No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • Anyone want to know a trick for fast ground traveling?

    Sprint, Melee, Jetpack. Jetpack during the Melee. You need to hit the right timing with melee and jetpack and you will go flying away.

  • Well, I for one am really enjoying the game. It's kinda soothing to just run around and explore these worlds.
    I play it on PS4 and other then one or two crashes after my BF died, we've had no problems. I even found a new ship that looks just like the Serenity!

  • @Minamik

    1. you aren't limited to one you can make four bypass chips and select all of the options, also transmissions may lead you to crashed ships which you can salvage for your own.

    2. I saw 31 slot ship for 8 million, the upgrades the ship has also effects the price.

    Also don't forget to Punch-Dash, press melee attack and Jetpack at the same time, to launch at flatter angle allowing you to skim along at high speed or cross greater chasms.

  • @Minamik in regards to number two, I believe you can jetpack infinitely as long as you're pressing up against a surface. You'll see it drain but it will never go empty. A little exploit the dev team divulged if you ever find yourself stuck.

  • @unholyrevenger72 Ah, no, the ship I saw looked cool, that's why I'm saving that 12 million for. No way I'll spend that much on something ugly.

    @matt Unfortunately, there are no surfaces . When you fall through the world it's all just water.

  • I finally got my Atlas Pass V1.

    I also went HAM on a planet where Sentinels attack you on sight, but the planet is full of Gravity Orbs and I was farming them for about an hour, running away from Sentinels, blasting into caves with my grenade launcher to escape the firestorm that happens every few minutes, etc.

    Killed my first "walker" Sentinel by shooting it with like 20 upgraded plasma grenades right in the face. Got my ship somehow stuck in a Heridium deposit without realizing it and on takeoff, it completely destroyed all my ship's tech and I had to spend like another hour running across a planet on foot towards a crashed ship I'd scanned earlier so that I could get off this planet. I did make like a million and a half bucks from the gravity orbs tho, so I guess it was worth it. :)

  • how many Sentinels have yall killed so far, i've murdered about 40 lmao, hel one of em was walking on all 4s it was amazing...

    outside of the few glitches that will be patched out this game is fucking AMAZING.

    also this may sound mean, but i kinda wish hellogames didn't come out with a PC version, i think they spread themselves to thin with that, which is why the launch was so garbo...if they would have waited till the PS4 version was fully patched, and working to the point of perfection i think a PC version would have come out much better.

    but whats done is done, and sadly all the mustardrace guys are shitting all over this game right now "cough"total biscuit"cough" i just hope they can get the game running and working as intended.

    also i wish people on twitter would stop cryinng about MP, those fuckers want multiplayer they can go play CoD or some other garbage like that.


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    Here's my last ship getting stuck inside a Heridium deposit like a goon:
    Youtube Video

    Here's a quick vid of some weird rotating ball-tree things I found.
    Youtube Video

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  • @TokyoSlim said in No Man's Sky - 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planets:

    Haha, you maniac!

    Not just yet...

    alt text

    Now, I am.

  • @Whoaness 10/10 will visit this system

  • @tokeeffe9 Trust me, there's no context needed for the ending. It's not that "people don't like it after watching it". It's just that it's nothing, actually factually nothing. It's like if someone teased about a new thing at the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, so you bought one excited to see what that new thing was, but you get to the center and it's just more hard candy instead of the usual Tootsie Roll or anything else. Like that's fine for people who like the outside of Tootsie Roll Pops, and you can argue whether it's worth mentioning as a feature of these new Tootsie Roll Pops, but you can't really deny the product is being sold on a mystery that basically doesn't exist.

    This is in no way similar to the ending cutscene of a story driven game, and when you do reach this ending, I really wonder if you're still going to want to defend it.

  • @Mbun I'm not defending whether it's good or not. I'm just defending this idea that the developers led people to believe it would be incredible and is the main point of the game.

