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  • @el-shmiablo It isn't reductive if you find that as the most interesting part of the game when he's been hyping it as a new genre and such. I'm not saying he shouldn't have shown it, because we both know from these very forums there's people who actually think he hadn't shown enough. I just don't think showing a big ass chunk of your game before launch is as amazing as you were treating it either.

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    @mbun The most exciting part of the game, at least for me, will be finding out what the hell is going on, as it has been with most Kojimbo produced games. Knowing that there are incredibly deep gameplay elements to accompany that is an extra, and knowing that there are still many more systems that have yet to be revealed is even more exciting.

  • Looking like the Swiss have leaked TLOU2 release date

  • Yeah, that February just keeps coming up time after another. Feels about right.

  • I hope rumors about delayed to May is not true. I will be really disappointed if that turns out true. And all these movements from game's and Sony's part are saying it is coming very soon to me. Hoping for the best.

  • Here's what was shown in the 2 previous State of Plays
    March 25th, 2019
    Run time around 20 minutes
    Iron Man VR (Reveal)
    Crash Team Racing
    No Man's Sky Beyond
    Readyset Heroes (Reveal)
    Blood and Truth
    VR Montage
    Observation (Reveal)
    Five Nights at Freddy's VR (Reveal)
    Concrete Genie
    Days Gone
    Mortal Kombat

    May 9th, 2019
    Announced Run Time around 10 minutes
    Actual Run Time around 12 minutes
    Monster Hunter World Iceborne (Reveal)
    Predator: Hunting Grounds (Reveal)
    Away: The Survival Series (Reveal)
    Days of Play console
    Final Fantasy VII

    Most Likely for the next one
    September 24th, 2019
    Announced Run Time around 20 minutes

    Announced to be there:
    The Last of Us Part II

    Wattam (Director retweeted the announcement of State of Play)
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Road-map has reveal of Story Campaign end of September)
    From Software Game
    Ape Escape

    My Guesses:
    Iron Man VR Release Date
    Nioh Beta announcement

  • Pay close attention, you might just see the owl

  • @dmcmaster Oh man it's really happening! A new Batman game would jump straight to the top of my Desire Index, baby!

  • Off subject kinda, but after rewatching Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, anyone think James Woods should be in the next major DC game, as it is he's already been Owlman and Lex Luthor (and surprisingly good too)
    Youtube Video

    Skip to around 2:40
    Youtube Video

  • I honestly think James Woods is a creep. But that's just me seeing all the grotesque shit he posts on twitter all the time.

  • The arkham tweet could also be unrelated

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    @tokyoslim said in State of Play:

    I honestly think James Woods is a creep. But that's just me seeing all the grotesque shit he posts on twitter all the time.

    What ? James Woods is a awesome libertarian, but coming from you that doesn't surprise me.
    I wonder what will be the BIG SURPRISE in show ?

  • @acidtrip-69
    Probably TLOU2 in Feburary, and Batman are two big things.

    There is evidence to suggest it's a new Batman game, especially with Roger Craig Smith (VA for Batman from Arkham Origins), someone from WB Montreal (I believe it was the writer of Arkham Origins) and a publicist from WB games having a weird discussion about Roger wanting to discuss something that has yet to be announced, the WBM Writer saying something to the effect of "don't worry, it will be announced before September is over", and the publicist basically saying to Roger "your Agent thanks you for not breaking NDA"

  • @dmcmaster I'm just saying, it could be unrelated to State of Play as in the reveal will be it's own thing.

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    @acidtrip-69 Um, James Woods is veryconservative. His political alignment doesn't really matter considering he is batshit insane, pun intended. Keep him away from Batman.

  • @acidtrip-69 said in State of Play:

    What ? James Woods is a awesome libertarian

    You say potato.

    You should also probably chill out on the disrespectful tone and personal insults.

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    @Acidtrip-69 Stop attacking people when you dont agree with someone. You can disagree without taking digs at them, ok?

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  • If there will be both Part II 2-3 trailer/gameplay with release date and new Arkham game reveal CGI trailer similar to the Origins one; I will be really happy.