E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams

  • E3 2019 is less than a month away. Here's a topic dedicated to our hopes and dreams for the event. None of us are Michael Huber, so we can't just wish things into existence. But if you could, how would you use your powers? Would you wish for something practical like Knack 3 or something insane like Knack and Dexter?

    Side note: I have not made a topic before. I usually just contribute to them. If this topic already exists or is covered in other topics, just let me know. Thanks.

    I'll take:

    • Microsoft: Fable 4. More like The Witcher 3 and nothing like Fable The Journey.
    • Bethesda: A new Fallout 1/2/Tactics style Fallout game from Larian Studios.
    • Devolver Digital: Umm. Maybe something that isn't pixel or 16/32 Bit aesthetic.
    • PC Gamer Show: A Game of Thrones strategy game. Creative Assembly or Firaxis Games.
    • Ubisoft: That leaked Splinter Cell game.
    • Square Enix: Octopath Traveler 2.
    • Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey 2.
    • Sony State of Play (Shadow Drop): 2019 release dates for Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima.

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    @shoulderguy said in E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams:

    Devolver Digital: Umm. Maybe something that isn't pixel or 16/32 Bit aesthetic.

    You mean like Talos Principle?
    Or Ruiner?
    Or Absolver?
    Or SCUM?
    Or Shadow Warrior?
    Or My Friend Pedro?
    Or Metal Wolf Chaos XD?

  • I really like this topic for hopes and dreams specifically! I typically try to make a dedicated thread for each conference a week before the shows, but for wild, out-there things I want to see:

    Microsoft: Gears Tactics coming to main console (currently only for PC at the moment per any official statement) and gameplay for Halo: Infinite.

    Bethesda: Arkane's next project. I'm already getting DOOM and Wolfenstein, so I'm pretty much set for this show.

    Ubisoft: New IP, because the exciting way they ended shows is a lost art. Speaking of art, more Ubi-art please. And actual gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2.

    Square-Enix: I'm getting Final Fantasy VII: Remake. I'm set.

    Nintendo: Not really into Nintendo, but it would be nice to see fans get a Metroid Prime 4 trailer.

    Also, speaking of Devolver Digital, Observation is coming out in 10 days and WOW does that game look interesting. Super happy we got an Easy Update on it.

  • @el-shmiablo What I mean to say is something with a big budget behind it. Even though that's not really Devolver Digital's thing. Your right though. They publish some good stuff.

    @Brannox I really hope Gears Tactics is still a thing. Microsoft hasn't shown anything since last E3 and everyone knows there history of canceling games.

  • If I'm talking pie in the sky stuff, a few days ago I was thinking about Nintendo collaborations, and the idea of crossover RPG between Sonic and Star Fox has taken hold of my mind.

    Other than that I'm fairly happy with the current state of things, Trails CS3 is coming out this year, Cyberpunk is on its way (though I would love to get a 2019 release date), Psychonauts 2 is coming, and we mostly know what Atlus is working on and I'm ok waiting, I don't feel I need much more but some things I would love.

    Victoria 3 in the EU4 engine
    More Sakura Wars info
    Another Dishonored
    Ys 9 coming in english in a reasonable time frame

  • @shoulderguy True, but they've yet to cancel to cancel something by the Coalition (though the did make them shelve what they were working on as Black Tusk before they handed over the Gears franchise to them).

  • Hopes:

    Microsoft: let me see Battletoads already
    Bethesda: nothing since Doom Eternal is already on the way and I've seen plenty
    Devolver Digital: better jokes
    PC Gaming Show: more VR backpack
    Ubisoft: long as the show stays entertaining I'm happy
    Square Enix: another Babylon’s Fall's trailer and Crystal Chronicles Remastered release date
    Nintendo: Animal Crossing Switch news and hasn't been tainted by Pocket Camp
    Sony: hahaaaaaaa!


    Microsoft: how about for now just Banjo Kazooie in Smash
    Bethesda: next Fallout is back in Obsidian's hands
    Devolver Digital: they team up with Limited Run Games and hold the zaniest presser of all time
    PC Gaming Show: Epic announces they're no longer buying up exclusives
    Ubisoft: come back Prince of Persia
    Square Enix: Super Mario RPG 2
    Nintendo: massive Switch firmware update plus more value added to Online Subscription for same price point
    Sony: hahaaaaaaa!

  • @bard91
    Of all things for Star Fox to cross over with why Sonic?

  • @dmcmaster idk I just think it would be cool and would make for a fun mashup of characters.

  • @brannox said in E3 2019 Hopes and Dreams:

    Nintendo: Not really into Nintendo, but it would be nice to see fans get a Metroid Prime 4 trailer.

    Hey, thanks man. I hope you get everything YOU want for the rest of your life.

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    I hardly give a shit about E3. Some scripted videos for games we won't get to play for months or years. Oh boy! I don't remember the last gameplay demonstration I didn't skim through.

  • My dream is that Chu Chu Rocket but explicitly the GBA version gets a modern Switch port.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm getting FF VII: Remake. So long as I live just past finishing it, I'm good.

  • Avengers game looks good
    WB Games show off Harry Potter, Rocksteady's game and WB Montreal's game but these games will probably be shown when Next Gen gets revealed.
    Dragon Ball RPG is the RPG I've been waiting for.
    Dino Crisis Reboot.

  • A new Splinter Cell is my current, biggest dream. I would also love a remaster collection of the old games. I'm also hoping to get some The Outer Worlds gameplay.

    Sony better get another hard hitting State of Play ready for more Ghost of Tsushima, can't get enough Samurai stuff. Bluepoint's new game might be there too.

    I think Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay is a lock so no need to dream about that.

    My crazy dreams would be a new Sly Cooper game, a new game from Fumito Ueda, a new WipeOut game, and a new Gravity Rush game. I realize this is all Sony PS stuff, on a E3 without them, so that's why it's crazy.

  • Bathesda:

    Doom Eternal more Footage. its going to be a masterpiece and will own every single game on earth
    Quake 1 Reboot Teaser please please.
    Prey 2 or whatever arkane is working on


    Bring Splinter cell back to its roots or i i dont care about anything by them


    Star wars jedi fallen order. as much as i disliked EA but im looking forward to it because respawn are solid developers and its a linear SP game we deserve.


    Dying light 2 they will show more
    Interested to see what rocksteady is doing
    Interested to see Creative assembly immersive FPS
    Interested to see Halo infinite looks like since its PC lead game
    First person Resident evil 8 and not RE3 remake

  • I'm very interested in MS press conference. They should start hyping and teasing what their acquisitions are working on.

    But my ultimate dream is that E3 delivers as much awkward moments as possible. That's the main reason why I love E3.

  • @phbz Lol. E3 does have a long history of awkward moments. Unfortunately, I feel like they happen less and less though. Or they're like Ubisoft and embrace those memes with open arms. Which is fun, but not as hilarious as something like Konami 2010.

  • My hopes and dreams for this E3 is really just that it doesn't disappoint. Sony skipping E3 is a big hit for me personally so I really hope the other Pub/Devs try to seize this moment to really take the spotlight. There's nothing quite like getting your socks rocked from seeing some amazing game I didn't even know I wanted.

  • @shoulderguy
    I'm not expecting much in the way of awkward moments this year, with EA not being there, there again their whole conference is usually an awkward moment. Like announcing a new game with no trailer, or any info beyond a title (not even a piece of art or anything) or the streamers acting as host for various reveals.