No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @eschatological You can summon people to aid you or get invaded against your will in Dark Souls. You can leave notes for other players and see ghosts of how they died. In Journey you will encounter other players over the course of the game and all the technical information is hidden (no lobbies or any indication that you're about to meet a player beyond a subtle HUD effect showing the direction of another person if they're not in view).

    Either way, you might have only expected to find discoveries, but Sean indicated a lot more than that with all of his statements.

    Youtube Video

  • @unholyrevenger72 @Whoaness thanks guys for the input.. I will probably save up and buy some 25+ ship and then try salvaging...

  • @Light Alright, well link me whatever multiple interviews where he said that. At least 3. I haven't heard him say any of that "Journey or Dark Souls" experience.

    All I heard him say is exactly what I wrote, you won't see another person, and even if you do, it will be extremely rare. Do you really think that sounds like a Journey or Dark Souls experience?

  • @Whoaness You're arguing my points on the basis that you haven't heard him say the things I've been using as the crux of my argument?

    Youtube Video

    Watch that and the video I posted in my last post.

  • @Light Care to timestamp the relevant parts?

    I skimmed through the first two minutes and saw nothing relevant. I mean, I even saw some parts where Sean Murray is being true while the editing suggest otherwise.

  • @Whoaness Everything in this video is relevant.

    I'm not gonna argue with you if you won't even research the points you're trying to attack.

  • @Light So Sean Murray said there are trillions of planets. There are trillions of planets. What's wrong with that?

  • @Whoaness Are you being serious right now or are you joking?

  • @Light I don't get you. Are you seriously suggesting there aren't that many planets in No Man's Sky?

  • @Whoaness What are you talking about? I've never talked about the number of planets in the game. I'm guessing you still haven't watched the three minute video I've posted twice now?

  • @Light Did you even watch the video? I practically said the same thing Sean Murray said.

    Just timestamp the relevant parts because I have better things to do than to watch 16 minutes of troll video editing.

  • @Whoaness Jesus dude.

    Watch the other video I've linked. As I said, EVERYTHING in that one is relevant to MY argument.

  • @Light Well, I watched it... and?

    He didn't say it's going to be Journey or Dark Souls multiplayer. He said it will feel like those games in terms of seeing other people's presence when they name planets and creatures. He consistently said that it'll be rare to see other players which sets up the expectation of not seeing anyone.

    And as for it actually happening, Sean Murray already tweeted that online services aren't doing well because of the number of people playing. Whether or not the multiplayer is in there is different than multiplayer not working. I don't see any lies.

  • @Whoaness

    Will you be able to play with your friends?


    Is there a competitive element to the game?

    "Yeah, if you want that, yes."

    "And they will need to cooperate with other players."

    "You could encounter other players."

    Can you run into other players in the game?


    "There is the ability to communicate and work with other people."

    You asked for an interview where he talks about a "Journey" or "Dark Souls" experience. I provided that. If you want to pretend his implications were just about the "feeling" of those games, that's your prerogative. But when you combine those comparisons with the quotes I've written above, there's no other interpretation for his meaning.

    There is no indication of multiplayer in the files for the game. There is no information about player position or anything else that would allow players to see one another being sent to any servers while you play. If that is a bug or a problem with the game, why has Hello Games not issued such a statement to put any doubt aside?

  • @Light There's no indication of multiplayer in the files? What?
    How do you even know? The game has online, so if anyone tried to coderip the PC version wouldn't even be able to figure it out.

    Everything in that segment of the interview will be true if the servers work. You can't prove otherwise.
    And, again, about the Journey and Dark Souls. You can't be serious if you take that as literal. Those three games are completely different in design. You really think PVP Invasions should be in the game, or that you would suddenly get matched up with someone and appear on their planet?

  • @Whoaness
    "You really think PVP Invasions should be in the game, or that you would suddenly get matched up with someone and appear on their planet?"

    I don't know. Ask Sean why he said -

    "Yeah, if you want that, yes."

    When asked if there was a competitive element to the game.

    Or why he said -

    "There is the ability to communicate and work with other people."

  • @Light Uuuuh he didn't even say "Yeah, if you want that, yes" and that question "You really think PVP Invasions should be in the game, or that you would suddenly get matched up with someone and appear on their planet?" was never brought up in that video. So where did that come from? All there was in the interview was a question about competitive elements. Sean said "yeah, more than that." You cannot discern a lie from that statement. Competitive element could simply mean one person discovered more creatures than another, or has more credits than other people. If you're, then, going to complain that it's vague, you're the one who picked a video that selected a yes/no interview.
    And, again, whether or not we can communicate with other people is not the case, it's whether it works or not.

    Did you dodge my question about knowing that there are no multiplayer in the files? It's seriously something I'd like to know where you heard about that.

  • @Whoaness

    Then you didn't watch the video. That's exactly what he said.

    You're going in circles and it's giving me a headache. YOU brought up that question. Stating that there are competitive aspects and the ability to communicate with other players while comparing the game to Journey and Dark Souls implies similar multiplayer features. Do they have to be exactly like those games? Obviously not. But if you think he was only implying sharing discoveries or competing against other players without so much as a leader board... you're really reaching to defend his statements.

    I didn't dodge your question. If you don't have the time to watch a 15 minute video to understand where my argument comes from why should I do any more research for you? Look it up yourself if you're so interested. Something tells me you don't want to view anything that casts this game in a negative light and anything you do see will come with whatever leaps in logic you need to brush it off.

    I'm done arguing here. This isn't getting us anywhere. I've stated my opinion. Given all the facts I care to give. I have no desire to convince you that you're wrong.

  • @Light Yeah I googled it. Just some stupid Eurogamer analysis of someone else's findings.
    I was hoping you'd have something more substantial than that straight up stupidity thinking folders in a game mean anything. When a game is compiled, the source code can no longer be accessed. There is no way for anyone to tell if multiplayer is there or not from look at that.

    Basing your conjectures by connecting statements that are unrelated in the context of the argument is a fallacy in argument.
    Stop lying to slander a group of hardworking devs.

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