State of Play

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    Oh! Thanks.

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    I have no Doubt Batman will be cross gen, especially if Montreal is carrying over some of the work from that Damian Wayne game (I remember reading it was supposed to be set in Gotham with civilians, and the bat bike replacing the Batmobile or something)

  • I'll honestly be bummed if the new Batman game ends up with a release date/window of over a year at this point. It would even "compete" with the mysterious Rocksteady game at that point which will surely arrive with the next gen.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Maybe, maybe not, depends on release window.
    Like let's say Owls comes out October/ November of 2020, and is cross gen, meanwhile Rocksteady game comes out Summer or fall 2021.

  • Dear Lord if we still have to wait for the Rocksteady game another two years. I mean yeah, that's totally possible, considering the amount of detail in their games and the apparent scope they're going after this time. It just hurts a bit to think about it. But sure, with that kind of schedule Montreal's Owls could be placed there.

    But hopefully it's at least a summer game. The spring is full of big titels so we'll propably have to wait over six months at least.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Admittedly I do hope Rocksteady reveals something about thier next game soon, hell I'd settle for a CG teaser trailer or something this year.

    Btw we might see a PS+ update today, typically it's done on the last Wednesday of the month but hell may as well announce next months games today during the State of Play while everyone is watching.

    Possibly related but I just remembered that some kind of announcement from Rockstar was supposed to be announced this month (probably just RDR2 PC) or potentially Undead Nightmare 2 DLC?

  • Besides TLoU Part II's trailer and release date I was happy with Civ VI coming to PS4 and the MediEvil demo dropping today. And Arise could be a cool little game to pick up some day. No Batman, though. But whispers of it on Xbox or something soon?

  • Well I don't know about everyone else but this one still kinda felt lacking. TLOU 2 was obviously the biggest and really only thing that had me excited. MW trailer was cool, hearing the PS+ games was alright, I'm personally happy Gorn is coming to PS4 but this presentation didn't have enough 'Wow' moments.

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    Doesn't Microsoft have a inside Xbox thing this week too?

  • @dmcmaster it's in an hour lol

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    Oh, anything interesting?
    Edit/ never mind I forgot how time works

  • They really copied a Nintendo Direct right to its core. Well, good thing its an awesome format. I hope Sony keeps it this way.

    • I rarely buy the newest version of a sports game, so getting MLB The Show 2019 is such an awesome thing for me. This is the new version which is usually full price until a few weeks before the next copy. Awesome deal.

    • Can't wait to download the MediEvil demo

    • TLOU Pt II had a fantastic trailer. I think what seals the deal for me is that it doesn't look like they are rewriting the book here. It looks like more of TLOU and I'm happy about that. Plus, there are some shots that look like the horror is amping up which would put it closer to The Evil Within and Resident Evil which I think was missing from TLOU Pt I

  • I'm looking forward to Afterparty now, that trailer sold me on it.

    That Modern Warfare story trailer is visually high budget. Hopefully it will be as great to play as it looks, it seems that Infinity Ward is actually putting effort with the campaign.

    Also, the choice to release the MediEvil demo was a good one. I only watched the Allies play it during the group stream, it looks real nice. It definitely made me put more faith to the game.

  • @dipset said:

    They really copied a Nintendo Direct right to its core.

    Except they forgot the part where you bring interesting games to show off. TLOU 2 trailer was good until it went murder porn montage for the sole sake of trailer escalation, but least it is easier to ignore when crammed into a single chunk in an otherwise beautiful trailer.

    This has basically continued the trend of State of Plays not really being worth watching. The one good thing we've gotten out of one was a Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, and they've been raining trailers and footage since it reemerged from the depths. Might as well just wait to see what people are talking about, if anything, after they end.

  • Really? You didn’t find Humanity or After Party interesting?

    I thought this was a great State of Play. Learned about some interesting new games and saw a great new trailer for the Last of Us Part 2. Humanity looks fascinating. Definitely on my radar now.

    Also, I’m still pretty certain Joel is dead as a door nail.

  • @hazz3r Humanity no. After Party I've seen before, multiple times even.

  • @dipset They didn't copy the part of showing the name of the game in a lower third straight away or making the voice over say the same thing as the trailer.

  • @mbun

    It’s not like most of the Nintendo directs are nail biters either. I don’t see what was wrong with showing what they showed. Call of Duty trailer was bad, but it’s still the most anticipated game of 2019.

  • Since I can’t find a Modern Warfare thread, I’ll say it here: that “Story Trailer” was really disappointing.

    I think it misses the essence of why Call of Duty 4’s story worked so well. It was really traditional in that the whole story unfolded in first person. All of the little moments took place in-game and that added so much to the experience. We’re losing a lot when you have a bunch of military crap speak in cinematic cutscenes. It’s why the plot of Black Ops 3 is mind numbing. It’s so hard to care about generic military movies.

    I felt like in COD4 the story was unfolding in front of you as you play through the level. It’s closer to a Half Life storytelling than, say, Uncharted storytelling.

    I hope the single player is still good but this approach is a bummer.

  • The only interesting thing they announced today was the Medievil remaster demo. couldn't give less of a crap about the other stuff like TLOU 2