State of Play

  • From the state of play, I'm sold, granted I love the R&C games. Am curious to see what characters pop up in the new Dimension.

    Also who's playing Rivet? Sounds familiar but I can't place who.

  • I was completely blown away. Night City who? Nefarious City is the true beautiful dystopia.

    @DMCMaster I totally recognize the voice too. Don't know who though.

    EDIT - Jennifer Hale. I definitely know her as the HQ voice before multiplayer matches in SOCOM and Naomi in MGS4.

  • Banned

    Oh boy.
    Among Us on PS4.
    I can't wait for all my students to tell me about that.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Probably gonna hear it till the end of the school year

  • Game "looks" great. If this is how an exclusive looks in the first year of the console, I can't imagine what we will see after 2-3 years.

    But gameplay doesn't look interesting enough to make me want to buy it day one unfortunately.

  • @scotty


    Man I thought the gameplay looked awesome. Especially with the little things like no loading between cutscenes and stuff. I can only imagine how big those worlds are relative to the smaller worlds R&C normally have. Wandering around and finding secrets. The gameplay looked so great in my eyes. I feel like this will be the biggest leap since Tools of Destruction. That game also visually looked great, but then playing it is what made it my favourite R&C by far. Nothing has taken that spot for me yet.

    This is like Desire Index #2 right now.

  • I also thought that gameplay looks rough. There wasn’t fluidity when you chain traversal moves, which looks especially jarring for Sunset Overdrive developer. And enemies felt like they were just doing their routine instead of reacting to the player (some enemies didn't even try to attack).

    Visuals are hard to judge via stream, but they don’t look particularly impressive, especially when compared to PC games. Story doesn't look intriguing enough to play just for it. And other technical aspects aren't something I'm excited about.

    Basically, for me it's an unremarkable game that can be worth playing, but only for free. So, I'll be waiting until it appears on PS Plus, or until Sony finally introduce PlayStation Game Pass.

    P.S. There was too much "haptic feedback" talk during presentation. I get that there's no other way to pass this information, but still...

  • @dipset

    Yeah. I didn't get excited about combat at all. Traversal and exploring can be nice but I'm having doubts about action part.

  • LET'S GO! And please give us the 60 fps patch for PS5 version of the first game already! I want to finish it on PS5 before this one comes out.

  • Just curious, is the act of even consuming anything to do with Forbidden West ultimately a spoiler for HZD?

    I desperately want to like Horizon and have tried a few times and might just force myself to beat it this summer so I can FINALLY be in the know. But I'm also interested in watching some new PS5 exclusives in the flesh so long as it doesn't spoil the entire first game.

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    @dipset I think you'll be safe.
    HZD had some plot revelations that aren't exactly easy to just throw out on accident.

  • @el-shmiablo @dipset But I can easily see some intro VO "we've learned this, now we have to do that" to remind everyone what's going on. I would suggest to wait for more info from people who watched it live and then watch VOD if it's spoiler-free.

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    @ffff0 Yeah you right. That's probably best.
    Personally I'm just very excited for Forbidden West. I'm hoping they fixed the flaws of the first game, namely the incredibly boring protag and non-existent melee combat options.

    Also hoping the PS5 version is more than just a resolution/framerate bump.

  • @dipset I think, it's safe to watch.

  • @ffff0 thanks man. I’ll check it this morning.

  • SoP coming up later this week.

  • I'm hoping to see either Jett: The Far Shore, Sifu, or Little Devil Inside. All of them would be too good. Not sure what else to expect, honestly. I'm ready for a chill showcase.

  • plus lots of updates on indies

    Hollow Knight Silksong let's go!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @axel I've never even played Hollow Knight but hearing this game pop up every state of play, direct, E3, etc. is so funny