No Man's Sky (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • First planet is full of gigantic mushrooms with tentacles

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  • Excited, mine is out for delivery.

    Kinda bummed about the negative press that the game is getting. I think game mechanics, graphics, content, controls, and fun factor are all fair game for critique and understand that everyone has their opinion on that.

    But to slam the game because of unrealistic expectations sucks. They delivered a shared universe; the largest play area imaginable. You expect it to be an MMO as well? With no PSN requirement? I'm amazed that we're all playing in the same universe at all.

    It's a shame he didn't address it directly before. If he does intend to have people be visible to eachother in the future I would be shocked. I imagine people would try to arrange massive meetups to congregate in the same spot and I just can't see that being possible.

  • Probably played for like 2-4 hours yesterday and this game really sunk its hooks into me. I think people that find it boring might just lack some imagination or maybe feel that you shouldn't have to use any imagination when playing video games. I've been on five different planets and while 2 or 3 where fairly similar I just find it so enjoyable to explore around. Couple times I find myself traveling to a question mark to find that my path is cut off by a big canyon. Then have to decide if I want to risk it all and try to jump it with my jet pack, my success rate is probably 60%.
    I do think I'm kinda in the honeymoon phase were everything seems new and excited. After some more play session it might start to feel repetitive but right now i can't stop thinking about it.

  • I got scanned and then killed by space pirates today before I had to quit playing and come to work.

  • I'm undecided, my brother bought it and I watched him playing, and I liked what I saw, but Im afraid to pay 60 eurobucks for something I feel could bore the shit out of me after a few days, like Minecraft.
    Well there is a weekly sunday sale in a german store called Müller and for now I'll wait if they have it for 50 or so, they have new releases in that sale pretty often.

  • I'm really enjoying my time with the game so far, it's giving me everything I was hoping for; fun exploration and a need to upgrade things. There's a lot of Minecraft comparisons and I absolutely think that's fair but after my first hour playing Minecraft, I was checked out. This game still has enough mystery to keep things fun and just the ability to find an absolutely new planet once I get bored of the one I'm on ensures I'm going to be playing for awhile.

    I've seen a lot of complaints online lobbied against the "annoying" survival mechanics and honestly, they don't bother me. The first planet I started on was about -50 degrees Celsius so my life support was struggling, but I found a vast underground cave system that allowed me to replenish resources and get the hell out of there. 2nd planet? Completely soaked in radiation with abandoned laboratories filled with tentacles. Disgusting and absolutely amazing. I was lucky and stumbled upon a life support upgrade for my suit so I very rarely have that bar dip, and the two fuel sources for the ship are so abundant everywhere, it never becomes a problem.

    Controls can be a little sluggish. I've read that more advanced ships handle better, so I hope that rectifies that problem (and it makes sense the starting ship wouldn't be great). There's an extreme lack of feedback when you're shooting enemies on foot - I was fighting a swarm of crab monsters on my first planet and I didn't even know I was hitting them until they fell limp. Some visual/audio feedback added in could really add some 'weight' to the combat.

    I'm also a little bummed Murray wasn't completely up-front about multiplayer basically being non-existent. Don't get me wrong, I expected to mostly be alone on this journey but knowing there's no opportunity to run into anyone does take a little bit of the fun away. I could always run into a planet initially discovered by another player, but until they add in real ways to "leave a mark" on a planet, it really doesn't add much.

    This game met my initial excitement and I don't regret how hyped I was for it at all, I'm not disappointed. After playing it, I realize it's definitely not a game a lot of people will enjoy but it's one I plan to keep coming back to. If you enjoy exploration and setting your own goals in games, check it out.

  • Just finished playing for about 2 hours on my first sit down with the game. Haven't even left the first planet yet. Got my ship going and just flew around looking for stuff.

    The crafting/mining is pretty good. Not as bad as I've been reading. It's cumbersome having to go into the menu to check on things or move things around quite often. I hope I get more storage capacity so you don't have to micro manage your space so much. Hunting for specific resources you need repair or craft an item really encourages you to explore.

