No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @CGamor7 Sorry, I don't support either Jim Sterling or Angry Joe, as in I'm not going to give them a website or video hit. You would have to give me the gist of it. The problem I have with what you said about "2 years" is that you specifically said 2 years. If you haven't developed games like I have, you won't know what 2 years of development means, and neither will Jim Sterling and Angry Joe. Please talk about what you think they should have added before releasing the game, and we can discuss on those items, but right now, the game is very much playable and has enough content to warrant a release. We're in the day and age where post-launch support is a thing, so keep in mind that the things you want with "2 years of development" could very well be coming.

    I can tell you a quick summary of what's after my 10 hour experience. I spent 12am to 8am playing No Man's Sky on the first day, and I didn't even leave the first system. I was mostly engaged with learning words and getting to know the lore of the Korvax, learning crafting, unlocking tech, looking at various landmarks, understanding the basics of resources. The next day, I went into hyperspace to the next system towards Atlas, getting the hyperdrive recipe. At that point, I didn't even realize I could actually talk to aliens in their ship, which opens up an avenue of understanding what I can use my money for. It's the ten hour mark, and what I did after is learn about space combat as pirates started to attack me, complete my knowledge of resources as I get most of the high-end recipes, understand how a lot of the upgrades work as I had more slots to play with, meet the vy'keen and learn they're great for multitool upgrading, meet the vex, learn more about both races' lore. There was plenty of things to learn past the 10 hour mark.

    I didn't even know I could attack the big ships and steal resources from them until around the 40 hour mark, and past the 60 hour mark while I was trying to get a 48 slot ship, I figured out how the mechanic behind ship upgrading works so I didn't have to buy one for an absurd amount of money. After I got my 48 slot ship, I upgraded the hell out of it, took on 25 space pirates at once to protect a freighter, and finished the Atlas path. I was still learning the systems of the game past 60 hours, and that is remarkable.

    Keep in mind that I had not watched any interviews or spoiled myself on any mechanics. I never watched any youtube videos on how to do anything except for looking up what the Atlas stones were used for. I explored and discovered all these mechanics myself, which will definitely make my experience longer than someone who reads a guide. My favourite thing in the game is no doubt the lore of the alien races. Learning about conflicts between the sentinels and the Vy'keen and Vex, learning about the Korvax and the Atlas, it was all motivational for me to keep finding the words and keep searching monoliths. The only problem I have was the lack of Atlas word monoliths. I couldn't understand a single thing the Atlas said when I was doing the Atlas path.

    The most engaging thing I had ever done in the game was the most hardcore survival situation I think anyone could have in the game. I've written it in a post above. I'll post it again here.

    Let me share one of my best moments I had in No Man's Sky. I land on a moon in search of completing the zoology milestone. The planet's whether reads as arid, but that doesn't describe what it actually is. The temperature goes from 100 degrees celsius in the day, with heat storms raging every few minutes, and at night, the temperature drops to -80. The sentinels are hostile. They will shoot on sight. I was determined to find and scan all the creatures on this planet, so I set off on foot. Little did I realize how insane the whether was, and immediately realize that it was going to kill me quickly. I find the nearest cave to get out of the storm and to look at my gear. I craft additional heat and cold protection as insurance so I can safely get to one shelter from another.

    Then I realize another problem. With hostile sentinels, and resources I mine will alert them to my position in the caverns. A couple of sentinels come after me, and I didn't have the best tool to deal with them as this was my first hostile sentinel planet. I dispatch one of them, but the other is out of sight, alerting other sentinels to come. I quickly craft additional firepower into my multi-tool because I was going to need it to take them down before they alert even more. I managed to fend off the next wave of sentinels and preventing from alerting any more, but I quickly realized that all the crafting has drained my resources and my ship is far away.

