Games/Series You Slept on for Too Long

  • Hitman 2016 was my first Hitman game. And I only played it when it went on sale for like $15. I now know this was very dumb of me as I am hooked on Hitman 2 - finished the story, have now gone back to complete every challenge, starting with the Legacy missions. I would be bored by now with just about any other game. I think it's the amount of choice the game gives you in how to attack a mission that clicks with me. Dishonored gave me a similar feeling.

    Anyway, what games or series did you get into way after the fact and find yourself surprised at how much you enjoyed them?

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    Gran Turismo.
    I played a little bit back in the day with a friend but they were like "you gotta get golds in all the license tests before you can play with us" so I tried to do that, got frustrated, said fuck it and never touched it again.

    Fast forward a bit, and GT5 just came out. A car enthusiast buddy of mine let me borrow his copy for a bit. It was cool but I was more of an arcade racer type guy at that point in my life and got kinda bored after demolishing most events in my suped up blue Viper.

    Fast forward to last year, a local comics and game store is having a pretty amazing trade-in deal where I basically got GT Sport for free. Put the time in to learn everything I could and now I absolutely love it.

  • I honestly find I was there at the origin for the vast majority of series. The exceptions seem to be those that simply didn't come to the UK until a late entry.

    Despite a small taste of FF6, I didn't get into the series until VII. VIII was my first Dragon Quest and MGS was my first ever experience of anything Metal Gear.

    I'm not sure if most of mine count though. I didn't exactly sleep on anything, it's always been a case of not knowing about them until later, mostly due to zero existence in my country.

  • I got into Yakuza with 4 when it was free on PSN back in the day. So, it took me too long.

  • I'd just say Falcom games as a whole, started with Cold Steel a few years ago, and right now they may be my favorite developer just behind Atlus, and every game aside from Tokyo Xanadu( which is garbage) I've enjoyed immensely.

  • This is a very interesting topic.

    Looking at my library, six series stand out to me for trying them out much later than everybody else.

    Going in chronological order, I'll start with Ratchet & Clank. While I first played the games relatively young, most of the PS2 games were already out before the PS3 launched. Say the original's PS2 Greatest Hits case in a bin at a Sam's club. It looked super interesting and I haven't looked back since and it's become one of my favorite series overall.

    The next series I slept on was Gears of War. When I was gifted my Xbox 360 for my 17th birthday, all I had heard of the game at that point was there was a gun with a chainsaw on it. So later on (Either that day or the next), I was at GameStop and they were having a buy two get one free sale. I picked up SoulCaliber IV and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and the cashier said I could pick an additional one. So I saw the first Gears' case, like what I saw, and ever since then, Gears is my favorite Xbox exclusive franchise. I didn't stick with SoulCalibur or GRAW for long after I bought them.

    Number three is Uncharted. While getting my PS3 as a high school graduation present, I was looking for what to get for it. By this point, Uncharted 3 was on the way, and after being hard in on Insomniac (Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, and Resistance: Fall of Man), I saw Naughty Dog's pulpy adventure and heard good things about the sequel. But because I'm weird, I start at the beginning if I'm trying something new. And I'm happy I did.

    The fourth series I initially slept on is the Batman: Arkham games from Rocksteady. I'm not into superheroes and I don't read comics, so for the most part I largely ignored these games. One day, in a spate of boredom while browing the 360's free demos list, I saw Arkham Asylum and thought, "Ah what the hell. It's free to try." And the demo was good enough for me to not only get Arkham Asylum, but City as well, and on top of that, it got me into the Nolan Trilogy, which I'm even more happy about, because the Dark Knight is a personal top five film for me.

    At fifth, is Mass Effect I remember sitting in an Xbox Live Party with some friends as they were discussing ME 3 (So yeah, I knew about Shepard's fate even before I saw anything substantial of ANY ME game), and a friend told me it was gaming's equivalent of Star Wars minus lightsabers. A bit skeptical, I tried it and fell in love.

