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    if your launching a huge AAA big budget game like FF7 Remake and you're not trying to get everyone to play it you're failing at your job.

    That is a smart thing to do if it's the last game you've ever releasing. Because now I will remember that their claims should be trusted even less than other's, so it will be nearly impossible to sell me their future new projects. And rather than spending time on checking claims of someone whom I don't trust, I will play games I already own or already interested to buy.

    So in my opinion, they are failing at they job because they are firing in all direction instead of targeting their audience (which is big enough for this project). Compare it to Read Dead Redemption 2 - it was a huge deal for fans, for the industry, but Rockstar never treated it as a must-play title. Instead they just showed the game and let you decide for yourself.

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    @dmcmaster I know we don't always agree on these forums, but still not ok with mockery.

  • @ffff0 I guess I don't really know what Square is doing with Marketing that's so much different then what Rockstar did with RDR2. I think there's been a lot more trailers for FF7 but Rockstar has always been in a very unique position where they don't have to show much (and rarely do)to get everyone excited. Very few devs carry this type of weight.

    More so, if you lost trust in Square because they tried to get people excited for FF7 and you didn't dig it that's your choice and I respect it. I stand by Square could have been dirty with this demo, I'm shocked this demo wasn't a pack in for some PS4 port or something like they did with FF15 and FF type-0. I'm glad you go to get hands out with it before purchasing to realize its not for you. I believe this game will appeal to more then just existing fans of the series and I don't think it's wrong to try and reach those people, even if I hadn't noticed their attempts to do so.

  • Finally convinced myself to download it. Being XV a game I dislike I was surprised by this. I enjoyed it and went from something I was not planning to get to the opposite. Just really didn't like most of the voice acting and the glitchy running (not sprinting) animations.

  • Yeah kinda surprised at some of the janky animations, it's pretty jarring looking at something like Noctis walk-running animation, and Cloud's walk-running animation's. Also why can't Cloud turn around after doing his quick slash when out of battle?

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    Aeris so pretty O_O

    I hope nothing bad happens to her. :3

  • I hope they make you CHOOSE.

    lol the saltiest tears will be shed.

  • Hai :3

    alt text

  • There's all kindsa spoilers out there right now and on one hand obviously don't look into it if you're interested in picking this up but also if you wanted a faithful remake, all I'm gonna say is maybe wait to buy this before the news breaks of what they've changed/added.

  • This game's unreal. I simply can't believe what I'm seeing and playing. They've fleshed out a ridiculous amount of new story, dialogue and character moments and I'm not even past Chapter 3 yet. Hanging around with Tifa in the Slums. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. The audiovisual scenery this paints and depicts all the time, just mmm! The battle theme is quite possibly the best thing in gaming, with nostalgia or not, I don't care. So freaking tight! Love it every time. And slowly the rpg side has opened up as well with all the gear, materia and EXP customizations. This beauty will eat up so many hours and I'm so willing to offer them to it. :)

  • Probably don't have to tell anyone this but spoilers are hitting the net hard and fast, just had what I believe is the ending spoiled by a fucking video on how to fix a central air AC unit.

  • @dmcmaster

    I had God of War 2018 spoiled for me in such a dumb was as well. YT algorithm put at the very top a video titled

    Kratos Chains of Chaos in God of War.

    Or something like that...

    Mind elaborating on how a AC unit spoiled it this time?

  • Aeris, the church and that music. So far the most powerful reaction I've felt with the game, I was teary-eyed before I knew it. What a moment...

  • @dipset
    I honestly have no clue how, googled how to fix a freyon leak in the unit attached to my house, started off normal guy is talking about the unit where this or that is on it, what you'll need to fix it. Then cuts to well I won't say to avoid spoiling others.

    Still not sure how that happened either, unless people are uploading it with random ass titles to trick people.

  • @dmcmaster

    Dude that is heinous!!

    So you mean to tell me scumbags are making fake YouTube videos with innocent titles then mid-video just spoiling the game?

    If so, that's absolutely ridiculous. So many people work so hard to make the fans satisfied and happy. Such a shitty and immature thing to do.

    That said, this humiliation in the Kenny vs Spenny pilot always killed me. Had to go to the lineup for Unbreakable and spoil it. Lucky he didn't get his head kicked in:

    Kenny vs. Spenny Pilot (2001)
    Youtube Video – [22:10..]

  • I got a stupid problem with this game. Like many of you, I'm super hyped for it and want it now.

    BUT, it's very obvious that the next episodes will be on PS5, and this first episode will almost certainly see a re-release on PS5 too, possibly with added bells and whistles.

    And I know I will feel bad when that happens, because I'll either have to buy it again, or just miss out on this superior version. And I'd rather have the entire collection on the same platform.

    So I'm tempted to wait, but who knows how long the PS5 version will take to show up. And meanwhile I'll be missing out, risk being spoiled, and so on.

    Is anyone worried about the same thing? Am I way overthinking this?

  • @axel

    I think I've already decided I'm going to buy TLOU Pt 2 and FF7 on PS5 because it'll be the definitive versions and I can honestly wait because its guaranteed to be happening if not already in development.

  • @axel I had the same thought as well, but awhile back I came to the best decision for me (and I can't stress that enough because what I'm good with may not vibe with you at all):

    I'm getting this now, ASAP, and if there IS a PS5 version for Part 1, I'll bite the bullet on that too.

    I came to this conclusion for two reasons:

    1.) Since the original is my favorite game of all time, I don't mind having multiple copies, DEPENDENT on what a PS5 version has.

    2.) IF the PS5 does backwards compatibility Series X is doing (where it's somehow automatically uprezzing the previous generation's games in the hardware itself), then having the PS4 version is fine for me. HOWEVER, I don't think Sony is doing the same thing in that area, or if they are not to the extent, quite like Xbox, so I would much rather experience this as soon as possible.

    Again, that's just me, and your criteria is for you to help you determine what's best for you.