    I couldn't risk alerting more sentinels, nor could I afford to use more resources killing them. The only resources I could rely on without alerting sentinels are the flower resources, the Thaumium9 and Zinc flowers. I set out for the next marker as the storm passes, but I still had to deal with the temperature. I needed isotopes for my multi-tool, and I needed oxide for my environmental shields. I had to constantly scan, make detours to pick up all the little resources I could before the storm came again. Killing only what I needed to, being careful with my resources, surviving on this hostile world, I managed to find all the species and get my reward. It was the most intense 2 hours I had with No Man's Sky.

    Maybe I was lucky, or unlucky, that I found this planet. Not all extreme whether planets have hostile sentinels, and not all hostile sentinel worlds have extreme whether, but I cannot look at anyone straight when they say the gameplay in No Man's Sky is lacking. The gameplay systems are there and working, and I had a blast with the gameplay.

  • Out of curiosity how come you don't support Jim sterling and angry joe? Sterling gets no ad revenue from clicks. Only from his patreon. I under stand avoiding angry joe as he can be annoying lol, but sterling, as much as I find his humour a bit over the top at times he's probably one of the best critics in the industry.

    Im not going to discuss Jim and joe to much because honestly they cover way to much to well and I'm typing on a iPhone. If you want to understand the fundamental problem ppl have then you really should give a few of those videos a try. From what I hear there's actually tons out there from other critics as well.

    The narrative you built to explain the game is great. Anyone reading it would probably get excited to play. However angry joe starts his review the same way. With an awesome narrative of his experience. If you stop there the game sounds awesome, it's only when you dispel the illusion that you realize that cool sounding narrative you write is all that you have. But honestly, I can't tell you or anyone else about your experience of a game. I'm not a hater on this game. I even commented early on when I just started that I was enjoying it. But like angry joe, what the illusion of depth was gone I stopped having fun. Unlike you, I actually never upgraded my suite, the wether was never difficult enough to handle. Much could be said about the entire game in my experience. I felt zero need to upgrade anything but my warp drive. I guess one thing I realized reading your post is we all play differently. For some they were able to achieve in only a few hours what took ppl 3 timer longer. Not because of how good or bad someone might be but of how different ppl play. I saw a review or comment awhile back that said it perfectly. someone had said imagination should be added to minimum requirements.

    Again I want to state that the game needs to be flushed out more. It has a great foundation. theres no need to focus to much on the 2 years of extra time is needed. Honestly, I don't know how long it would need. 1 year? 3? The point is, it needs it.

    as for a quick statement on the rest of angry joe and Jim sterling. The cover the real issue of all that hello games, more specificall Sean Murray discussed about what features would be in the game. If you saw zero footage and discussion on this game leading up to launch then yeah I can see the difference in opinion.

    I've been typing away with my thumb now for far to long I've lost my train of thought lol. I don't have much to say about this game anymore. It's all covered by ppl who write better than me. It's literally all over the Internet. I tend to agree with most of the well thought out arguments. For you being in game dev, I'm not sure what that means to this discussion. Game dev is so broad rhat it tells no one of your experience or knowledge in any given area. Even then it doesn't necessarily make you better informed on game play mechanics. Especially if that's not an area you handle often in the design process. if you told me you were a game play designer on several games and explained to me the design choices in this game and why it works then it would add to the conversation.

    On a side note, after reading through my comment it reads as if I upgraded nothing and that would just be silly. I upgraded my inventory slots! So needed lol and my jet pack and running. My ship needed nothing but warp drive and extra slots. The rest of the uogrades are flashy and cool but not needed in my opinion. I survived harsh climates with ass hole sentinels fine without it. I will say I'm not close to the centre, where maybe things get more chaotic with higher wanted levels, but from what I hear it's not much more of a challenge. The gameplay only stays fun for me when your still learning the game. The design falls apart once your past that point, but again ppl have covered it in many articles and videos. I don't see NMS from the difficulty to how you manage trade and inventory as good design. If so so many ppl wouldn't be complaing about it.

