No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • They added in some behaviors to animals I've never seen before. I mentioned one of them above that was guarding a corpse, but I saw a few more yesterday. One predator actually pounced on a smaller herbivore and killed it. I've never seen animals attack one another before the patch. And one predator attacked me, so I shot it with my mining laser. Instead of it attacking until it died, it ran away. Like... off the map away. I've never seen a predator back off before after getting hurt. It's small touches like this that are making the game so much better.

  • News | No Man's Sky

    This week Hello Games will be releasing the next content update for No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it the Path Finder Update; it introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future.

    Really interested to hear what's in the patch notes. Mostly curious about if they've added PS4 pro support to the game.

    Still looking forward to picking this up so keep the patches coming!

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    Path Finder update?

    Of all the names they could choose they pick the one from the new Mass Effect.

  • Pathfinder is a pretty generic sci-fi/space term.

  • @Art I think it's appropriate

  • Youtube Video

    Best we have in terms of patch notes

    • PlayStation 4 Pro Compatibility
    • Better graphics
    • Possibility of having multiple ships
    • Share bases online
    • New vehicle: Exocraft
    • Permadeath mode
    • Build race circuits for vehicles
    • Ships and classes specializations
    • Shop / Merchants
    • Duplication of the variety in terms of the construction of the base
    • Multi-tool specialization and classes
    • New weapon modes
    • Photo Mode
    • Discovery Menu
    • Improvements in the quality of life
    • 50% more original music than 65daysofstatic

  • More is better and Hello games are on the right path. I'm excited to jump back in.

  • You can find all the patch notes on this fancy page

    Pathfinder Update

    Regarding the PS4 Pro support, it says 4k gameplay and it has a bunch of graphical and UI changes so as usual I'm looking forward to the DF video on it.

    Also that page has a sample of the new music. Please make me happy and release it on Spotify

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    I think I might have already mentioned it in this thread but I so enjoy when a game gets a second life like this.
    Diablo 3 was one of my biggest gaming disappointments ever, but then through some serious work on Blizzard's behalf became probably my most played game over the past few years.
    Now, this game which I had little interest in thanks to it's poor condition at launch is slowly working it's way to my "huh, I might pick that up" pile.

  • Youtube Video

    Runs at a locked 1080/60fps for Pro users.

  • I was debating when to bump this thread as there has been an ARG called Waking Titan going for NMS for a few months now. You can find plenty of information about that on this neogaf thread if you'd like.

    However the reason I'm posting is because the ARG has ended and patch 1.3 will be released this week.

    Atlas Rises - 1.3 Update

    alt text

    I bought NMS a few weeks ago in the EU PSN sale and was waiting for this so I'm looking forward to reading the full patch notes and finally checking the game out (If I've time... so many games right now)

  • No Man's Sky - 1.3 Atlas Rises Patch Notes
    Youtube Video

    There is a tonne in the Patch Notes but some of the big things from what I can see

    • New Story content (they mention 30 hours worth)
    • Joint Exploration - Visualised by strange floating orbs, up to 16 players can see and communicate with one another, and explore the universe together.
    • Ancient portals can now be activated. Revisit previous planets, others bases or jump randomly to new worlds.
    • Procedurally generated quests - Missions are constantly generated, and cater to all play styles (scanning, trading, combat and exploration).
    • Added low flight mode
    • A regenerated system adds wealth, economy and conflict levels to star systems.
    • Transform the ground beneath your feet using the new terrain editing Multi-Tool enhancement.
    • Discover and scavenge lost cargo from gigantic crashed Freighters on planetary surfaces.
    • Space combat control and AI improvements
    • Playstation 4 players can now adjust their field of view via the options menu.

    Update appears to be going live today.

    Pretty obvious that I'm looking forward to trying. I'll admit though that I'm disappointed in the route they're going with on multiplayer but I'm not surprised. Everyone seemed to be annoyed that they couldn't party up and explore with friends.

    For me, the approach mentioned before launch seemed a lot more interesting and special. More akin to Journey, where by some chance you bump into a randomer. That could have been amazing I think.

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    Looks like a pretty good update. I tried the game a while back but couldn't seem to get into it. Mind you this was before any of the major updates.
    Will definitely give this another spin now.

  • It looks like the update is live on PS4 and steam now.

    Probably be a while before I get to start the game but I'll give some impressions as a fresh starter to the whole thing when I do.

  • I really liked vanilla, though I never "finished " the game which seemed to be the part where a lot of people fell off. I'm prob gonna jump back into it next week, since I haven't even seen the base building stuff yet!

  • I really must play this game again. Last time I played it was a couple of months after launch, and I liked it, even though I grew tired of it pretty quickly. It feels so much deeper and richer now. Really should fire it up again, but since I have the Switch my PS4 has been collecting dust a bit.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'd be interested to hear what you think. I haven't played yet but I'm still thinking about giving it a try one of these days

  • @Faaip For sure, I'll give as much impressions once I get my hands on it. Between my backlog and games in August, I reckon I won't get around to it properly until September but we'll see.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm in the same situation now.. who knows when I'll get to it with everything that's coming out and everything I haven't played yet