  • @tokeeffe9 Maybe as a developer don't keep mentioning it, shroud it in mystery, and state some players will see this as the end goal if you don't want it to come off as some worthwhile endgame event. I don't get why people even defend this. I understand enjoying the game, but if the industry did this with every game you would be very upset and get tired of all the BS misdirection. There's some things you can wave away as people got too hyped for stuff the community themselves dreamt up, but if you go back and read the articles and listen to the interviews about No Man's Sky there's also very obviously some things that were exaggerated and purposely kept a mystery for the sole purpose of over inflating and romanticizing a so so game.

  • I don't think they oversold it. It's exactly what I envisioned from what was shown at the E3s and PSX. I've even watched a couple of interviews, one from IGN and Late Night with Colbert.

    I didn't know about the inventory or ship slots or the combat. All I expected was Pokemon Snap in space.
    Getting to the centre? An afterthought. A nice objective, but ultimately not what the game is about. I never seen Sean Murray keep saying "the centre of the Galaxy is the reason why you should play this game." All I heard was how this game let's you explore an infinite galaxy.

  • @Mbun It's an exploration/discovery game. I think they had to shroud it in mystery, because that's literally the whole game. What do you want them to do? Put out a public beta, and let people get bored of it pre-launch? Or maybe just say, "Yeah, it's just a harder version of the 'outer rims' of the game, it's a sort of end goal, but not really"? That's not selling a game. What they said about it: 1) there's a center of the universe, and 2) some players will want to go there, and 3) it'll be different than where you start.

    This game is only limited by your own imagination. Was it overhyped? I guess - but in the 2 years+ I've been following this game, I've never let my expectations get out of hand. I didn't expect multiplayer, I didn't expect narration or even a guided experience. It is almost exactly what I expected.

    It's a job of a company to hype up their game. It's your job as a consumer to be informed about the reality of it.

  • I definitely view this game's release as one of the most interesting in awhile. Seeing critics like Jim Sterling (who I normally respect) rush to give it a score a day after it's true release has me severely feeling like a lot of people just... don't get it. I realize that's a pretentious and dangerous thing to say as it seems to stifle criticism of the game but if you consider yourself a journalist, I fail to see how you can understand everything about the game and write all of those thoughts down within 24 hours. To me, it screams that a lot of people just wanted to hate this game solely based on the amount of hype around it, which is pretty damn unfair to the game, especially when its creators were very upfront with where everyone's expectations should be. Yet in my own personal life, nearly everyone I know is playing it and absolutely loving it - mainly because they've sunk more than a few hours into it and realize there's a lot of variation to be discovered.

    I absolutely loved how passionate Jones was on the most recent podcast, basically calling out all these other journalists for a lack of morality - finding ways to play a game before its release, to deliver unfair critiques on a game whose developer expressly stated would be vastly different after the day one patch. Once I see any reviewer mention the survival elements are too intrusive, I immediately know they either played an old version of the game, played for half an hour, or didn't play it at all.

    Now I'm curious how people/critics are going to react when FFXV/The Last Guardian are released because honestly, I view those games as much more hyped than No Man's Sky, in part due to their development times.

  • I feel like I have seen everything this game has to offer after only 7 planets. Same formula on every planet. Use resources to fuel your weapon and life support to get more resources to go to the next planet to use resources to fuel your weapon and life support to get more resources to go to the next planet to use resources . . .

    There is no true diversity on the planets, just different skins. Every module/settlement is the same and nothing new seems to be added. I just don't see how this game can introduce any new hooks for me to care. Seeing different skins on what are essentially the same bipedal and quadrapedal aliens and the environment is not worth it for what appears to be some of the most repetitive gameplay I have ever seen.

    I respect Sean Murray and what his team has done, but I can't call this a good game.

  • if any reviewer uploaded their review less than a week after launch then their review is invalid need way more time with this game than just a day or two to really get it going...

    i was watching this one streamer who right now doesn't have any problems with inventory, or any of the various statuses that happen on some planets, he has more than enough money, and right now he's just enjoying the exploration ect..

    i feel like once you get past early game (hmmm like a lot of video games) it opens up a whole new world, and turns into a very different video game.

    then again most of the hate is coming from the PC crowd so i already don't respect them anyway lol.