State of Play

  • Really? You didn’t find Humanity or After Party interesting?

    I thought this was a great State of Play. Learned about some interesting new games and saw a great new trailer for the Last of Us Part 2. Humanity looks fascinating. Definitely on my radar now.

    Also, I’m still pretty certain Joel is dead as a door nail.

  • @hazz3r Humanity no. After Party I've seen before, multiple times even.

  • @dipset They didn't copy the part of showing the name of the game in a lower third straight away or making the voice over say the same thing as the trailer.

  • @mbun

    It’s not like most of the Nintendo directs are nail biters either. I don’t see what was wrong with showing what they showed. Call of Duty trailer was bad, but it’s still the most anticipated game of 2019.

  • Since I can’t find a Modern Warfare thread, I’ll say it here: that “Story Trailer” was really disappointing.

    I think it misses the essence of why Call of Duty 4’s story worked so well. It was really traditional in that the whole story unfolded in first person. All of the little moments took place in-game and that added so much to the experience. We’re losing a lot when you have a bunch of military crap speak in cinematic cutscenes. It’s why the plot of Black Ops 3 is mind numbing. It’s so hard to care about generic military movies.

    I felt like in COD4 the story was unfolding in front of you as you play through the level. It’s closer to a Half Life storytelling than, say, Uncharted storytelling.

    I hope the single player is still good but this approach is a bummer.

  • The only interesting thing they announced today was the Medievil remaster demo. couldn't give less of a crap about the other stuff like TLOU 2

  • @dipset I was talking with a friend about it, and it felt like they didn't have much to show, least not much remotely meaningful stuff to show. Felt like I had only seen like seven games by the end of it, but my friend said they showed about twenty. Just feels like way less than recent Nintendo Directs have had to show. Even back during the dark ages of the Wii U, those Directs held my interest more because they at least put on a goofy show to cover up not really having much to present. EZA even called out how this entire State of Play was probably designed around that Last of Us 2 trailer, the one meaningful thing they had. Call of Duty didn't even register as a Call of Duty trailer for me. It didn't feel like one, and judging by your next post you seem to somewhat agree with me on that.

    I think Sony's strategy this console generation of banking it all on a couple of big titles just makes it so the Direct format doesn't benefit them and instead highlights their flaws. As weird as it is to say, that weird E3 presentation everyone hated of the four big games is probably the right marketing direction for them right now. Their future Directs should be larger chunks of those big titles, then if you have any meaningful indies and lower scale stuff to shove between those segments, it'll let both sides shine without the State of Play feeling void of anything good to show. Because a piss colored PS4 controller that comes with handprint PS4 aint doing it for me Sony.

    @Yoshi I'd love to praise the Medievil demo, because I love demos, but that thing was so ridiculously short.

  • @mbun

    Yeah I agree that Sony PR is at its worst when they bog you down in 50 multi platform titles just to fill time. They’ve been doing it at E3 for years. Most of the General gaming audience aren’t nerds like we are, so when they see something in a PlayStation video, it’s likely great advertising. Doesn’t always make for compelling content for the tried and true gamer crowd though.

    I’m cool with Sony showing just one or two games in these State of Plays, and maybe some smaller stuff like ports, PS+, etc.

  • Banned

    I enjoyed the SOP, but also didn't think it was amazing outside of the stuff like TLOU2 and Medievil demo shadow drop.
    I felt the same way about the last Nintendo direct. Other than one or two announcements, it just didn't do much for me.

    It doesn't help that they just had a 50 minute gameplay demo of one of their most highly anticipated games just a few weeks ago. Could have done a "Stay tuned after the show for a Death Stranding surprise!" instead of having it's own seperate media event.

    When you look ay Sony's marketing as a whole, they've been fucking killing it, but looking at the SOP by itself, it is very understandable why some people might find it lacking.

  • I rewatched the SOP again last night with the EZA reaction video and on second viewing I thought this was better than I first thought. I think a lot of it has to do with my own personal hype level. Anytime there's a Direct or SOP I'm wanting to be shocked and surprised, this SOP didn't have a ton of WOW factor but it was totally solid. I think all the games they showed looked cool, a couple new game announcements and the big finale being a new TLOU2 trailer and release date.

    I agree with others though, I don't know if this format is the best way Playstation can show this stuff off. I think it'd be much better to just do a yearly PSX showing and just really blow that out. If they are going to continue SOP I think they need to happen a lot more often. Since they are few and far between I think a lot of people, myself including, are maybe expecting too much.

  • I too prefer that instead of SoPs, just continue the yearly PSX and have all these big announcement there.

  • @dipset 50 Multiplatform titles? They don't even hit 30 if you include montages

  • I think Sony's in a weird spot here because I don't think they have many new substantial things to show right now. They don't have many smaller exclusives like Nintendo does, which I think would add more excitement to the SoPs. Still, I do think that they went with the right choice this year of doing these smaller showcases. I like that Sony actually show more cool indies or smaller third party games (like Arise and Away), it's been a big pet peeve of mine for Sony in recent years. They like to throw these kind of games to the pre-show before.

  • Banned

    @bam541 Reminds me of two or so E3s ago when I was watching the Sony preshow and they were like "and here is Supermassive's new game!" and spent all of a minute talking over footage of it and I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU SERIOUS THROW THAT ON THE MAIN STAGE.

    It ended up being just a smaller style game to push the Playlink line, but still, you don't do Supermassive like that, Sony.

  • @el-shmiablo lol yeah, I remember being surprised by that too. Also, remember when Ni No Kuni 2 got bumped to the end of the pre-show during 2017 E3? Sony can be too stingy at times. I'm at least glad that the State of Play showcases don't have this sort of problem yet.

  • Banned

    @bam541 I think going forward we will see SOPs used for updates on big games and smaller announcements like indies, VR, and remakes, while PSXs will be used like E3s with hardware and big game announcements reserved to those.

  • @el-shmiablo That seems like the best of both worlds. I hope they do less (or shorter) press conference pre-shows too from now on.

  • Fun fact: Call of Duty promotion was cut out from Russian version of recent State of Play (if you don't know Sony cancelled release in this territory). But they promote it as a full version of State of Play. I'm amazed that Sony Russia has no idea about the Internet.

  • This seems like something that should of been announced during the state of play

  • Cool, next Tuesday we'll hear some news.