How I figured out what my favorite game is

  • Sup Allies,

    I thought I'd share my story on how I recently figured out what my favorite game is. Last month I was about to go on my honeymoon so I thought I'd snag some games on my switch for the trip. I snagged The friends of Ringo Ishikawa and Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 but kept reconsidering getting FF7, again. At this point I've bought FF7 at least 4 times (PSone, PS3/Vita,PC and PS4, not to mention PSClassic) but having it on my switch was just to good to pass up. That's when it hit me, If I'm going to buy the same game (more or less) a 5th time it has to be my favorite game. Other games have come close like Chrono Trigger but FF7 is the game ive repurchased the most and I figure if that's the case why not declare it my favorite game.

    This all being said I think your favorite game can change on a daily basis, sometimes for me its Shenmue, or Skies of Arcadia or Chrono Trigger like I mentioned before. But since buying FF7 a 5th time I'm okay saying FF7 is my favorite game, if I ever get asked.

    So what says you? What game have you bought over and over again, and is it your favorite?

  • I don't think I've ever bought a game more than once, so that wouldn't be a good indicator for me. It's also tough for me to tell what my favourite (game, movie, book etc.) is, because most of the stuff I like, I like for pretty different reasons. I have preferences, but there isn't one that stands over all the rest for me.

  • Similarly, I don't know that I've bought any games more than once beyond GTA V and that was mostly because my PS3 broke (mostly). But my favourite game is my favourite game because it's Super Metroid, no explanation required...but I'll give one. It's the perfect mix of nostalgia and holding up in terms of gameplay, look and sound. And I play it infrequently enough that I never get bored from remembering the location of everything.

    I think that balance between good memories and current enjoyment is important for me. FFVII, for example, is a game I loved when I was younger and probably would have called my favourite at some point. I feel like that was mostly due to it being my first RPG and also the summons were insane (never cared about the story, was happy when Aeris died so I could finally play again). Nowadays, though, I really have a tough time picking up any RPGs so it fails on that part. Super Metroid is still fun to me and still hits me in the feels so it holds the belt.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern So when you feel the itch how do you play Super Metroid. You still got a Snes and the cart laying around? Was it released on the VC for 3DS? Or maybe you have a Snes Classic?

  • @themarcv Because Nintendo can be a bunch of wieners, SNES games were only on new 3DS VC and I only have an old one. I did not pony up for the SNES Classic (pre-ordered and cancelled). I actually never owned it as a kid, I never even owned a SNES. I played it with my friend enough though. Now I have a copy I picked up in Tokyo many moons ago that I play on my Super NT.

  • I think I've bought /owned both Chrono Trigger and FFIX 2 or 3 times each.

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    I've owned Super Mario RPG across 4 seperate platforms.
    I've only owned Guardian Heroes on 1, but have heavily considered buying a 360 solely for the port.

  • @el-shmiablo You have Guardian Heroes on Saturn? Totally random but I've always been interested in getting a Saturn at some point in my life.

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    @themarcv Yep. Original crystal case, booklet and all. My Saturn has long since died but I still keep the game because of how much I love it.
    Can't wait for the PS4 release. So hype.

  • Wait! I also bought FFVII on PS4 after already owning it on PS1. Strictly so my wife could finally play it. And she did and she was really enjoying it for a while there. Then she started getting bigger and a person came out of her. She's yet to go back for some reason.

  • @el-shmiablo There's a PS4 release? I missed that. Also love the OG big saturn cases, so beautiful. Guardian Heros, Dragon Force, Panzar Dragoon Saga, DnD beat'em up and the virtual games were all games I wanted to have, but I went Playstation back then. Glad I did but the Saturn was always very appealing to me.

  • More than just a game is the Persona franchise as whole for me since 3, ever since I've played them 3, 4 and 5 are easily my favorite games and because of that I've made it a point to own all versions of the games that have been released since the original P3 some of them physically and digitally, for P5 spefically I have 4 copies and would immediately buy any new version, I would also like to get all of the japanese and the original PS1 versions of the first two games, but that is not as important to me.

  • Right now it's Uncharted 4 for me, to keep it short it's like they made a game just for me, everything just clicks, and it's probably the game that I most replayed too. As time goes on I just kept enjoying it more and more. I honestly can't think of anything that I disliked in the game anymore, all my relatively minor complaints slowly fade away as I replayed the game over and over, as I understand it more. I still play the multiplayer here and there, I'm pretty good at it which I'm very proud of, lol. Definitely would buy this game again if it ever got remastered or something like that. I have been searching for the steelbook copy though, the cover for that steelbook looks so rad.

    If my favorite game was decided by how many times I bought it, then it would definitely be Skyrim. Bought it two times on the PS3 (the absolute worst version, and I still had a blast), and once more on the PS4. I just love how comforting that game feels, it's also engaging and interesting enough to last a long time. I just kept running around the map trying to find cool secrets and side quests, to hell with the main quest and DLCs.

  • I bought Another World 4 times Skyrim 3 and HL2 twice.