GameCenter CX

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    Randomly got reminded of this and was wondering if any of the allies out there have seen this before. Basically its a TV show where this Japanese comedian attempts to beat an older game in a single day. They are incredibly fun to watch and a number of episodes have been translated. Outside of just playing the games they also have fun segments where they will check out a random game store or arcade.

    Here's the wiki if you want to learn more

    So, any fans out there?

  • @themarcv I think Ben has watched some of it before, and I've certainly watched a couple seasons of it and adore the show. Kinda interesting how closely tied Shinya Arino seems to be with Nintendo these days. You can frequently see him on their Japanese Youtube channel, and they even put him in Super Mario Maker as a Costume Mario.

  • I used to have a job where I did almost nothing almost all of the time. I watched a lot of it then. Really enjoyed it but haven't gone back in years. My buddy asks for the forehead cooling pads every time I go over to Japan.

  • @mbun I noticed that, as I was trying to see if more translated episodes got released on youtube I saw a ton of videos with him doing, i'm guessing, promotional videos for the switch.

    I just really love this show and it's a crying shame its hard to watch translated episodes here in the states. I bought the translated episodes Kotaku was helping with a few years back on DVD. Seems like every year or so I'll check to see what games hes played more recently and always see something I'd like to watch.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Yeah, they've been doing them since 2003 so there's a ton of episodes to get through. Just a fun loving show, I love how calm Shinya stays during these long, challenging games. I strive to be as determined as Kacho.

  • I watched a lot of it years ago but I haven't really kept up with it since maybe 2015 or so. Great show, though by far the best part is the segments like when he visits game centers around Japan, and the other weird stuff like doing dramatic readings of Famicom cutscenes or having barcode battles for old games.

    If you've ever seen Retro Game Challenge on a secondhand shelf at gamestop or whatever, it's actually a localized game based on the show. Really good too, check it out. There's a ton of little games in it and you do various challenges just like Arino. I especially love the Haggleman games in particular.

  • @hanabi 100% agree about the segments where he visits these super cute little game shops. I'd be down for a show that was just that. I guess I could find some of that on youtube but there's just an extra pinch of charm with this show, professional shot and edited helps alot.

  • used to watch a ton of it before a lot of it got taken down