A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • I was very interested by the concept of the game since I saw it, and it just released today to good critical reception, which is comforting to me as Focus Home tends to publish games that look interesting but have a few too many shortcoming, but it seems like this one turned out pretty ok.

    Youtube Video

    I won't be playing this right away but it is for sure high on my list now and I hope to get to it sooner rather than later.

  • Wow thanks for putting this one on my radar, it looks great!

    80 on Opencritic: https://opencritic.com/game/7547/a-plague-tale-innocence

    And here's Huber's review:

    Youtube Video

    Also, from a personal point of view, I'm very glad to see a French developer making a game set in France, a setting that's generally under-served as opposed to the obvious US / Japan, but even regional equivalents like England. There's so much from our history / culture that could make for amazing game settings, yet most Western devs will set their games in the US simply to appeal to a larger audience.

    So kudos to them for making this choice, like the Czech devs of Kingdom Come decided to make a game set in Bohemia!

    Could be this year's Hellblade, in terms of AA adventure / story-focused game.

    Think I might pick this one up!

  • Bought it but still haven't played it. Usually I try to play as many games as possible but for the last weeks I've been burnt out. Open Worlds are out of question (tried to convince my self to pick up Days Gone but the idea of playing an overstretched OW game right now would be a disservice to the game) and an 8h adventure with an original take might be exactly what I need.

    Am I the only one that feels like we need more sub 10h high production games?

  • Thanks for making a thread for the game, I would've done it myself now otherwise. Great to see the game getting tight 80 reviews. I love the setting, such a rarely used milieu and era in games. The knights remind me of the very first Assassin's Creed in the Holy Land, they have a very cool aesthetic around them. And the siblings themselves seem to interact in a very warm manner with each other. :)

  • When I discovered this game I got interested after getting the Hellblade and Brothers: tale of two sons vibes from it and I'm so glad it's doing so well. I'm picking this one up once I'm done with a couple of games.

  • Only heard of this last month, definitely on my radar.

  • I actilually end up ordering the PS4 version yesterday and was surprised to see it had a base price of 50 instead of 60 bucks, and I actually bought it for onpy 41$. I'm glad to see games releasd at different price points when they know it can work and it is sokething that can make the game more competitive.

  • @axel They did a reddit ama yesterday and from some posts I saw they reitrrated a lot ,how french culture and history was a key point for them and their vision, which I definitively agree is a positive

  • Banned

    Been seeing this game around quite a bit but never really paid much attention. Though it was a cinematic narrative Telltale type game until I watched some gameplay and reviews.
    Will definitely keep an eye out, but I'm trying to chip away at my backlog before I make any new purchases with my own dosh.
    Oddly enough I've been playing through the Assassins Creed games and, like somebody already mentioned, I get that vibe from this a lil bit, at least aesthetically.
    Also agree that we need more bangin ass short games. I really don't experience the same burnout that a lot of people feel towards certain overused game mechanics, but there really is nothing like a real juicy 8-10 hour game.

  • It might be something I pick up later down the line, but to be honest I'm rather tired of the whole " two characters bonding and growing their relationship as they go on a difficult journey" premise, and they almost never envoke the emotional response they so often appear to be going for.

  • @sheria I agree somewhat with the sentiment, some of those games haven't hit the mark for me either, but at least in this case I'm all for the premise and if nothing else I want to encourage more things like this, so hopefully I'll end up liking it.

  • @bard91 said in A Plague Tale Innocence:

    @sheria I agree somewhat with the sentiment, some of those games haven't hit the mark for me either, but at least in this case I'm all for the premise and if nothing else I want to encourage more things like this, so hopefully I'll end up liking it.

    The time period is something a little different and actually interests me here so yes, I'm keen to at least try it and see how it goes.

  • I ended up buying this today, I felt more like supporting this than Rage 2 at the moment.

    Only had time to play the first chapter now. I appreciated the milieu, and the story began with intriguing first steps, they handled the beginning well. Amicia is really likable as the main character, I immediately liked her a lot. And her voice actress with this French accent is just spot on. The way I know myself and my taste in games I'm sensing I'll have a thrilling adventure ahead of me with these siblings. Lots of emotions.

  • I'm just one hour or so in. I'm really liking it so far, the way as the narrative starts to go south it's so subtle and well done.

    Playing on the X, and it's supposed to be X enhanced but there's way too much blur. If it's not in the centre of your views it's a bit messy. Seems like something easy to fix, hope they do it. But it doesn't detract from the overall experience.

