E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams

  • @bard91
    Of all things for Star Fox to cross over with why Sonic?

  • @dmcmaster idk I just think it would be cool and would make for a fun mashup of characters.

  • @brannox said in E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams:

    Nintendo: Not really into Nintendo, but it would be nice to see fans get a Metroid Prime 4 trailer.

    Hey, thanks man. I hope you get everything YOU want for the rest of your life.

  • Banned

    I hardly give a shit about E3. Some scripted videos for games we won't get to play for months or years. Oh boy! I don't remember the last gameplay demonstration I didn't skim through.

  • My dream is that Chu Chu Rocket but explicitly the GBA version gets a modern Switch port.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm getting FF VII: Remake. So long as I live just past finishing it, I'm good.

  • Avengers game looks good
    WB Games show off Harry Potter, Rocksteady's game and WB Montreal's game but these games will probably be shown when Next Gen gets revealed.
    Dragon Ball RPG is the RPG I've been waiting for.
    Dino Crisis Reboot.

  • A new Splinter Cell is my current, biggest dream. I would also love a remaster collection of the old games. I'm also hoping to get some The Outer Worlds gameplay.

    Sony better get another hard hitting State of Play ready for more Ghost of Tsushima, can't get enough Samurai stuff. Bluepoint's new game might be there too.

    I think Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay is a lock so no need to dream about that.

    My crazy dreams would be a new Sly Cooper game, a new game from Fumito Ueda, a new WipeOut game, and a new Gravity Rush game. I realize this is all Sony PS stuff, on a E3 without them, so that's why it's crazy.

  • Bathesda:

    Doom Eternal more Footage. its going to be a masterpiece and will own every single game on earth
    Quake 1 Reboot Teaser please please.
    Prey 2 or whatever arkane is working on


    Bring Splinter cell back to its roots or i i dont care about anything by them


    Star wars jedi fallen order. as much as i disliked EA but im looking forward to it because respawn are solid developers and its a linear SP game we deserve.


    Dying light 2 they will show more
    Interested to see what rocksteady is doing
    Interested to see Creative assembly immersive FPS
    Interested to see Halo infinite looks like since its PC lead game
    First person Resident evil 8 and not RE3 remake

  • I'm very interested in MS press conference. They should start hyping and teasing what their acquisitions are working on.

    But my ultimate dream is that E3 delivers as much awkward moments as possible. That's the main reason why I love E3.

  • @phbz Lol. E3 does have a long history of awkward moments. Unfortunately, I feel like they happen less and less though. Or they're like Ubisoft and embrace those memes with open arms. Which is fun, but not as hilarious as something like Konami 2010.

  • My hopes and dreams for this E3 is really just that it doesn't disappoint. Sony skipping E3 is a big hit for me personally so I really hope the other Pub/Devs try to seize this moment to really take the spotlight. There's nothing quite like getting your socks rocked from seeing some amazing game I didn't even know I wanted.

  • @shoulderguy
    I'm not expecting much in the way of awkward moments this year, with EA not being there, there again their whole conference is usually an awkward moment. Like announcing a new game with no trailer, or any info beyond a title (not even a piece of art or anything) or the streamers acting as host for various reveals.

  • @dmcmaster EA the last few years were holding that cringe mantle for sure. Weed3, Sports stars, Youtubers, etc.

  • @shoulderguy
    I'm sorry weed3? Did I miss something?

  • @dmcmaster Snoop Dogg and other celebrities playing Battlefield 1.

  • @shoulderguy
    I seriously don't remember that.
    Either I missed that or blanked it form my memory

  • I'll start off with my big dreams (EA/Sony) then go smaller:


    EA Play:

    • Fight Night Champion 2 revolutionizes the sports genre with an extremely fun to play boxing sim that is robust enough to do a deep dive but fun enough to entice the greater market.

    • VR and motion control is heavily integrated into the DNA of this game. Hardcore kind of sim where you can technically block punches by putting hands up and down. Proper jabs, crosses, hooks, etc are thrown. Combos are based on skill. You are essentially shadow boxing 1:1

    • Skate 4 with key members from EA Blackbox at the helm.

    • A mixture between modern skateboarding and skateboarding from the past. For example, major competition skating as well as getting clips for the gram. Then skating per the older eras like filming for a major video part.

    • Filming is a huge part of the game. You essentially can make and share skate videos.

    • Open connected world like Skate 1 and 2.

    • Music from all eras of skate videos.

    • Extremely good animations and physics. Speed, weight, momentum etc all matter.

    • RPG-like stats to develop drastically different styles of skating (character builds essentially).

    Sony (State of Play):

    • SOCOM US Navy Seals rebooted. This has been a dream of mine since the PS3 was announced. All we have been asking for for years was to play SOCOM II in HD. It won't happen. What can happen is a series reboot. Tactical shooters died but are having a niche comeback with the success of R6 Siege and to an extent, you can consider the Battle Royal genre tactical too.

    • Asymmetrical multiplayer maps. Terrorists vs Seals with different loadouts and uniforms.

    • Maps are catered to a specific game mode (i.e. Extraction missions only on this map)

    • Hardcore SP stealth gameplay like SOCOM II but with a cinematic hollywood style story like SOCOM 3.

    • Open ended level design based on assassinations like a militaristic version of Hitman.

    • Gran Turismo 7 is a PlayStation 5 launch title.

    • 4K @ 60fps with VR in every mode and is just as viable as gamepad, or first person with the wheel. VR is the new meta for the racing sim set-up.

    • Warhawk reboot is a mixture between Warhawk (2007) and modern sensibilities.

    • Destruction like Battlefield with plenty of vehicles (air, land, sea)

    • Weapon pickups like WH 2007 and Fortnite.

    • CTF, Conquest, and Battle Royal modes are the main three.



    • Halo Infinite is a return to the MP arena shooter of Halo 1-3. NO LOADOUTS, NO WEIRD ARMOUR ABILITIES, NO PERKS.

    • My dream trailer has not only gameplay but the multiplayer lobby. Social Slayer playlist with 4 -player split screen. Vote on a map. Everybody sprints to get the energy sword or rocket launcher.

    • No weird post game "look at my cool character" bullshit with bad dialogue (Halo 5, BO4, Apex, etc etc). Everybody is red vs blue, nobody looks like they spent $237 on cosmetic armour.

    • Xbox and PC day 1

    • Cyberpunk 2077 shows more world building, more exploring, and really shows the scale of this world.

    • The game is fully open world and can be a direct competitor to The Elder Scrolls in terms of open world adventure RPG. We need to really see the polish here.


    • They acknowledge they need to change direction within their internally developed IPs. Fallout and The Elder Scrolls need to be in good hands and they acknowledge that improvements need to be made. Honesty from them isn't so much of a dream as I feel it is required for me to get excited about anything they make going forward.

    • The Evil Within 3 announced and is not open world.


    • Splinter Cell reboot is a pure stealth game. It doesn't need to hold any of the things we come to expect from Splinter Cell, I just want a pure stealth game.
    • IF there is an MP component, it is tactical and team based.

  • @dipset
    I love the idea of Fight Night returning. I'm a huge combat sports fan so I'm glad they took a swing at UFC but they have squeezed that game enough. As someone who has PSVR and MoCap Boxing is easily one of my favorite Arcade games (that game is a serious work out, I read a forum post where this ladies husband died from exhaustion after playing) I don't know if going that route is best. I'd be happy with just a straight up sequel to FN Champion (story mode included).

  • Banned

    @dipset I almost want to make another bet with you about Halo...
    It will be an MMOlite. Like straight up difficult to differentiate from Destiny.