  • @CGamor7 I don't like that they built their reputations catering to people's anger. I consider their types to be sensationalist journalism where they write and talk in a way to appeal to emotions even if untrue. It's especially concerning when Jim Sterling had his No Man's Sky out in a day after the 1.03 patch which pretty much tells me that he was one of those scumbags who broke release date and reviewed without the day 1 patch. There are better ways to get your message across, but we're in the world where personality counts more than truth, so they act like outraged monkeys, looking like they're fighting for consumers, because people enjoy it. And you definitely give Jimquisition hits by watching their video. Including the other comments further below, I've seen some of Sean Murray's interviews after playing the game to mount my defense against all the unjustly haters. Quite frankly, people on reddit, posting videos and saying this and that are missing, they are all just lying. Just like the above posters, I looked at those videos, I saw what Sean Murray said, and what he said was nothing about what the haters thinks he promised. He didn't promise any of that, with the exception of multiplayer which I choose to believe it's just not working atm because Sean Murray tweeted out there are server load issues, so I'll hold judgement on that.

    If there was any illusions to dispel, like when Ian and Ben mentioned about figuring out the system, I had done that pretty early, like seeing the same procedural generated buildings and some animals looking the same, but I was still finding weird things and finding out more mechanics in my playthrough, so I was interested to keep going. Even if you think you've seen all the animals, you'll be surprised and blown away by something you haven't seen before, like 50+ in, I had never see a micro-creature before. I was scanning and saw red dots all over, but I though I wasn't seeing anything. I thought it was a bug until I went in closer and saw tiny butterfly looking things just floating around. I thought I had seen it all and they just dropped an entirely new creature size on me.

    Fleshed out, not flushed, is the term being used. Saying they need to flesh out the game isn't meaningful. You can't put an amount of work on a general statement. What needs to be improved? Like I said, the game has enough to release. If it didn't, it wouldn't have been a top game on Twitch for more than a week or getting anything but a fail on Metacritic. They delivered everything we saw on the first trailer, and that's what matters.

    About your upgrades, I find it strange that both you and Ben have the same criticism that you just recharge your ship shields when you get attacked, but when you get to the point where 5 pirate ships attack you at once, that's not going to hold up. You will eventually need to upgrade when you get further away from your start, but you haven't gotten there. You'll feel really good when you have that full upgrade. You can actually take down those huge freighters, and the sentinel can even send in a warship after you. I also mentioned I fought off 25 pirates from attacking a freighter, and I couldn't do that without all my ship upgrades.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in No Man's Sky - 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planets:

    @Whoaness Just for clarity, what @Lexad was referring to was Ian's comments on the most recent EZA Podcast (August 24th). His opinion of the game has changed more closely to Ben's due to the "ending" or lack thereof. I personally haven't made it to the center so I don't know how that could change things that much, but I will admit Sean and Friends did hype up the center and I've heard nothing but negatives about it. Definitely a shame.

    thanks for the clarification. I didn't do that so it probably didn't help. Yeah, Ian was not hyped on that ending at all

  • @Light said in No Man's Sky - 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 Planets:

    alt text

    Hard to say it is surprising at this point, this really makes me think about an article I saw about how the marketing campaign could be seen as a fraud, and legal action could be taken.

  • Pay no attention to dumb articles citing whatever sensationalist garbage that they can to get hits.

    They were citing this ONE reddit post:

    And the user rescinded their statement saying it was a mistake.

  • Well it's good to see that wasn't a another big technical error from the game at the very least, but it could still be argued that it is a considerable problem.

  • Or you could just apply that gif to the fact that you can't fly into the sun nor from one solar system to another because it's just a big sky box. The opposite of what Sean claimed. But never mind. That's slander.

  • I'd still like to grab No Man's Sky and give it a try so I'm glad to see they're still adding stuff to it.

    I feel like they've already totally lost their audience and the trust of most gamers though. I think it'll be really tough to reclaim that given how many new games are releasing in the coming months.

