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  • please say trails of cold steel 4 for 2020

  • TLOU Part II's showing up!

  • "We've been silent for too long"

    Yeeeahh..Mind doing so for a few years longer?? We wong mind buddy, honest. Tell you what, leave it a decade and see how it goes. pats his head gently

  • Excellent! It's been 15 months since that jaw-dropping gameplay video at E3 '18. Would be great if the game came out before the end of the year now suddenly, but it's more likely to be Q1/19.

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    Sony out here just BTFOing the entire gaming industry. First the 50 minutes of Death Stranding out of nowhere and now this?


  • I wonder if Huber will going to be in the stream for SoP. Also, I wonder if he will avoid to see anything Part II related when it comes out in the stream. He avoided from DS launch date trailer and also in Gamescom Opening Night(while Kojima showing chraracter trailer, a little bit different than this of course).

  • @el-shmiablo I don't see how spoiling a massive chunk of your game before launch is BTFO of the entire gaming industry. Of course, I understand why Kojima chose to do it. I just don't think that's something to tout proudly, no matter who is doing it.

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    @sheria said in State of Play:

    "We've been silent for too long"

    Yeeeahh..Mind doing so for a few years longer?? We wong mind buddy, honest. Tell you what, leave it a decade and see how it goes. pats his head gently

    Yeah, wasn't that fond of TLoU either. Resident Evil 2 smoked it.

  • I didn’t expect TLOU PT 2 to show up. Honestly convinced this could be game of the generation so I’m kinda hype but also don’t wanna spoil it

  • So 20 minutes, I wonder what all will be crammed into it.

    I'm guessing TLOU2 is probably 3-5 minutes, I'm guessing one quick rapid fire section (handful of mini trailers about 30-40 seconds, think the Predator reveal trailer) probably a tease that Spider-man is coming to The Avengers, and probably whatever WB Montreal project Roger Craig Smith is working on (Batman?)

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    I really don't expect much from this showings, but it turns out little better than I expected that's ok with me.

  • @scotty Huber is going to The Last Of Us preview event that Naughty Dog are putting on so it doesn’t sound like he’s going media blackout.

  • There's a rumour about from Software

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    @mbun Spoiled a massive chunk?
    Kojimbo already stated that the gameplay was heavily altered and cut to avoid spoilers for the game. Mostly gameplay elements were shown.

  • @el-shmiablo pretty much said:

    Mostly gameplay elements were spoiled.

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    @mbun I mean that is a hugely reductive way of thinking about it.
    People wanted to know more about the game and now they do. Kojimbo has said there are many more gameplay elements that haven't even been shown yet.

  • @el-shmiablo It isn't reductive if you find that as the most interesting part of the game when he's been hyping it as a new genre and such. I'm not saying he shouldn't have shown it, because we both know from these very forums there's people who actually think he hadn't shown enough. I just don't think showing a big ass chunk of your game before launch is as amazing as you were treating it either.

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    @mbun The most exciting part of the game, at least for me, will be finding out what the hell is going on, as it has been with most Kojimbo produced games. Knowing that there are incredibly deep gameplay elements to accompany that is an extra, and knowing that there are still many more systems that have yet to be revealed is even more exciting.

  • Looking like the Swiss have leaked TLOU2 release date

  • Yeah, that February just keeps coming up time after another. Feels about right.