No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • Why would you watch that? Even more so if you're playing the game currently.

  • @tokeeffe9 Iono, I watched it too. Doesn't ruin the game for me, but considering how much they pumped it up I feel really bad for anyone who's expecting anything special and using the drive to see what's in the center as their main play goal. Like ObbyDent said, it's nothing. It's honestly kinda a slap in your face. Almost every carrot dangled during development to hype people up for this game has turned out to be either a lie, a gross exaggeration, a sketchy technical truth, or fancy spin on making procedural generation sound much more wonderful than it actually is. I understand there are people that like this game. I like this game. I do not like the ideas of developers manipulating the masses into thinking their game is this magical mystical thing that it simply is not, then sort of, kind of, but not entirely owning up 24 hours before release when sales are already secured.

  • @Mbun Thanks!....though i'm not entire sure what a Space Anomoly is. I've only touched a few planets and a space station.

    I rejected the Atlas path. I didn't want to feel rushed or pushed in any direction but figured I would make my way "forward" on my own time. But I started coming across a lot of the things that require the Atlas Pass and can't help but feel i'm missing out on something.

  • @matt said in No Man's Sky - 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planets:

    @Mbun Thanks!....though i'm not entire sure what a Space Anomoly is. I've only touched a few planets and a space station.

    I rejected the Atlas path. I didn't want to feel rushed or pushed in any direction but figured I would make my way "forward" on my own time. But I started coming across a lot of the things that require the Atlas Pass and can't help but feel i'm missing out on something.

    I Wouldn't worry too much about it, I'm following the atlas, 10 hours plus in, and still don't have an atlas pass.

  • @Mbun I genuinely feel like the lies and gross exaggeration have come from the public.

    Even you just said "considering how much they pumped it up" when all that's actually been said is your goal is to get to the center of the galaxy.

    I don't recall Murray saying how spectacular the ending is and this is just another in a long series of examples where the hype seems to be generated by the public, but the developer is being blamed. Odd to me.

  • @tokeeffe9 That's not fair to say it's the fault of people hyping it up when the developer was intentionally vague about it and made it seem important when it is 100% nothing, and they knew it was nothing.

  • Well, looks like the PC launch was a debacle on par with Arkham Knight's PC launch. (or worse)

    To say I'm glad I didn't pre-order would be an understatement.

  • @Mbun Being vague about the ending of a game doesn't seem particularly strange to me. And even in terms of it's importance, I'll have to find the interview, but I'll paraphrase. He's said that for some people this is what they'll do but for others they'll just wander from planet to planet, or trade all game etc.

    What I'm saying is, he's never emphasised the 'story' being incredible.

  • @tokeeffe9 Maybe don't keep teasing it as a thing when it's nothing.

  • @Mbun So because there are people who don't like the ending after watching it, Murray should have told people before hand it's not very good?

    Also I haven't watched the end and have no intention of it until I actually play and complete the game myself but it seems so odd to give out about the end of a game without the context of the game.

    If I was shown the end of The Last of Us, that scene would mean nothing to me and I could just say the same thing you're saying now on NMS, it was nothing and that was an actual game where the story is important, unlike NMS.

  • Things I've learned so far.

    1. Sometimes when lifting off, you will be randomly thrown back out into space.

    2. If you've think you've struck "gold" (or Emeril), don't dig too deep, or you could end up falling out of the world like I did, and all you can do is kill yourself.

    3. The game will randomly decide to crash on you.

    4. Never buy new multitools, they're giving them away like candy from monoliths and npc requests.

    5. Always pick shelter on the search tower. You'll likely get a drop pod location, where you can spend a little money to increase your exosuit slot by one (starting at 10k, increases by 10k each visit.)

    6. Even when they're paying below average, Emeril is worth a crap ton.

    7. The Atlas Pass V1 is very useful for getting materials to craft warp cells. You can find things like anti-matter and electron vapor in those cylinders you see lying around on planets.

    8. Never settle for less if you can help it. Odds are, if they're not paying well in your current system, they might be paying very well just one or two systems over.

    9. The grind to 12+ million for a sweet looking 30-something slot ship is rough... :(

  • Anyone want to know a trick for fast ground traveling?

    Sprint, Melee, Jetpack. Jetpack during the Melee. You need to hit the right timing with melee and jetpack and you will go flying away.

  • Well, I for one am really enjoying the game. It's kinda soothing to just run around and explore these worlds.
    I play it on PS4 and other then one or two crashes after my BF died, we've had no problems. I even found a new ship that looks just like the Serenity!

  • @Minamik

    1. you aren't limited to one you can make four bypass chips and select all of the options, also transmissions may lead you to crashed ships which you can salvage for your own.

    2. I saw 31 slot ship for 8 million, the upgrades the ship has also effects the price.

    Also don't forget to Punch-Dash, press melee attack and Jetpack at the same time, to launch at flatter angle allowing you to skim along at high speed or cross greater chasms.

  • @Minamik in regards to number two, I believe you can jetpack infinitely as long as you're pressing up against a surface. You'll see it drain but it will never go empty. A little exploit the dev team divulged if you ever find yourself stuck.

  • @unholyrevenger72 Ah, no, the ship I saw looked cool, that's why I'm saving that 12 million for. No way I'll spend that much on something ugly.

    @matt Unfortunately, there are no surfaces . When you fall through the world it's all just water.

  • I finally got my Atlas Pass V1.

    I also went HAM on a planet where Sentinels attack you on sight, but the planet is full of Gravity Orbs and I was farming them for about an hour, running away from Sentinels, blasting into caves with my grenade launcher to escape the firestorm that happens every few minutes, etc.

    Killed my first "walker" Sentinel by shooting it with like 20 upgraded plasma grenades right in the face. Got my ship somehow stuck in a Heridium deposit without realizing it and on takeoff, it completely destroyed all my ship's tech and I had to spend like another hour running across a planet on foot towards a crashed ship I'd scanned earlier so that I could get off this planet. I did make like a million and a half bucks from the gravity orbs tho, so I guess it was worth it. :)

  • how many Sentinels have yall killed so far, i've murdered about 40 lmao, hel one of em was walking on all 4s it was amazing...

    outside of the few glitches that will be patched out this game is fucking AMAZING.

    also this may sound mean, but i kinda wish hellogames didn't come out with a PC version, i think they spread themselves to thin with that, which is why the launch was so garbo...if they would have waited till the PS4 version was fully patched, and working to the point of perfection i think a PC version would have come out much better.

    but whats done is done, and sadly all the mustardrace guys are shitting all over this game right now "cough"total biscuit"cough" i just hope they can get the game running and working as intended.

    also i wish people on twitter would stop cryinng about MP, those fuckers want multiplayer they can go play CoD or some other garbage like that.


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    Here's my last ship getting stuck inside a Heridium deposit like a goon:
    Youtube Video

    Here's a quick vid of some weird rotating ball-tree things I found.
    Youtube Video

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