  • I was keen to play it -because I love space- but reviews were mediocre so I decided to wait in order to see that kind of news.
    I still have a good hope for this game (even if it is not going to be Star Citizen) because the positive aspects of the game seem to be solid (great art style, a certain sense of wonder, exploration, chill mood) and the drawbacks (at least from what I have read) are mainly the repetitivity and lack of content. If Hello Games manage to bring new mechanics and meat to the stick, this will be a good game. That kind of game when you will wonder about it, you will think "Maybe that was not a great game, but still, I had a really good time playing it".

    If Hello Games will make a more solid gameplay, I will be on board.

  • @Faaip said in No Man's Sky Foundation Update Incoming:

    I feel like they've already totally lost their audience and the trust of most gamers though. I think it'll be really tough to reclaim that given how many new games are releasing in the coming months.

    I agree for the most part. I think it's kind of a shame. I'm going to bring up Driveclub again, because in many ways, it had a similarly borked launch. The PS+ version was not clearly communicated and came out like a year and change later than it was originally supposed to. Long after the game itself came out. The multiplayer was broken on release. They took like almost that entire first year to fix it. etc.

    But if you just bought the game today, loaded up all the DLC, looked what the game is now - it's a top tier racing game with an insane amount of value that's been added for free since launch. There's some season pass cars, and I think you have to pay for motorcycles, but they've released so much more free content and upgraded and tweaked the game immeasurably since launch.

    I hope that eventually, I can look back on NMS the same way. They overpromised and underdelivered. It cost them dearly in mindshare. I hope they don't shut down, like Evolution did after DC was done. But they DO have to earn back a lot of squandered goodwill.

    alt text

    It probably won't be anywhere near as exciting as I am now, but I was too excited for this game initially to give up on it now.

  • It's good to see that they are going to update it. I'm more interested to see what the next one holds though since they mentioned this base building prior to the game coming out.

  • When is the update that adds something meaningful to the center of the universe, adds multiplayer, and adds everything else in their trailers that wasn't present when the game came out?

  • If they update the game they'll get laughed at for "being an early access game".
    If they don't update their game they'll get laughed at for "being a scam".

    They can't win. But at least with an update there will be some people out there that might enjoy it and that's all that matters.

  • I'm in! I've held on to my copy in hopes of new features and unlike most, the game delivered pretty much everything I was expecting out of it - a chill space game.

  • Now that it is cheaper, seems like a great time to finally jump in. Maybe. DO I have the time for it? Probably not.

  • you gotta feel bad for that team at the end of the day. It does feel like a lose lose situation all around (yes yes, that they brought on themselves, no one is arguing that). But still... I'm sure they worked hard on that game, I'm sure they worked 10-18 hour days before launch. I'm sure they've continued to work like that post launch given the feedback. It just sucks all around.

    I personally was especially dismayed as I despise early access games. I don't have a problem with them existing, its just not for me. So to be suckered into an early access game is especially bitter because the game itself isn't that bad (imo), its not that good either but you get my point. But the fact that I went against my own principles! oooooh that burns worse than any shitty game experience.

    But at the end of the day I still feel bad for that team. They're human beings after all, and I find it hard to believe that they were completely and utterly clandestine and evil in their marketing approach. I think it had to have been a case of just totally not knowing the first thing about marketing and possibly weakness of character? like you know how when you tell a small lie and then it keeps snowballing and getting bigger and bigger... I think its one of those situations. That doesn't excuse it, but at least for me, makes it more forgivable than someone who took my money and ran.

    I think a lot of the teams integrity is riding on these updates because even if they don't get people playing it at the end of the day in the numbers that bought it initially its important to show that you can finish your early access game. that will mean something, it'll allow people to potentially, possibly, maybe to give them another chance when/if they ever make another game again.

    Time will tell

    @TokyoSlim; the comparison to drive club is especially apt. kudos on that observation

  • Youtube Video

    And the patch notes

    Looks like a really beefy update, even without the foundation pack.

    I'm still looking forward to actually buying the game. Hopefully they'll have another patch before then too.