A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • Probably not my last post about this game.

    I'm going to talk about some negatives and then finish on a very positive note.

    -The game core gameplay severely lacks elasticity, not only on how it's linear but mostly because it's kind of easy to break it. And sometimes it demands a bit of good will from us not to abuse it, at the risk of braking immersion, or worst, when it happens by accident.
    -Animation transitions can be super rough at times.
    -Level design is just OK.
    -Plus the blur I mentioned on my first post.

    Now to end this on a brighter look. Damn, I'll say it, these are some of the best environments I've ever seen in a game. Fantastic colour palette. From the vibrant woods, to the stone greys of the villages and the darkness and light contrasts. Beautiful weather effects, be it a foggy night or a sunny day and all in between. And the locations are so well realised, feel so believable, with great attention to detail. The game keeps changing locations and I keep being surprised by its quality. I feel that almost every single time they absolutely nail a very specific mood, greatly helped also by a masterful use of the soundtrack.

  • I finished A Plague Tale today. It's a really well designed game with a great story. Just the type of game I needed after playing Rage 2.

  • My copy just arrived, I don't think I;'ll start it right away and will probably wait until I'm done with Alice, but I'm pretty excited to see how I like it.

  • Finished the game a few days ago. I was worried at the beginning that it could be a one trick pony but how wrong I was, they keep changing things up and that finale it really steps things up and ends things with a bang.

    This and Hellblade are the best way, IMO, to make this type of games. With Uncharted 4, as I progressed, all the filler became so tiring to me that by the he end I had mostly a negative opinion about the game even if it was glorious at times. Give me short and focused adventure games please!

  • I had time to pick it up again this week and I'm on Chapter 11, I imagine easily past the halfway mark by now.

    Loving it, all killer no filler, never a dull moment, I want more games like this.

    My concerns about the stiffness of the writing are gone now, it was only the case in the beginning as the characters were noblemen/women, but as you encounter more lower-class characters their speech gets more natural, which clearly helps the actors with their delivery.

    The gameplay gradually becomes more complex and open, there's multiple ways to solve enemy encounters now and it's very satisfying to understand and work with the systems in place.

    What a great surprise this game is!

  • "A Plague Tale: Innocence - a fascinating game powered by stunning tech
    A bespoke engine from a smaller developer delivers triple-A level visuals."

  • Just started the game myself, played through the first two chapters in French, which makes for an interesting experience where I can sometimes understand pretty well what they are saying but I find myself completely lost at other times.

    I'm really liking the beggining and the setup of things, so definitively looking forward to playing more of this.

  • Oh shit they have a full French option? Might have to snag this sooner then later.

  • @dmcmaster I mean since it is a French made game is arguably the correct way to play it.

  • Just beat the game, and I'm overall very pleased with it, there are some clear shortcomings that it has, but overall I think the game did what they meant very well and it doesn't drag at all which was one of my main concerns, hoping we can see more like and I'll keep an eye on Asobo Studio moving forward.

  • I am at the end of the game, probably beating it this weekend.
    I like graphics, sound, setting, story and characters good enough (nothing mindblowing), but the gameplay is not my cup of tea.

    It is more complex than the usual "walking simulators" by having stealth and puzzle mechanics, but the game is pretty rigid in its structure. Most of it is trial and error based situations, with inconsistent enemy ai and physics, topped by some clunky aiming mechanics. It reminds me of that bad stealth section in The Order 1886.

  • Heads up it's on sale on the PSN's flash sale for $35

  • https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-12-04-a-plague-tale-2-reportedly-in-development

    Excellent news. This stands among my very favourites of 2019.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Awesome. Still need to play it but hey more B or Indie A or AA titles is a good thing imo

  • Finished the game yesterday. Great game, great visuals and excellent lead character: smart, resourceful, but vulnerable. The only problem is optional exploration: you want to do it, but it doesn't fit immediate nature of the story and you get a bit too powerful by the end.

    P.S. Played it on Origin Premiere. Great deal especially if you also interested in trying Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and some other games (The Invisible Hours!).