  • Sorry about the spam

    It's not a bad looking game, just a bit too blurry.

    Fantastic sound design and great use of music. The village you initially go to feels so real. Reminds me of remote little villages you can still find in Europe but more lived in. Great stuff. The narrative continues to be top notch too, so well paced. That's why I love this type of short games, no need for filler. Reminds me of Hellblade in so many ways. Also, the companion so far is very well implemented, really engaging. And I can already feel the relationship changing and evolving, hope it keeps growing. Also being a child it's a good way to make by sure the player has a strong connection even without knowing him that well.

    Ah, love the collectibles. A cool way to get historical details of when the game takes place.

  • Bought it too, quickest impulse buy for me in a long time.

    I read in a review that both French and English dubbing are brilliant, which is great to hear! I'll probably play it with French voices for authenticity, as the "English with French accent" version would sound weird to me.

  • @axel I'm actually debating whether or not I'll play it with French voices as well, my French is only decent so I'll need subtitles for sure but they did mention it is of great quality and it may give just a bit of extra realism.

  • Played the first 2 chapters last night, I like it a lot!

    The gameplay is actually reminiscent of The Last of Us, the stealth / distraction / crafting gameplay feels pretty similar, obviously with less firepower. The dialogue between Amicia and Hugo also gives me TLOU / God of War vibes.

    I'm spending a lot of time smelling the roses, admiring the environments, they made a wonderful job, it's a gorgeous game.

    The French voice acting for the two main characters is on point, however I felt like the delivery of a few other characters was a bit wooden and they didn't convey the urgency of some situations enough. Maybe it's due to the writing trying to sound "middle-agey", which makes it unnatural for the actors. Still, it's a very refreshing story and tone, far from edgy dudebro titles.

    My only gripe is with the shooting. It's pretty stiff and I think even buggy, unless I'm missing something? It took me 20 tries to shoot the apples in the tutorial because my character just wouldn't do it. Hold LT to aim, then hold/release RT to shoot, right? I would be aiming at the apple, my cursor would snap to it and change appearance, but pressing RT wouldn't do anything. Eventually it worked, and then when I tried to shoot the other apples it stopped working again. Didn't really have this problem again in combat, although there's always a big delay between when I press RT and when she starts swinging.

    I saw that by upgrading the sling you can reduce the delay so maybe it's intentional? If it is, it's very awkward to have no visual feedback for 1 or 2 seconds after pressing RT to shoot.

    Anyway, can't wait to continue tonight!

  • @axel That sounds weird, your issue with the shooting. I did the apple shooting on first try, no problems. It's like you said: hold LT to aim, the cursor thing changes yellow-ish to indicate it'll be a hit, then you charge the sling with RT and release when it's maxed out.

    I finished Chapter 5 yesterday and I'm really liking the game, way into it. I love how much small dialogue moments Amicia and Hugo have between them, both on the "main path" and around optional findings as well. Hugo's so innocent, and Amicia is trying to find her role in regards to her little brother she's spent so little time with before.

    The scenery has changed into some really vivid images already now in the past chapters, I've found myself quietly going out loud like "what the hell..." and "that's actually messed up". And for sure, this has those TLoU vibes I really enjoy, even same kind of minor crafting system that I like.

  • Finished the game an hour ago. This was such a beautiful surprise, a really, really good game. Liked it a lot, even loved many things about it. Amicia and Hugo on top of that list. Both their dialogue and their voice actors were incredibly good, made me care about them so much. Especially Amicia had so many of those important little tone shifts throughout her lines, conversations and reactions. Tiny things you could hear that made her so alive.

    The music really hit as well, I realized at some point. Very well composed and performed to convey things like sadness, tension and gloom. String instruments were used in a great fashion, the world felt even more medieval and European in addition to the powerful visuals because of this kind of music. And the organ in one of the chapters! Haven't felt that way since Interstellar, I think.

    A lenghty game, too, but it still felt like a solid story this way. Some of the chapters lasted an hour or 90 minutes with my "look at every corner" playstyle, and nicely there were a few fifteen minutes ones as well offering you a different kind of relief between some intense encounters and places. Very well divided, all of this.

    I feel very good for supporting Asobo Studio as this was, is, such a cool surprise all of a sudden, at least for me. It seemed they'd mainly developed lots of games on animations, but now under a new publisher they finally had the freedom to do what they really wanted. And that something is a powerful and beautiful game about a pair of siblings in a cruel world.