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  • Make sure to play Death's Door.

  • @paulmci27
    Star Ocean has always been like Square's red headed step child. They'll bring it along because they have to but you know it's not getting anywhere near the same attention as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest

  • @dmcmaster I literally am a red headed stepchild so while I am incredibly offended this is a perfect analogy.

  • I felt like this SoP could have been a blog post or something. It's so weird how inconsistent Sony is with managing expectations with their showcases, and they still have a lot to learn with these Direct-style shows, despite delivering occasional bangers. Still, I went in with no expectations, so I had fun with this showing. Very happy to see Little Devil Inside in the spotlight, it looks amazing. Also happy about Death's Door coming to PS, and that Bugsnax update seems neat, I still plan to play the base game someday.

  • Also, seeing Jones being so giddy during the Little Devil Inside part is soul-soothing. He was loving the whole thing, it's so precious.

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    @scotty said in State of Play:

    It would be nice to see a confirmed date for Little Devil Inside.

    Sooo? This game will never come. Another thing is stream was below average. I am looking at Xbox and Nintendo about indie presentation and they are at least trying. What the heck was this SoT? Awful.

    Play Death's Door. Indie of the year.

  • Even though it’s literally never going to release, LDI just keeps showing better and better. I’m already sold, just finish the game!

  • Akiman designed characters for Star Ocean. Did they also do the previous one? I remember SO4 also had such a good 2D art but when they turn them to 3D they look nowhere near in style which is a huge bummer since we S-E has great 3D designers unless they are solely working on FF franchise.
    Wasn't some at tri-Ace devs of Tales of Phantasia? Would be nice to make in-game artstyle more like what Tales of... games are like instead of 3D look they have been doing since 4.

  • A special Gran Turismo 7 edition of State of Play arrives this Wednesday

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  • @sentinel-beach Sweet! I'm not at all into racing games but Iwant to get sucked into Gran Turismo, I'm ready to be hyped!

  • God, I'm so excited to not play anything except GT7 for a while.

  • @sentinel-beach well that was boring...

    but i guess most racing games are...

  • just got around to watching the GT7 SoP. Man, I'm even more hyped for it. They are double-downing on all the things that make Gran Turismo so unique in racing games. The things they added, like the GT Cafe and the Music Rally thing just seems so on brand for them, and also differentiates them even more from their peers. Also, the SoP itself has such a cozy, comfy pace, which fits so well with the classy GT vibe. Pretty great showcase overall.

  • @bam541 Music Rally seems pretty pointless to me. lots of games already have in built music selections and if you really don't like the music a game has, why not just put spotify on while u race?

  • @yoshi with Music Rally it seems like they're actually incorporating the music to the gameplay instead of just playing it while you play, using checkpoints to keep your race and the track in sync and such. I'm curious to try it out just to see how fun it will be, like Huber said on the preview I think it could be a neat way to warm up.

  • GT7 looks like it’s shaping up to be the best GT. I love the Cafe and overall choice to really help people get into the history of cars.

    I actually just bought (leased) my first ever car. 2022 Toyota Corolla. I have a feeling actually owning and caring for one myself will be the beginning of the end. I’ll probably want better and fancier in 4 years; especially 4 years after playing GT7.

    But the physics and weather stuff has me most excited. The physics and overall attention to realism in GT Sport was good but it can go further with weather tracking mid-race online and track temperatures and tire strategy all coming into play during an online race.

    The fleshed out Campaign and License challenges is what will keep me playing for years.

    And those sweet haptics. Can’t wait to just immerse myself in this game.


    I left this post in the comments of the GT7 Preview on Patreon. I really want this stream to happen. I've suggested GT Sport "Driving School" a few times for Stream Team to no prevail. But if everybody practices and tries to be the winner, this will make for an awesome stream. Go comment on it if you're with me!


    "I would absolutely love a stream of the EZA crew playing GT7. A handful of Allies can go through the License Tests / Driving School (whatever they decide to call it in GT7) until they finally learn the ropes. Once that happens, you can do a private lobby for races. One ally can do commentary. Ahead of time, Patrons can select: car class, track, weather conditions, laps, amount of pit stops, etc.

    So maybe 4-5 races with pre-determined conditions so the Allies can practice the races for a week or so to make it extra competitive. A little mini Grand Prix to determine the winner. Bonus points for dressing up like a race car driver.

    Just a thought, but Ben often talks about high learning curves with massive payoffs and Gran Turismo is just that. Once you learn breaking and hitting the apex properly, it's game over. You've opened up years of fun."


    EDIT -

    Also tagging @Bloodworth @BenMoore just in case they see. I really think this will make for an awesome stream!


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    "The show is clocking in around 20 minutes, give or take, with a special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers, though we’ll have a few updates from other developers located around the world, too."

  • 6 AM on my time. Finally an Asia-friendly State of Play again.

  • That was probably the most 7 out of 10 State of Play possible. I'm most curious about Exoprimal (Anthem but with Dinos, like for real those armors looks straight from Anthem), Gundam Evolution (finally a FPS gundam game), Diofield Chronicles (can't get enough of the diorama art style), and Valkyrie Elysium (looks rough but also I'm weirdly into it). I like that there's many new IPs shown, even if there's nothing mindblowing.