No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @unholyrevenger72

    1. I'm thinking more about adding a variety of traversal methods (if not surface vehicles as well).

    2. More of that as well as more unique encounters would be appreciated. From what I've seen almost every NPC asks the same question and you just pick one of three answers. It'd be a lot more engrossing if NPCs asked for more specific tasks or if they just had more fluff dialogue to add to the lore and immersion. Not to mention finding underground facilities or buildings in the clouds with their own implied history. Like I said, these could be incredibly rare instances but every time you come across something unique it would spark your interest in exploring more of the galaxy.

    3. I'm thinking more along the lines of the system the Souls games have in place. It would feel a lot more inclusive and special if you could officially join these groups and they had their own special rewards (paint jobs for your ship, unique modifications, etc.).

    4. Obviously the game would need to be designed with multiplayer in mind. You can't tack multiplayer onto a single player game that wasn't designed for online play without running into problems.

  • Here's my finalized equipment:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    My ship can take on 25 pirates at once. My multitool can take down the AT-ST sentinel easily. I'm all set for the journey to the Galactic Center.

  • @Inustar

    1. Combined with the ship other forms of transport are unnecessary once you learn to Dash with the jet pack.

    2.Fluff Dialogue is kinda pointless, when they speak a foreign language. i know 200 gek words but still can't hold a conversation not only because i'm missing words but Gek Syntax is different as well. I'm fairly certain Gek do not have an equivalent for 'the' and may only have one tense, As for specific things, they do ask you for specific things you just have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right if you don't speak that language based on your inferences made on body language.

  • Going back to regarding price when it comes to reviews/recommendations. I agree that the price really shouldn't be a factor when giving a review score but I think it still does get factored in even if its never mentioned in the review.
    My example for this is stuff like Inside or Journey. Those games received multiple 10s from review outlets, my question is, do you think those games would still get a 10 if they were $60 games? Maybe they would, they are excellent games after all. However I feel that at $15-20 its reasonable for a game of that price to only last 2-5 hours, but I think the expectation of a $60 game is higher and that those games might score lower if they were that price. It's all hear say really, but I do wonder, would those games still score as high if they were charging $60, and on the flip side, would No Mans Sky have reviewed better if it was only $20 instead of $60. I do think consumers at least have an expection of what warrants a $60 price tag and what warrants a $20 price.
    What do you guys think?

  • @Whoaness
    Jeez, I really didnt know your suit/ship could expand that much. I might need to put more time into this game

  • Wanted to share these two cute creatures. 50 or 60+ planets and I'm still finding cool creatures.

    alt text
    alt text

    They are just chubby marshmallow aliens. lol

  • @unholyrevenger72

    1. It may be pointless to you, but it would be a lot more fun having different ways to traverse planets. It would keep the bulk of what you do in this game (exploring) from getting quite as monotonous as it is.

    2. Again, you call it pointless, but it would add much needed personality to the alien's and the universe of No Man's Sky. Having every alien creature you encounter ask the same basic question completely destroys immersion and in fact makes gathering alien words rather pointless in the end. There's not much incentive to learn the alien languages when they don't have anything interesting to say.

  • @Light Depends on what alien encounters. If you're just talking to the one on the obrital trade station over and over again, they won't differ too much.

    I find the more interesting ones in the random shelter or outpost. I haven't ran into any repetition in one of those yet. I met a Gek who I only understood a few key words that I'm paraphrasing, "sleep" "do my work". I had the option of reporting its sleepy ass to the Gek authorities, which I did. Now the lazy alien is getting fired! It was a brief hilarious situation.

    I think words are great. They are a great incentive to learn more about the race and the lore. The way they talk and what they talk about is very telling about their culture, and I find it interesting. Even more so is that the Monoliths reveal a lot about their culture too, so going around and finding out more about what happen to their history is great. I just wish there was an easier way to get Atlas words because I go to those stations and can't understand a thing. Atlas word monoliths are too rare.

  • @Whoaness Well that's the kind of stuff I'm interested in. Hopefully there are a lot of those types of encounters in the game. I guess it would seem monotonous if you only came across those station NPCs and hardly ever find the kind you're talking about. Could come down to luck at that point.

  • @Whoaness is your ship fully upgraded? is that the maximum number of slots you can have?

  • @runner609 Yep, those are the maximum. 48 for ship and suit. 24 for multitool.

  • I'm taking a bit of a break from the game. I was farming emeril on a planet, but now, every time I try to leave in my ship to go sell it, the game crashes on me. I'll wait for another patch to come back, otherwise I'm just gonna keep getting frustrated.

  • @Light

    1. Adding vehicles isn't going to make the game less monotonous when the two best forms of transportation are already available to you.
    2. Again, the aliens ask different things, it's just a 3 answer dialogue tree. You end up having to guess because you can't understand the question. Uncovering the language helps by taking the guess work out of the question and you start making decisions rather than guesses.

  • I feel sad that there is so big gap between people who are disappointed and those who love the game. The predictions were right in how the expectations will kill this game. Even for Ben, who reviewed it.

  • Guys, check out this awesome video of Brandon being right. #Told

    Youtube Video

  • @Paper-Lion Uh Brandon really loves the game, so don't get your point.

  • @Whoaness coool.. did you save units and buy a big ship? or repaired abandoned ones?

  • @Whoaness said in No Man's Sky - 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planets:

    @Paper-Lion Uh Brandon really loves the game, so don't get your point.

    The point is to question things and not board the hype train making up your own fantasies about what the game is going to be. If more people had done that, they wouldn't have been so disappointed with the end result.

  • @runner609 I saved up for a 30 slot ship, from there, I found wrecked ships. Each wrecked ship has a chance of giving you 1 more slot based on your current ship, so I just keep finding them until it was 48.

    @Paper-Lion People would hate it regardless if they made up fantasies about it.

  • @runner609

    Saving up offers the best results cuz aliens looking to sell their ships are common. Salvaging is random based on the average ship size of the system. You need to be in a high level system to salvage large ships.