    Dreams update? Maybe showcase some community creations?
    Maybe some release dates for the bigs boys that have yet to get one.
    Days Gone DLC announcement. Thinking it will be free.


  • "PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be showing off an extended look at the upcoming MediEvil remake, as well as a first look at a new title. And we’ll have other updates and announcements from upcoming PS4 games.

    One note: Don’t expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time. Sorry!"

  • I'm pretty much just expecting maybe 7 mins on medevil (trailer and then some gameplay), which personally I have very little excitment for (never played the series) and a 2 min trailer for this new game, which I'm kinda expecting something out of their smaller Japan studios.

    Low expectations going in. I'm glad they set the table by saying its only 10 mins, its mostly about this already announced game but we'll also be showing one new game as well. No talk bout next gen.

    I still think people will be disappointed in this State of Play as well but I think Sony did I good job setting expectations.

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    @themarcv I'm kinda looking at every pre June SoP as the E3 Pre-Show, where there is some neat shit to show but it's mostly filler.

  • @el-shmiablo Like everyone else I'm very interested to see what Sony does around E3, if anything.

    I agree though, I look at these as smaller bit size presentations but at some point I do expect them to be like this is the big State of Play you've all been waiting for, were talking next gen, were talking updates on Ghost/TLOU/Death, we're talking new unannounced games.

    The one this week isn't that, glad they said as much up top.

  • A new title sound nice, but I can't help thinking it's something from a generic brand indie dev.

  • Crossing my fingers, hoping that MediEvil looks great. One of these days I'm gonna have an all-nighter playing a bit of Crash, Spyro, and MediEvil on my PS4 and that would feel surreal.

    Also, I think it's gonna be like 4 minutes of Medievil, 2 minutes of the new title, and the rest is stuff like VR games and such.

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    @fridge-man Ubisoft said they will be releasing info about a new Ghost Recon game that day. Could be that?

  • @el-shmiablo huh, I honestly didn't even consider it might be a third party game, just assumed it'd be first party. Any chance the next Ghost Recon would be console exclusive? That would be insane.

  • For some reason I think the Ghost Recon thing will be something more mid tier, remasters of the GRAWS trilogy?

  • Dear lord Aeris looked and sounded wonderful! ...this'll be heart-breaking. :'(

  • Nothing exciting for me tbh, I'm intrigued about the Predator game but hearing is multiplier is less appealing to me.

    Still happy with the format and I'm completely down with SOny doing more of these in the future.

  • So FF7 really is possibly coming out this year (or early next)

  • Soooooo that final minute made my year.

  • They showed some cool stuff, obviously FF7 steals the show. New predator games seems cool but would have loved to seen some actually game play. Never been into Medevil, that trailer didn't change my mind. Thought that Survive game was going to be Wild, remember that one? Still dig the format, just didn't have a lot of games to really show off, if there was no FF7 I think people would have been disappointed again.

  • #MyStateIsPlayed

    That was amazing! What a way to start my morning. I'm bouncing right now. Medievil looks a bit framey, but graphically it's really good, so I'm kinda satisfied. Away seems cool, excited to learn more about that. We almost got a SOCOM @DIPSET , lol. And oh boy, that FF7 trailer was one minute in heaven, it's gorgeous! Excited to see the real time gameplay again, it looks so fun.

    Overall this is far beyond the last State of Play, really impressed with this one.

  • Talk of the launch even? Holy shhhh

  • @sentinel-beach I'm hoping Square follows Capcom's recent patterns where they show something at E3 then release it in the first half of next year. I'm dreaming for it.