Oddworld: Soulstorm (TBA)

  • A new trailer just got released, so let's give this game its own thread!

    Youtube Video

    There was also this cinematic trailer not too long ago:

    Youtube Video

    Coming early 2020, after so many years of silence it's good to know it's coming!

    I really liked the original, as well as Munch's Odyssey on Xbox! It was such a gorgeous game at the time.

    Looks like they're adding survival and economy elements to this one. I kinda liked the "purity" of the original's puzzle-platforming gameplay but let's see what this change brings!

  • I thought Soulstorm was going to be a remake of the second PS1 game?
    Anyway nice to actually see it after Caddicuras talked about it maybe a year or so ago

  • Can't wait

  • @dmcmaster I saw this interview on the Game Informer show (which I highly recommend by the way) a few weeks ago:

    Youtube Video

    They explain what they're doing with the game, it's not an exact remake of the second game like New n' Tasty was.

  • I was very disappointed with "Oddworld: New N' Tasty". It didn't have an ounce of the atmosphere that the original game had. I am hoping that they can improve with this one.