    Finally is actually Star Wars itself, and more specifically, it's Knights of the Old Republic. Now unlike all the above, I didn't sleep on this by choice like the others. I missed out because I never owned an original Xbox, and I don't game on PC. So it took Xbox bringing OG games into backwards compatibility. I gave it a little time hoping EA would release a remaster (Cue bitter, maniacal laughter) but said, "Forget it." Got it. Love it. I JUST finished KOTOR II for the first time last week and while I don't like it all that much, the first game, to me, is the best Star Wars game ever made.

  • @sheria Yeah that's not what I was thinking of when making the topic but certainly an interesting variation that maybe now fits here better than under a new topic (but I'm all for more topics!).

    I was always aware of Hitman but I think I just assumed it was a run and gun third-person shooter like Max Payne or Dead to Rights and I had had my fill of those types of games.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Games/Series You Slept on for Too Long:

    @sheria Yeah that's not what I was thinking of when making the topic but certainly an interesting variation that maybe now fits here better than under a new topic (but I'm all for more topics!).

    I was always aware of Hitman but I think I just assumed it was a run and gun third-person shooter like Max Payne or Dead to Rights and I had had my fill of those types of games.

    I guessed that, which is why I didn't feel I fell into this. I'm in a rare and privileged situation where I've never slept on a series I like the sound of, I've always gone out and bought it right away.

  • Jet Set Radio: I had always heard about this series, but I never owned the systems they were on so I was unable to play them. Then the first one came out on PC and I enjoyed it so much that I ended up borrowing a friends old Dreamcast and bought Future. They still hold up remarkably well.

  • This year I finished Devil May Cry 5 and Metro Exodus. Never played the previous games myself. Although I've watched one my friends play lots of the older DMC games (I think 3 and 4).

    I found that Metro plays more like my style of game but DMC 5 was also a great time. Seeing these games at last years E3 on Microsoft's stage got me interested. Then the Easy Allies reviews sold me on them. I'm probably not going back to the past games in either of these series. I'll mostly be looking forward to what comes next from these two studios. Now Hideaki Itsuno, just give us Dragon's Dogma 2!

  • Let me disclaim that until roughly 2006, I generally played childlike or kid friendly video games growing up. I played some M-rated things like SOCOM, Hitman, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal and GTA, but generally it was platformers, racers, Nintendo, etc. Point being, some of my favourite franchises I only discovered years later (i.e. Final Fantasy, MGS, God of War).

    I've been pretty on the ball with most franchises since 2007 but I tried Mass Effect back at release and HATED IT. I played the beginning hours at a friends house and thought the pseudo-Star Wars council was dumb, I thought them not believing me about the threat because I am human was dumb, I thought the combat was dumb.

    I got my own Xbox 360 in 2010 (which bricked in 2 months after purchase because of an update and I never got a new one, fyi) and replayed it on my own time away from my friends house. Just a nice slow paced solo experience. I spent probably 10 hours in the Citadel alone. I got sucked into everything that was going on in the Citadel, the ambient music really kept giving me this good vibe.

    There is this hard to explain vibe I love in games where the game world feels kinda empty but there is this kinda mundane and simple music, almost like elevator music, that keeps me feeling tranquil. Example would be the Tycoon games or The Sims. Anyways, Mass Effect gave me that good vibe that I love. On top of all that, I ended up really enjoying the space opera melodrama a lot when I hated it before.

    Skip ahead a few years and EA Origin had 1-3 on-sale and I bought them all and replayed ME1 and it felt fresh and exciting all over again. I never finished ME2 because I felt it had waaaaaay too generic of a plot that was too similar to the original and the levels felt pretty boxy, BUT I am still a fan of the franchise and I look forward to more. I think it has a lot of untapped potential. I was just really late to the party and never understood why people liked it so much until I really gave it the time.