    I hate the sentinels. I'm just minding my own business when I get flanked by a couple of them. There is little to no feedback given to me to know that I'm hitting them. I believe they have a large hit area, but an encounter is a little stressful and goes on for too long. It breaks up my flow and not in a good way. If battle encounters with them were fun then I wouldn't mind at all. But it's just evasive maneuvers and laying your laser on them. I know this isn't an FPS shooter, but if you're gonna implement that mechanic in the game, I would make it more interesting.

    Everything else feels good. Flying is smooth. I wish I could be more daredevil and do stunts through canyons but it's impossible to crash into anything. Running and the jetpack work fine. I picked a fight with some other ships. The dog fight was good.

    Overall, I do feel this is a great experience. I really enjoy exploring and feeling isolated. I genuinely get excited when I see a manmade structure or a cave. Not sure how long that will last.

  • Anyone else dealing with the preorder DLC glitch? If you activate your DLC ship, it completely skips over the need to create a blueprint for hyperdrive, since your new ship already has that. Problem is, if you want to upgrade your ship, you don't have that blueprint because you never got it, so you pretty much can't build a hyperdrive unless you buy a ship with one. Very annoyed that I learned this the hard way.

  • @Smartzke I don't know the nature of blueprints. As you explore and uncover blueprints, I assume they are unlocked in a random fashion. Not sure when I unlocked blueprints for a hyperdrive. But I've got 4 hours in the last thing I did was build a hyperdrive.

    Maybe if you keep exploring, you'll discover it?

  • @Smartzke @matt Looks like you're not the only one. Not a really great workaround listed though, as the cheapest ship I've found is a million credits and that would certainly take awhile. You honestly may want to just reset the entire game because this bug sounds like it would really suck a lot of fun out of the beginning of the game and make it a grind to leave the galaxy... which it shouldn't play that way at all.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, I'm most likely just going to start over. I think I'm just gonna put the game down for a few days and keep my fingers crossed that the developer releases a statement about a patch or something before doing that, though. I don't really feel like playing immediately anyways if it means undoing all the stuff I've already done.

  • I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't use the preorder buffed ship until after I got past the point where it would give me an advantage. So, that's how I inadvertently got past the bug.

  • Million Dollar Ships? I've seen traders selling theirs for as low as 200 g. Granted it was worse than the starting ship. but the highest i've seen is 800 g though it was pimped out with upgrades.

  • Hey guys... Is the Atlas pass thats offered at the beginning important? I did not accept the Atlas path and I see lot of locked doors... Whats behind the Atlas doors? Anyone know if i can get it in the Free Explorer mode?

  • @runner609 From my understanding (and I haven't researched it too much), choosing the Atlas path means the game gives you more "missions" at the beginning, it's basically the tutorial. This will eventually lead you to an Atlas space station where you get the blueprint for the pass. You can find it without choosing the Atlas path, you just won't have the game helping you along.

  • @SabotageTheTruth okay... I thought we will never get the pass if we did not take the atlas path... thanks mate. time to warp.. :airplane_departure:

  • Oh, one major tip I forgot to share earlier to alleviate some of the inventory restriction... When exploring planets and heading to the green ?s, you will occasionally find a device shooting a large red beam into the sky. If you use a bypass chip on it (super easy to craft), it gives you four different locations you can scan for. Choose shelter and it will show you the location of a drop pod. Those drop pods give you one additional slot in your suit. I always enjoy games that start me off with limited inventory space but give me opportunities to upgrade, so that whole mechanic massages my brain real nicely.

  • @SabotageTheTruth my man! I keep running out of space but I go to check my inventory and feel like I barely have anything.

    Yeah the Atlas Pass would be nice. I see it come up everywhere that requires one. Am I going to stumble across the blueprints or is it only available at a specific point in the game?

  • @matt If you chose the Atlas path like myself, it becomes a "quest" shortly after obtaining the blueprint to create everything needed for your hyperdrive. It'll have you find an Atlas monolith on a random planet and then direct you to an Atlas space station. If you didn't choose the Atlas path well... both you and @runner609 better start praying to the Gek that you find an Atlas space station by chance.

  • Intereact with the Gek Monolith's I got a 10 slot Multi-tool for FREE from one. If the Monolith prompts you too Cool off the Monolith or Pull on the Gek choose the Latter.