No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • I started fresh. Not sure if I'm having the same issues or not, NMS doesn't seem to be particularly smooth looking to me, but I'm not even on a pro.

  • @tokyoslim Ya, I think it still needs some patching as it chugs a bit here and there and it literally just crashed on me there.

    Anyway after putting in another hour or 2, I've at least readjusted myself with the UI and how the game works. So again, I'm enjoying just going around the place and finding new stuff. I actually got into a few space fights too which I enjoyed and have taken control of a freighter so a lot of stuff is being throw at me.

    I'm definitely going to continue putting time into it but I do still feel like the main game is a lot of just mining to get better stuff to mine with so I can get further in to mine more stuff. So I think I'd probably prefer to just play the playground mode but my gaming background just makes me want to play through the campaigns.

    Speaking of, I haven't done much of the main campaign but am going through the Atlas rises stuff I believe. Enjoying the beats of that so far and it's the reason I got the freighter.

    Anyone have any main tips for getting more units? I really need to repair a few things with my ship but it's all so expensive.

  • This has been in my mix of games I play for a bit here and there and finally I've kinda hit the jackpot. I was able to buy these upgrades for my scanner which added a significant value to anything I scanned. So I forget what I was getting before but now when I scan flora, I get like 25k units and when I scan an animal I get anywhere between 100-200k so I'm actually making units now and able to repair my ship.

    On top of that I've do still really love just going to a planet and checking it out. A lot of the ones I've been on are barren but then I'll see a very similar one to earth with rings and there are loads of trees and ocean and it just gives me such good vibes.

    Performance and glitches are still and issue but I'll definitely continue to play it here and there. I'm not even doing the main quest, just continuing progress on the atlas quest they added.

  • @tokyoslim I started fresh as well. Ended up on an uber toxic planet, which made my first hour quite... challenging, haha.

  • @klinjon yeah, mine was high heat with toxic caves, I think. Fun combo. Lol

  • @tokyoslim bahahahaha that's ridiculous! I was also surrounded by toxic caves. That game can be BRUTAL.

  • Seasonal update that's come a lot sooner than I expected.

    I still mess around with the game here and there and my thoughts are still pretty similar really. A lot of the mining to keep going blocks off the stuff I really like in just travelling between planets.
    That said one cool thing did happen where I was thrown into a multiplayer server and was helping with community events. It was a totally different feel to how I was previously playing the game.

    And as always, it is very cool to see the game still going.

  • Is it worth it to play this game as an offline single-player?

  • Banned

    @irongrey I would recommend playing it while connected to the internets as to utilize the various features that require being connected, but yeah you could probably have a fulfilling experience playing the game solo. Would highly recommend trying it with bros though.

  • @El-Shmiablo thanks. I've always been solo. If I get into No Man's Sky, I'll fly solo.

  • I messed around with the VR and was really impressed by it. Controller, Move controllers.. lot of options and very fun/intuitive controls.
    Putting your hand to your left ear and click to turn on your visor and the ship controls, all just very cool.

    I don't see myself spending a lot of time because I just don't have it but I think it's a very cool update.