Taking Time Off Work for E3?

  • I normally take the Mon-Wed of E3 week off of work to watch all the conferences and some of the live demos/discussions. When Sony announced they were skipping E3 this year I strongly considered not taking these days off. Now that were just bout a month away I think I'm going to take the Mon and Tues off, this year might be a little lighter then the last couple but it just wouldn't feel right being at work while E3 is going on.

    What bout you allies? Do you take time off, watch stuff while at work or just catch everything when you can?

  • I'd never use my days for E3. Just catch up in the evenings. I'm usually back by 5:30, so ill just catch-up late into the night where there's zero distractions

  • If I can, every single year. However, for this year specifically, I have a two hour shift Monday before things get started, while Tuesday is a packed day, and I can't get out it. But at least most of the conferences will be done by then.

  • No way in hell I would take off time to watch a conference online, but for games releases I've done it, and I'll probably do it again, probably for Cyberpunk

  • @bard91 Likewise. Not sure I'd take time off for a release now with a baby at home but I absolutely did in my younger years.

  • I'll try to get just Monday or Tuesday off. I install windows for The Home Depot and it's usually a busy time for us. My uncle is the Installation Service Manager but I always feel bad asking him: "I need some time off to watch the yearly video game advertisements".

  • I used to make a HUGE deal about E3 when I was younger. It was equally as big as Christmas or Birthdays for me. It was GAMER CHRISTMAS! But honestly, as you get older you skip more concerts you wanna go to, you don't buy every video game day one, you say no to social gatherings here and there, and in this case, I try to watch the press conferences LIVE but if it can't happen, I don't sweat it.

    It's an event like a sports game. I never feels right to watch a sports game when it isn't live and you already know the outcomes. But ya know what, whether you watch that new reveal trailer live or a bit later, the game isn't coming out any sooner and all you'll have in the end is three less vacation days for when you really want or need them.

    I can almost guarantee to you that you won't remember E3 2019 in a year from now. Work is hard, life is hard, so unless you reaaaaalllllyyyy value E3, don't spend those hard earned vacation days.

  • @dipset
    Well im well into my thirties and E3 still feels like Gamer Christmas to me, hence why I still take time off for it. I normally have more vacation days then I end up using so that's not a big factor for myself.

    I still enjoy getting excited for game announcements, maybe that feeling will lessen over time but I hope not. I get this might not be the case for others but there's no time I'm more excited or happy then right before an E3 press conference.

  • @themarcv Power to you! I can't say why I don't get so hype anymore but I just don't. Though if a Super Metroid remake shows up, I might pee.

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    Luckily for me the Sony conference would always happen in the evening so I could watch it live. Now they aren't even having a conference so I give little to no fucks about watching E3 live this year.

    I remember the 2016 conference, some buddies and I opened up a party chat and watched it together. It was actually amazing. I flooded the washroom a bit because I was in such a hurry to get back to the TV that I forgot to turn the sink off after I washed my hands so I wouldn't miss too much of the God of War reveal. Wifey was a bit disappointed to say the least.

  • @el-shmiablo Yeah truth is, at least for this year, actually taking off Monday and Tuesday just means ill get to see Ubisoft and Nintendo's conferrences live, otherwise all others could have been viewed while still going to work.
    For me, its more about the spirit of E3. Since I always take it off (since way back in the G4 days) it's my gamer holiday, I look forward to it every year. This year I'm honestly the least excited. Sony for me is always the main event and them not being there really hurts. However, it wouldn't have felt right being at work while E3 conferences were going on.

  • Plot twist - maybe take your time off for the Sony State of Play that may or may happen 2 days before E3 cause they're rebellious.

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    I've taken work off in the past for E3(or tried to at least). It's nice to feel involved in the whole event watching with everyone else and experience the announcements as they happen instead of just on twitter later. Also, I just want to be around as much as possibly to moderate twitch chat ;-;

  • @dipset I hope they do a big one right around E3, though after this last one they keep saying we'll see you later in the year which kinda makes me think the next one is a ways off. That could be them playing mind games trying to make people think they won't do another before/around E3. Their first one was on March 25, this last one on May 9th, so that's little over a month. E3 is basically a month away, its possible.

  • As much as I enjoy E3 I would never take the time I use for traveling to watch corporations trying to sell me games.

  • @phbz Fair enough, I'm not much of a traveler. Love a good staycation though, and for me, what better way to enjoy some time at home then having the gaming industry try their best to dazzle me. New game announcements, gameplay trailers and the discussions they create is very entertaining for me. To each their own.

  • Maybe, like I want to but I don't think I can afford the cut in pay for missing 2-3 days and what vacation time I have I need to save for a potential funeral in the near future (hopefully not too soon)

  • @dmcmaster I'm really sorry to hear that and totally understandable. I really just wanted to feel the board out, see if others treat E3 that same way I do. Luckily you can still pretty much see all the conferences live without having to skip work (if you work the kinda standard M-F 9-5 schedule).

  • @themarcv
    Work a 7am-5 shift, so it's a kinda wonky schedule. if anything I might lose a bit of sleep with the conferences not starting till 9pm most nights

  • @dmcmaster You east coast? Didn't factor that in, im west coast so sony's (now Square's) conference will start right bout when id normally get home.