Suggestion for more EZA Branding in Studio

  • Apologies for going all Brand Manager here, but I would like to recommend adding big and prominent 'Easy Allies' banners in all on-camera rooms (especially the Stage and Streaming rooms) in the EZA Studio.

    While it may seem tacky and/or silly to have your own brand displayed in your own studio on your own shows, it is would act as a very important marketing tool whenever your videos/clips are shared with a new audience.

    Case in point; after watching the recent 'God of War - Raising Kratos' documentary and several EZA reactions and review clips therein, several people asked me "Was that the same Easy Allies that you have mentioned in the past? I should check them out." What helped them put two and two together was the big Easy Allies banner in the E3 Reaction clips in the documentary.

    Many times, the people who are not in the know dont grasp on to new content, even if it is shared by people they know, but if they come by it on their own, they are much more likely to branch out and 'dive into the rabbit hole'. And any ever-present reminder would go long way towards letting them recognize the 'brand' of Easy Allies in any video or clip that they stumble across organically.

    Just a suggestion.

  • I agree. Watching "Raising Kratos" really made that big Easy Allies text stand out of the rest of the reactions without any brands or texts. Those brief moments in the documentary made me realize the importance of such a thing in the background. Like at other times as well than just during E3. Never know when and where some clips might be used of the guys.

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    I kinda agree here, Especially, as Sentinel Beach said, in Raising Kratos it really stood out with the EZA logo in the background. Seeing some more of that in the background would be a nice touch to market themselfs if people see clips or what not.

  • First time I saw a video on the new studio I made a comment about that on Patreon. Doesn't even needs to be physical, but they're lacking on that.

  • I always liked the old GT Time neon sign logo; it would be cool to commission an EZA version that could replace the DMC one currently hanging in the streaming room. I imagine that was part of the press kit, but its a little out of place by itself and could be easily upgraded.

    I don't know what exactly needs to be done for the studio as they're much more pressed for space, but a small sign hanging off the front of the desk seems like the best bet (akin to a smaller version of the MNF sign in this example.)