  • I slept on Dishonored 2 for so long, and I got to finish it last year. It's leaps and bounds ahead of the first game, and I regret not playing it earlier. Would have been like my top 2 favorite game of 2016. Very impressed with that game, one heck of a sequel. Expansive level design, interesting and graphically wonderful environments, smart and dangerous enemy AI, and a good sense of freedom.

    Since Shenmue III got announced, I became aware of the series and watched some gameplay videos of the first game to satiate my curiosity, and since then I always thought that I would love those games to death, they seem so right up my alley. Dreamcast stuff is way out of my reach here, so I was hoping for a HD remaster, and last year we got it. I finished the first game, and I'm so in love with it. Looking back at it now, it's one of my favorite games I played last year. The feel-good peaceful atmosphere of Dobuita, the flawed yet charming story and characters, and the ambitiousness of it all, it just clicks. The controls didn't really bother me, in fact I think it's kinda genius that it's using tank controls, it makes looking around while moving less cumbersome, which is integral in my appreciation of the detailed world. Playing at the arcades while waiting for a store/shop to open feels nostalgic to me, it's like replicating my past life in a way, and I can't remember the last time a game did that to me. I'm gonna play Shenmue II not long before III comes out, excited for that.

  • I slept on Yakuza until Yakuza 0 on PS4 but tons of people did that as well.


    Even I jumped into The Witcher a little late. I played The Witcher 1 from 2007 only in 2011 or 2012 once The Witcher 2 was already out. Let me tell you that The Witcher 1, wrinkles and all, is still my favourite game in the series.

    You think The Witcher 3 is the best story you've ever played in a video game? Well, you haven't played The Witcher 1 or 2!! Just do it. TW1 feels old but playable and fun. The story is amazing and has the most tension and build up out of all the games. The Witcher 2 has an amazing story and has aged like a fine wine. If it came out tomorrow, you'd be happy with it.

    Stop sleeping on them because I know you've played TW3 like everybody else and skipped the first two.

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    Resident Evil. I had no plans to play Resident Evil 2 remake myself because I scare easily and didn't think I could handle it. But I watched Brad play it a bit and watched it on twitch a bit and I just started loving everything about it. I specifically remember just watching Brad do some inventory management and thinking how good it was and finally decided I was just going to play it myself once he went to work.

    After that I was just hooked,I played it a bunch, got the platinum, and was watching speedruns of it all the time. Went on to play Resident Evil HD Remaster and loved it as well, even got used to the tank controls which I never thought was possible as I'd bought the game previously because of Huber but dropped it real fast because I couldn't get used to the controls right away.

    Previously, was probably Dark Souls. I don't think I had even really heard of it or knew what it was until Bloodborne came out. Played Dark Souls 1 and 2, then got a PS4 to play Bloodborne, which turned out to be a really great decision since I looove Souls and mainly play everything on PS4 over Xbox now.

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    I didn't. I hated the janky pc controls of Witcher 1 with a passion, beat up a ghost dog for like 5 hours, got into the first city, put the game down and never picked it up again.

  • @dipset I don't know that I agree, I played The Witcher 1 like in 2010, and 2 soon after it came out and while I like them both, The Witcher 3 is so far and above them that while I think they are good and worth playing, I wouldn't blame anyone for just sticking to TW3, since it is easily the best of them. And I wouldn't say anyone of them is the best story in video games, but I do think 3 is the one I enjoyed the most, though each had its good moments.

  • @tokyoslim @bard91

    I'm not gonna die on the hill saying The Witcher 1 has good combat but tap tap tap on the mouse in a rhythm was pretty simple and straight forward for me.

    I also don't think any of those three games are the best story in a game ever but at least three of my game playing coworkers say The Witcher 3 has the best story they've ever played. Even Bloodworth said so recently too. A LOT of people think that, but I would say it has the least compelling story of the series.

    My whole point is that if you LOVE The Witcher 3, there is so much you're missing by not playing TW1 & TW2. I think the series is a full package.