E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams

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    @dipset This is why I am such a big supporter of VR and hope that Sony goes all in with it next gen with some built into the controllers motion control type stuff.
    Full control. Even years ago I remember watching videos of VR modded into HL2 that just added so much more depth to the gameplay with stuff like omni directional aiming, throwing grenades behind your back or rolling them into a room, firing from behind cover with realistic peeking.

  • @dipset I think boxing VR can be very enjoyable (like I mentioned MoCap Boxing is my prime example and one of my fav arcade games) but if EA is going back to Fight Night, as I hope they will, I'd prefer a non VR game to a VR game if we can only have one. My personal preference is why not both? Give us Champions 2 but include a VR mode or the ability to play the game in VR. There's also a number of Boxing VR games already, have you tried Creed? I've been tempted to check it out but haven't pulled the trigger. I am slightly concerned about ducking and weaving quickly while wearing the vr headset.

  • Give me Conkers Bad Day 2, a PROPER Banjo Kazooie platforming sequel, SOMETHING tangible for Beyond Good and Evil 2, and a sequel to Criterion's Black, and all of my dreams will come true.

  • Gotta make some bingo cards soon.
    But in the meantime some small stuff
    Next 2 DLC characters for Smash shown, one will be a Microsoft rep
    Mario 64 visuals for Super Mario Maker 2 (we'll find out soon)
    Next project from Monolith announced.
    Bayo 3 re-revealed.
    At least 5 Wii U ports announced (Money on Mario 3D World, both HD Zelda's, Wonderful 101 and Fatal Frame)
    At least 2 Wii ports announced (Metroid Prime trilogy and Skyward Sword)
    Psychonauts 2 coming to Switch, includes new port of the 1st game as pre order bonus.

  • @dmcmaster Of all those I'm most excited to hear who else is coming to Smash. If they are gonna pull from Microsoft its got to be banjo right, maybe Steve from Minecraft. I'd be a little surprised if it was master chief.

  • @themarcv or Conker?

  • Sony (if no State of play is announced by E3 hold till next one)
    Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us2 and Death Stranding will be cross gen launch titles on PS5 (but you'll only have to buy them once)
    Blue point project is a MGS 3 remake with Kojimas blessing.
    New Crash+Spyro game announced via Sony
    Resident Evil Revelations 3 announced, takes place between 6 and 7. Stars Billy
    Dragons Dogma 2 announced, more at TGS.
    Onimusha 5/Reboot announced more at TGS

    Gears Tactics no longer a mobile game, out immediately for those with Game Pass, available for Pre order for everyone else.
    At least 2 projects from thier recently acquired studios shown.
    Smash rep teased at Microsoft's show, more from Nintendo on Tuesday (Banjo or Master Chief)
    Forza 8 shown.
    Halo Infinite is Destiny with a split screen option.
    Gears 5 will make big deal about Anya returning (surprise)
    Cup head DLC out now

    (Saved for more)

    Holy Hell not happening
    Tony Hawk Collection containing everything from THPS1 thru Proving Ground, huge online mode functions like Halo MMC (can switch between games round to round)
    Burnout Collection containing Burnout 1 thru Dominator

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Conker would be PERFECT for smash. He could use the frying pan as his smash attack!

  • Metroid Prime 4
    Pikmin 4

  • @yoshi I like this.

    I would also like some more on Cyberpunk.

    I will also add dreams of Super Metroid Remake and Super Mario Kart All-Stars (1-8) with 4-player Super Mario Kart.

    Also Final Fight 4.

  • I personally would like to see an identical to Xbox Game Pass service for Sony and Nintendo. For the past few months I was exploring Xbox Game Pass library and after playing so many great games for the price of one title it’s really hard for me now to justify buying games individually. I haven’t even turned on my PS4 and Switch this year and I wish it to be otherwise.

  • @dmcmaster said:

    Tony Hawk Collection containing everything from THPS1 thru Proving Ground

    The reason this would never happen more than anything sadly is just music licensing. At best, all I could see them doing to fix this is creating one larger new library of music that you use throughout all the games in the collection and trying to snatch up a couple of the most memorable songs from the original soundtracks of each game for it. Because it just wouldn't feel like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater without Superman by Goldfinger.

    @ffff0 Can't see Nintendo ever doing this with their first party games (unless you count super old ones like NES Online), but what could be super cool on the Switch is something like this with a ton of indie games offered. I find myself being interested in trying out lots of the ones I see on the eShop, but not enough to actually pull the trigger on buying them unless they go on sale. There's some 5+ year old indie game ports on there too that wouldn't suffer a massive sales dip to lend themselves to this sort of service where more people could discover them.

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    @yoshi Give zero fucks about Pikmin, but would lose my mother fucking mind if the other two happen.

  • @el-shmiablo i feel sorry for you if you have never experienced the awesomeness that is Pikmin 2

    0_1558095600818_bulborb 3.jpg

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    Give zero fucks about Pikmin

    Youtube Video

  • Alright, my turn!

    I'll just pick one dream surprise announcement per show.

    Microsoft: New Crimson Skies
    PC Gamer Show: Baldur's Gate 3
    Ubisoft: New Splinter Cell
    Square Enix: Octopath Traveler 2
    Nintendo: Mega Man X9 (Capcom will announce it in the Direct)
    Sony: Alundra 3

  • @axel Octopath Traveler 2 is one of those things I don't actively want, but if they did it right it could be really desirable. Also, I think 2 already exists on mobile, or at least that they have a mobile game with more or different content than the Switch version. I remember hearing something like that.

  • Microsoft: Ninja Theory
    PC Gamer Show: Football Manager 2020
    Ubisoft: Prince of Persia
    Square Enix: Avengers/GotG
    Nintendo: Bayonetta 3
    EA: Need for Speed Pod Racing with Live Action Cut Scenes
    AMD: PS5 specs in detail

  • Microsoft: Perfect Dark 2, Halo MCC on Switch and Jet Set Radio 3!!!
    Nintendo: GoldenEye HD partnered with Microsoft and Splatoon 3 teaser
    Sony: Ratchet & Clank back at 60fps please!
    Ubisoft: Prince of Persia sequel to the 2008 reboot
    Square Enix: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 3
    EA: Need for Speed Underground 3

  • Microsoft: Halo Infinite release date. a proper fable game,
    Nintendo: Wonderful 101 port, 2.5d style metroid game, 3d mario game
    Sony: A Gundam game present
    Ubisoft: A new surprising partnership with nintendo on a property
    Square Enix: Bravely Third
    EA: No hopes